Bugha - Stories from the Battle Bus


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    Follow the journey of the first ever Solo Fortnite World Cup Winner, Bugha, as he relives the moments leading up to his most important Victory Royale.
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    Learn More: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/

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    1. Guillem Solana Soriano

      Alguien Español/Latinoamericano?

    2. Glowzz

      Bugha said is this mongraals sister

    3. fiorella victoria quispe lagos

      Let’s go bugha your the best

    4. Kishen R. Kudchadkar

      its a gamer!!!!

    5. LeonFN

      Who else is motivated by this legend every day

    6. Shahad Masjd

      Ok would u rather learn something new or do dis

    7. Jace Dyer

      Hey bugha can only mouse and keyboard players get in the World Cup or can controllers to

    8. Arvid Pousette

      I love him

    9. Lukas Petreski 6 A Gläntanskolan

      Mom Before world cup: Hey stop playing that game get a job Mom after world cup: You can play a little bit just you do ur homework Notifications pop up that there is a 10 million world cup: PLAY IT 24 OR I WILL EAT UR HOMEWORK

    10. fabian tomaszewski

      piękne biore z neigo przykłąd i naal będe zawsze dla mnei będzie najlepszy

    11. Brekha gaming

      Love from India

    12. Giancarlito Emilio

      Wow aunty an sad bud at happy is beautiful is a reality I love you bugha

    13. Black Fire

      It's lit

    14. Mr Electron


    15. EidamHD

      this is best video for me i saw it like 20times

    16. Charles William Hutchison

      itsJerian I watch all of your videos

    17. Raider_

      This is so emotional and motivating

    18. Vuex gg

      i dont know why but i watch this almosst every week and it makes me feel happy

    19. Тсунами :3

      Мне одному жалко Летвика который сидел рядом и грустил?

    20. Sokena4569 Bebejan]

      Nobody: Moongral: OMG the FaZe Sway ... (doing retakes)

    21. Vanilla Beans

      Everybody gangsta till the government says one word TAX

      1. Vanilla Beans

        Who am I kidding half of you probably don’t know what that word means 😂

    22. Fry Banshee

      We are in 2040 in which games are not to be pause

    23. Ch1378 THE BEAST

      dude the Fortnite world champion is in my state where though

    24. OZNER 22

      8:27 Ese es Werever? Jaja

    25. Night Wolf

      I have the same life its weird but true

    26. GrOoTz

      Bugha probably has the best WiFi.

      1. Fry Banshee

        Yes me next to wi if 205 ping

    27. Jaavod oliver

      Bring season1 back epic

    28. ya boi Luqid yt

      I watch this alot to get me get me alot closer to my dream don't judge

    29. vbarmo PG

      Me: mum fortnite join me at the world Cup! My mum: NO doy the f u ckln g homeworks (Sorry for my english im from Spain)

    30. solo code powah

      like chi e italiano e chi ha pianto

    31. drixRT

      Love you fortnite

    32. Zap Gamer

      I want to be in the World Cup but my parents want let me

    33. J o n a t h a n

      pro player noobs 7:45

    34. Batoxte

      Me to

    35. peczka !

      GG you're the best

    36. Drew Garland

      I never even knew about bugha until he won the won the World Cup and now he is my favorite IThomesr

    37. Anonymous_69

      The first one out of the bus always wins

    38. Dawid


    39. J o n a t h a n

      what a sloppy player 6:14

    40. J o n a t h a n

      tfue thinks hes something. 3:33

    41. Light Vibez

      This was actually sick

    42. Jax Petaccio

      yooooooooooooooo 10M subs

    43. Kiholi Kiho

      Me watching this video With 740p Now my mb is over But anyway it was worth it

    44. anton

      15:32 Jarkos polska


      sono un fan di Bugha

    46. Rawaa Asfour


    47. Prince Rhys


    48. UFC 246

      Is my is my mother goose club out.

    49. Faris DEAN

      hahahaha 1 year ago from now

    50. BySkyz

      Bugha is my idol

    51. Shawty

      it has been exactly a year♥️

    52. Jibes

      a year ago huh, oh how time flies

    53. 14145-Abdulhafiz Mhd Tarif Rajoub

      I wish I would be like you bugah

    54. Landon Jones

      Bugha Thw G.O.A.T.

    55. HomesFN Gold

      Bugha bugha 🥺

    56. Kelley Cole

      Courage:booooooooooooogah Bugha: Omg I’m so good

    57. Christy Leigh Yesnick

      If i would’ve been able to take a chance to compete in this tournament in my HOME TOWN of queens NY at ARTHUR ASH ?! That would be so amazing . What a great movie 👌🏼

    58. Sofie Schwarzer

      He deserve a icon skin tho.

    59. Hayden Gimpel

      i wish i was him

    60. Siddharth Bokil

      This is inspiration.

    61. Luke kkastic

      Truly inspiring ❤️, huge respect to bugha and editor for their hardwork ❤️❤️

    62. Pineapple Rings

      I would be so embarrassed! But that’s cool. Good for him 👏🏼

    63. agustin barriga

      LETS GO

    64. Juganaru Luca

      It copied "Stories from the Outlands" by Apex Legends. They will never do something original.


      e a e melhor jogador do mundo de fortinite

    66. tayenn

      1 year ago

    67. iamfilip77 ́.

      Lets go

    68. t_jazzi16 swee

      Yes I have boyfrend not single

    69. Clashwith-L PN

      I miss fortnitze sooo mutsch guyys

    70. Idriss KAMLI



      If parents watch this they gonna know the value of gamers

    72. MsWaleeja

      11 YEARS AGO

    73. Faiq vlogs

      Bugha is the best player lets go

    74. OKMario

      Ima come up soon! Just telling you guys

    75. EthanPlayzYT

      Happy 1st birthday to this amazing mini movie! Props to whoever edited it, it’s so inspirational and I watch it every day!

    76. Graphics

      If only all of our parents would respect our dreams.

    77. cohnagg

      i freakin love how papa is wearing a fortnite hat. respect

    78. Trevor Booth

      1 year anniversary tmw

    79. XoMyst

      Anyone else come back for motivation

    80. sClixy

      It would be nice for my parents to support me in a video game that i can possibly make a life time of money out of but they would never understand. They would bring out the talk about "BacK In mY dAY wE DidN't hAvE ViDeo GaMes" and etc

    81. ginger Hokage

      To think this game has came this far and gave players like bugha their dream job....thx so much fortnite❤

    82. Ramiro Garcia

      sad thing is that reet destroyed him in the dreamhack tournament who knows maybe reet if the world cup happened this year he could have been the new winner

    83. Mr. ADEN


    84. Infinity animations production

      Ok now wtf, how his parents so supportive? My parents would’ve said I had no chance and take away my ps4

      1. Infinity animations production

        @Kevin yeah

      2. Kevin

        I mean tbh if you're playing on controller you don't have a chance.

    85. Minecraft Bro

      I carry you

    86. Minecraft Bro

      Best pc player ever

    87. Minecraft Bro

      How old is bugha

    88. Minecraft Bro

      My guy


      Can somebody please tell me what song the piano is playing at the beginning

    90. Pikaplayz 0113

      What your just copying Apex Legends

    91. Aquaz !

      i've seen this too many times but its soooo good

    92. CLAYx Gaming

      oof i wish this was our exams instead writing for hours!

    93. Ned Codrington


    94. Leazerツ

      y ese quien es??

    95. Ben Ryan

      good job man!

    96. Rahaman Michael

      Let us all pray Bugha never becomes the quiet kid. Even our guns cant save us now.

    97. Rahaman Michael

      7:02 New York Me: Ok normal Next scene: AIRPLANE Me: I knew it

      1. EthanPlayzYT


    98. jaiden Young

      Gg have uh World Cup dis year dat will be lit


      Am I the only one looking at the food? LMAO