YUNGBLUD - cotton candy (Official Music Video)


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    Pubblicato il 7 giorni fa


    1. Mohit Chakre

      Is this guy gay or not 😂

    2. The Wild One

      Pop music for teens unsure about their sexuality. How did I get here from Guns & Roses videos?

    3. Elena Molko

      I'm lesbian but this guy it's hot...maybe coz is promiscuous and i like It!!

    4. ILoveRefridgerators

      I need the kid larousse, iann dior, and YungBlud right now. It’s be the hit single of 2020 no doubt

    5. Luis Rodrigo


    6. Zul Lo

      man that skirt be looking so good on u😭❤

    7. Catherine Weiger

      is anybody else gonna talk about the fact that Tom actually got kissed in this video. no just me okay

    8. Soňa Baňasová


    9. Cathy Moss

      Is that Milla Jovovich under the floorboards at 0:52?!!!

    10. AB Crutchfield

      bisexual anthem much?? hahaha

    11. Barbara Dubois

      So sexy. I loved HA !

    12. Diarra Diop

      Dom looks better in cheetah print than I do GODDAMNIT

    13. Erin Meisterheim

      Ok I got to start off with man I thought I was the only one to think of putting a bed inside the floor I so want one.shit my son even asked me mom where should I put the bed in my mind craft game this was years ago I said in the floor he's like what I said ya in the floor and he's like ok and he did and it looked awesome so cool I'm not the only one to think of this yes love ya Dom. Also the angel look yes yes yes looks amazing on u hun love love love it..

    14. L.H. BLACK

      him looking sad while he looks at a couple who makes out, is literally a mood

    15. ///RandomMusicShit///

      My gay heart can't take this

    16. Emiliano Dean

      why is this guy bragging so much about girls soo fake why can't you act genuine for chrissake

    17. Hanna Wonderland


    18. It's Bingo Bitch

      I have never been so jealous of someone's job than I am of the actor hired to literally suck Dom's face for hours and to GET paid. That's my new childhood dream job.

    19. Krista Yacovone

      Dude. Dom looks amazing in a tennis outfit. 😍😍😍

    20. Krazy Kade

      I love the vibes of this song and video💜 definitely a good jam!!!

    21. Isabelle Chappell

      the leopard outfit hits harder than my mom when I don't bring home A's

    22. Case Closed5

      YO Yungblud fans Vote for him Best New Artist and Best Push on MTV EMA come on ya'll P.S. i aint saying the others dont deserve it 🤪

    23. Ariel Finkenstadt

      Oh my I swear idk if I would look as good in that skirt as he does this video is lit 🖤🖤🖤

    24. Cande Garrido


    25. Chloe !

      My asexual, bi- romantic ass is confused...

      1. sara m.

        omg me too ✨

    26. duuude

      Dauerschleifee🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🥺🥺🥺 i feeel it sooo

    27. Nasia Agueda

      This must have been so much fun to make.

    28. Laone Sedombo

      I LOVE HIM

    29. sara m.


    30. Manna Powerninja

      It must be so nice to flirt w him... Like have you seen his soft smirk👀

    31. Carlie Meade

      There's so many sexualities being represented... is the girl eating noodles on the floor while everyone else gets freaky representing asexuality?

      1. sara m.

        i guess

    32. Dhruv Bansiwal

      he is godly beautiful but at 1:00 he looks very ugly 😂


        He never can be ugly 🖤🖤

    33. Pariwesh


    34. Juan Gea

      Is it a sample of Let it Happen by Tame Impala?

    35. Real Person

      Amazing song. amazing artist. Thank you.

    36. d d

      So... Celebrity herpes? Yeah it wasn't funny back when Mac Miller said it and it's still not funny

    37. m no

      1:17 step on me, kick me in the face, idc 🖤

    38. Hayden Freeman

      I hope this video is this is really retarded I'm laughing when I'm listening to this and I'm laughing when I'm making this hahaha this is so stupid

    39. Cauã Gabriel


    40. PurpleFiber217

      What the hell happened to him

      1. sara m.

        idk stream 21st century liability

    41. Emy haru

      Enfim cabaré

    42. hi if u dont like the content thats ok

      so my mom saw u on my lock screen a month ago and said ur too emo and yesterday this song was on the radio and she said omg i love yungblud

    43. Sfv

      I love how this 3 actresses are still dancing when producer and woman kiss

    44. my name jeff

      damn orgi wtf

    45. Natural Born Optimist

      Guess all the weirdo's came here. not sure why this was recommended to me, barf

    46. Rami Kasyanov

      Yeah I'm still Bi. Thanks for re-confirming again.

    47. Brandy Jean

      Lol I was thinking there was gonna be a comment on how he's from the UK and saying cotton candy and not candy floss 🤣

    48. Dannii Walker

      I can't stop watching this video clip, it is so good and YUNGBLUDs moves are so OMG! and that leopard print, he rocls it!

    49. SUNSET

      No offense but I really only know Yungblud from him and louis tomlinson both being from Doncaster. I thought I heard people from Doncaster were super 'Laddy' and hid their feelings. I think Louis is such a 'Lad' if he were to see this he'd literally just combust. The thought of a smudge of black nail polish on him seems impossible.

    50. Мария

      I am losing myself inyou, and you and youuuuu.....

    51. Jonathan Modoh

      tame impala

    52. Ceairo


    53. nicolas andersson

      childish gambino

    54. Kim P. Phillipsen

      When punk goes pop and metoo doesnt exist... Love it🦄👍

    55. Tracy Stiles

      Wow that's all I can say 😉🤗

    56. Benny Ngo

      To cute for me

    57. Benny Ngo


    58. Nikky Stapp

      Well, this doesn't look like social distancing.

    59. Lola

      He looks so fucking good in these outfits

    60. Gabe Patz

      Theres them and there's me, crying earing cake on ny birthday jamming out.

    61. Alas K. Cipriano

      no hay nada más excitante que este men simplemente existiendo

    62. Jake

      We're like a week into this blessing and I'm convinced this is one of the sexiest music videos of all time!

    63. Nicolás

      Te amo wachooo

    64. bipolar d00d

      the song is cool, but also dumb, but also i like him in a skirt.

    65. aisha jones

      Im both jealous and amazed by how hot he looks in the tennis skirt

    66. hannah s

      Sadly, it seems like he's turning into a lot of artists who go mainstream and singing about useless things like sex. One or two songs is fine but that's all he sings about now... really disappointed 😕

    67. Rashid

      Global pandemic: maintain at least 6ft apart and wear a mask No one: YungBlud: this music video

    68. SkyeRos 17

      I lov how his videos disturb me so much, but his songs are so good 😊

    69. Sincerely Brooklynn

      I should be those girls kissing dom tho 👉👈

    70. Agnieszka Cendrowska

      This keeps on making me start singing "waving through a window"

    71. Rachel C

      I’d pay real money to crawl all over him like they were lol

    72. _sis_

      This is FIRE!!🔥

    73. Juli Ju

      You have to admit... He is rocking that skirt!! Omfg

    74. Garrett

      Cotton Candy does not get stuck in teeth.

    75. druidess22

      The outfits = iconic!

    76. Kristin McCulloch

      This made me nauseous

    77. Pinheads777

      Definitely the happiest song of the year for me it just makes me want to dance constantly 💚💕

    78. ƬƳԼЄƦ

      1:10 ELEVEN IS THAT YOU!?!?

    79. Cambria Miller


    80. iiTrashRatx

      if only i wasn't a minor

    81. alida flus


    82. Debra Pratt

      ok ima just say this once who is dom lol

    83. Jaci MSP

      He be rocking da skirt thooo

    84. Cheyenne Burton

      The girl eating noodles the corner is me

    85. Lizzy Receskey

      I like his tik toks

      1. alida flus


    86. kilala090

      Here to stream cotton candy ×10 after his live 😂

    87. Strokin Egos



      i dont know how to make gifs so someone please make more gifs of him in that skirt, its beautiful

    89. Tirox


    90. 3rS twenty

      where was this video when I need something good to hear

    91. Yasin Uluocak

      Pleas can anyone explain to me what the fuckt this was

    92. I am Semira

      How is Dom so gorgeous? I'm in love omg

    93. Monte

      I don’t know how I feel about this video

    94. Vrish Bhanu

      Who wants YUNGBLUD to make videos of all his songs from his upcoming album'Weird!' ?

    95. Gorffе So2

      Fuck this is a masterpiece, Creative

    96. Catherine Bates

      i love dom so much x3

    97. Sana Yahiaoui

      Pretty sad that there’s no diversity in this clip :((((

      1. Sana Yahiaoui

        @Boozey oozey where? I didn’t notice any

      2. Boozey oozey

        There is tho?