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    We missed you… so much. Sink your teeth into the new #Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer. Only in theaters September 24
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    Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the lethal protector Venom, one of MARVEL’s greatest and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage.
    Directed by: Andy Serkis
    Screenplay by: Kelly Marcel
    Story by: Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel
    Based on the Marvel Comics

    Tom Hardy
    Michelle Williams
    Naomie Harris
    Reid Scott
    Stephen Graham
    and Woody Harrelson
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    1. YEET!


    2. marco max

      To those who come late like me 😂😂: I mean, I mean, this is the slogan of someone who followed you. 😊💞💞

    3. Violet

      Sounds like they changed Venoms voice actor :/

    4. Khadijah

      Dear humanity, I don’t think I need to introduce myself. The globe is talking about me, or shall I say a fraction of you? Since the world has lost humanity. You've watched them shred my home. Their arrogance sucked her soul, but you continue to mute yourself, for I am just a "minority". I am not just 'anyone', for I have seen the invisible. So don't call me 'anyone', when I have eaten the inedible I am not just 'anyone', for I have lived the unlivable You tried to wipe me from your maps, but I saw myself overlapped. So I twisted until I'd rise, because, I am resilient. The hopeless cries made me rise, the puddles of blood made me rise, the shrunken stomach made me rise, But you couldn't see all this, because you have eyes yet are blind. I rose alone, so call me by my name- Palestine. By Khadijah Farooqi

    5. James Koehler

      Looks like a movie made for 13-year olds. Which sucks for anyone not 13. Really wish they had gone for the R rating, but obviously that wasn't happening with Serkis directing.

    6. lizzi

      i am not comfortable w what that spider scene suggested


      와ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ 드디어 베놈 2편이 나온다 6.25에

    8. v fs

      With out spiderman venom is missing venom mai spiderman hona chahiy

    9. fife007

      I bet the ending is somewhere in the trailer since Sony spoils the endings from their trailers.

    10. Julian Anderson

      I don’t care what anybody says, the original venom was a great movie!

    11. spissy spose

      best cbm ever? YES

    12. CT- 4630

      When venom yelled NO!!! After mrs. Chen said they didn’t have any chocolate I nearly lost it it was that funny!!

    13. Ohma Tokita

      Chocolate delivery hasn't arrived* Venom - let's eat her

    14. X-KID Gaming

      Venom singing inside of Eddie is it that stressful.

    15. E

      Bro I hate the word soon so much especially when it comes to movies WHEN IS SOOOOOON

    16. I'm Venom

      I'm venom,,,

    17. Johnny NiteTrain

      Tom Hardy is a beast of an actor.

    18. I am cool Boi

      Venom is like Deadpool... not afraid to break a few eggs

    19. ShonowTH

      Uggghhhhhh it HURTS.

    20. Akin Ozkan


    21. Steve Ardila

      Tadaaa. Ketchup? 💥 Yummy

    22. Jack Wolfe

      Looks dumb af

    23. donovan salgado

      As you can see the happy couple of two years have begun to fall apart as the husband had already lost his reason to care about anything while the wife being blissfully ignorant to their husband lack of will to live, still TRYING to cook him breakfast while making a total mess of the kitchen and serving him to what they thinks is a delicious meal, the husband still can't bring himself to correct his wife, eats the meal begrudgingly only digging deeper to his depression

    24. Queen B

      26 seconds in and imma stop. Can't ruin this masterpiece can't wait to see it

    25. Yassine

      ⚠️ Don't forget to boycott chinese products !!! 3 million Uyghur Muslim detainees are forced to leave their religion under harassment and torture !!!!! Don't buy any product made in China, even a box of green tea !!! Whoever leaves something for God, God will compensate him with something better. And pray for them in every prayer 🤲

    26. Mr. Smuggypuss Plays

      I love how at the end Eddie talks to Venom like he's a little kid. Hilarious

    27. Gilbert Reyna

      I just saw the picture at the movies so I decided to watch this and boy am I excited

    28. TrixiLovesYou

      Didn't Sony get it last time? The tentacles protruding from the clothes look lame. This is going to suck. Again.

    29. 邢智


    30. Amir Aldowairi

      This movie has to be rated R

    31. kепѕhi。

      Brock 2018 movie: only talking and turns into Brock 2021 movie: G H O U L F O R M

    32. Nitin Bankar

      Exicited to watch edde brock again😎

    33. Hetbert

      I didn’t know Robotnik in this movie 2:21

    34. UserNotFound

      I've wanted carnage on the big screen for a while now so this is kind of like a memory coming back to life

    35. Ibrahim Mohamed

      I have waited long from 2000s spiderman movies to see this villain,i am so glad they finally did it. Look at Carnage 🥰. Now a fight scene with Spiderman would seal the deal.

    36. emmalynn

      The horses name was Friday

    37. Edan Owen-Johnson

      I can’t wait to see the post credit scene after the movie is over.

    38. Rodrigo Sebastiano


    39. A J

      Just give the Rights back to Marvel already

    40. Mr Toxic Bot

      The bond with him and venom kind of reminds me like the bond with NARUTO and the nine tails xD

    41. Ahsoka Tano

      Is this going to connect to the rest of the MCU or is it gonna be like X men where everything is irrelevant since someone else owned the company? I mean, Spiderman is in the MCU and he is owned by Sony aswell so ....?

    42. Ebru Dallas

      2:10 song name?

    43. BronzeAlive

      I hope this film isnt shit and tanks sonys plans again like spiderman 3 and tasm 2 once did, I hope its good and makes money and we can see Holland Appear in the films and actually get some crossovers

    44. JOSUE Ortiz

      Venom is very nice because he's making breakfast for Eddie.

    45. Brand On

      This should be rated R, the fact it’s pg 13 scares me it will underperform

      1. soedarman mardjoeki

        Its not rated yet

    46. Rufus Shinra

      "Welcome back Eddie Brock" "its been long time" "I miss much"

    47. Mighty

      Lets be real the next Gen CGI is beyond the coolest Carnage looks so dope

    48. Mohamed Fatheeh

      Any body in lockdown

    49. Raul Torres

      At least this is in Raimi Universe we may not see Holland fighting Venom and Carnage but we will see Tobey in Spider-Man 4 fighting them.

    50. Chipper Fan

      Hyppppppe. I’m so excited brooo

    51. Super Meme

      “RULES, No eating anyone.” *Trailer*: 0:00

    52. NicknameSC

      oh wow, trending

    53. DaBaby


    54. Endminer

      At first i thought venom was waving at mrs chen but then i saw he was fixing a stan lee magazine

    55. Sam Sid

      Is kletus saying "Soon comes Chaos"?

    56. Samte Pal

      The first was terrible, hopefully this would be better

    57. TheGhostWithin

      This is what happenes when Hollywood stops following the source material and just makeup random shit. Giving this a 3/10

    58. SamaelWired

      we're waiting for anti-venom in venom 3! good job ;)

    59. SubtsWorlwide


    60. work hard forever

      Slowly you're exposing yourself satan. Don't worry, prayers up against you day and night. Now you're even mocking, well, the time isn't far and you know that as well. Don't act like you know nothing. You're going to be exposed and we'll turn you into minced meat you powerless little fly. 😏

    61. kazi hasan

      Don't interested this video and don't liked

    62. Ruben Sanchez

      Watch it be PG-13

    63. Venom 0718

      2:33 Carnage, in front of that window looks like Doctor Strange

    64. XelzX

      Did they change venoms voice actor??

      1. XelzX

        @soedarman mardjoeki was gonna say it doesnt really sound like him lol

      2. soedarman mardjoeki

        Its still tom hardy

    65. Raffael Hermanses

      Venom 2018: "We are Venom" Venom 2021: "Ketchup?"

    66. Shan Rahman

      Holy hell carnage looks sivk

    67. Laura Anne

      Looks awful.

    68. Sergeant So N' So

      this is some deadpool-level shit, im HYPED.

    69. saitama


    70. Indie*Oddjobs

      I think I speak for everyone here when I say "PLEASE BE RATED R!"

    71. Pandana Jim

      I'm most excited to see Venom be accidentally cute.


      Yeah, I don't think I'm really a fan of how carnage looks in this. I think his usual design being red/black all over (including his teeth) and lack of a prehensile tongue is way more badass, but here he just looks like an orange venom/riot; also, why/how is venom listening to radio, using a blender, and cooking? Isn't his weakness suppose to be loud sound and fire?

    73. Leaf

      Is our boy single again?

    74. Mano Santana

      That scene in Ravencroft reminds me of that Amazing spiderman 2 game

    75. IRL Vosrx

      Okay this is most likely going to be the biggest comet in here so in the last venom venom figure out he's had better and he was fighting Carnage so in this one what if Carnage and venom was they're supposed to be coming Brothers I'm guessing or supposed to fight or do whatever but this is going to be really cool so hopefully they can like just become like one and if I have a venom so this is my opinion so hopefully I love the fight and the next one Spider-Man versus Carnage and then that one venom versus Spider-Man and the next one then I'm Carnage and venom hopefully a new character this one versus Spider-Man with iron Man oh my gosh that's cool💯⚡💯⚡🌟🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️

    76. Mohamad Basher 1

      شلووووون !!!!! 11 مليون خلال يوم واحد شلووون ............... Howwww 11 million in one day howwww

    77. Drey

      Let’s goooo I’ve been waiting for this have youuu???

    78. Backseat Gamer85

      Not really pumped for this movie...the first one I just couldn't get into it...

    79. Nishat A


    80. Phil Bradshaw

      Redpanda crypto on Uniswap , buy now come back and thank me later

    81. Journey Man

      Wow I hated the 1st one but definitely going to see this one

    82. Master Chief

      Idk why people want this to be rated r, if it gets rated r my parents won't let me watch it. In theaters 😬

    83. Carl Keegan

      This looks terrible

    84. Zach John


    85. Steven Li

      Definitely looking forward to this!!!! Who would've known venom could cook!!!!! He's like Eddie's butler now!!!

    86. Hyde

      2:21 Heavy Impression

    87. NinJustice


    88. Warren

      A giant CGI burger with no sides

    89. Justin Morrow

      That CGI looks rough.

    90. smart scientist

      Wow this trailer is amazing

    91. Billy Murray Fan


    92. satyanarayan debbarma

      So, Vonem is more social type hm...!!. Good to know.!!

    93. Grimm Reaper

      I wanna see riot vs carnage

    94. Achjuan Remekie-Hall


    95. Shrkkng55

      "I want a friend." "You have a friend at home." The friend at home: Is wholesome.

    96. Ferry Muhammad Nur

      Carnage: a powerful symbiote that can go absolutely nuts on everyone Venom: an annoying roommates who just so happen to be a powerful symbiote

    97. EGPArk

      Venom in spider man 3: I WILL KILL AND TORTURE EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET!!!! Venom in the venom movies: I’m beby and will cook for Eddie 🥺🥺🥺

    98. M C

      Hi Gerry, we know you're reading this.

    99. Garrett Carr

      Sony Pictures Entertainment

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        Cast: Tom Hardy Michelle Williams Naomie Harris Reid Scott Stephen Graham and Woody Harrelson

      2. Garrett Carr

        May 10, 2021

      3. Garrett Carr

        VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE - Official Trailer (HD)