Football Matches That Shocked The World


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    Football games that shocked the world! Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG, Liverpool, Brazil, Germany and more in video!
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    1. TKHD

      2:59 Müller...🤷‍♂️ 5:38 Müller...🤷‍♂️

      1. Lars

        most underrated player

      2. Gargan XD

        Neuer, Neuer

      3. AinoNAIN PG3D

        @Coco i live in Bayern but not in munich and i HATE munich I live in Augsburg:D

      4. masyitah zinon


      5. nika lomidze

        @Lewis Wesley წ წ წ წ წ ქ21წ წ წ წ წ წ წ წ წ წ წ წ წ წ ყ ყყს ბ დლპ

    2. kOrrUqted dAta

      pffff this is nothing to me getting 25-0 in fifa

    3. Flex Box

      damn the brazil loss still tears me up when I see the people crying

    4. Neblina Gramajo

      Mexico vs alemania

    5. Jack Meoff

      Ah yeah, Uefalona with two non existent penalties for the win

    6. Hasman O P

      El mayor robo de la historia barça vs psg

    7. Reina_Kousak.a

      And you say Kepa is bad at goalkeeping?..

    8. Instrumental

      Present to watching.

    9. Martin Weber

      Nice Musik! What is it from? I Want more from this

    10. Sohayl Aythmo

      بزاف هادشي الخطير

    11. Le Sixnueve

      aston villa tout leurs but on été marqué grace a un pied dans la surface 😂

    12. mukesh laishram

      Barcelona only knows drama and nothing


      Barcelona vs Bayern is the Game that make me laugh & happy

    14. Armani

      MU-Roma, Russia-Portugal????🤣🤣🤣


      que lindo video!!

    16. mhmd_farid305

      Because Germany vs Brazil that make me love football

    17. Michelle Michelle

      Juventus -real Madrid

    18. alextzatzanis1

      Bad ebening for emery

    19. Kim Sok Samnang

      That is Brazil vs Germany

    20. Tunahan Mercan

      tüm müslümanların orucu kabul olsun

    21. yess ahuuy

      Bukan permainan sepakbola ini mah, permainan bandar

    22. tugra yarisci

      The first match was not the penalty penalty unfair return suarez won unfair return psg-barcelona match

    23. Geraldinho fitness

      Barca vs Bayern Munich is the worst match I have ever watched as a Barca fan

    24. PixaliX

      I hear just "Góóóllll !!!!"

    25. LilTone 97

      Corner taken quickly origi

    26. Sebastian Rodriguez Chihuailaf

      donde esta la remontada de la roma al barca o la de liverpol o la goleada de chile que le metio a mexico

      1. Saúl cxg

        no son relevantes

    27. Lorranny Victoria

      tava amando ver o jogo do psg x barcelona, chegou no brasil x alemanha deu vontade de chorar ent n vou assistir

    28. RO Since 95

      Big empires have fall why teams like Barca or Liverpool can t feel the pain of losing!?

    29. Batuhan Roma

      3:11 aga bee😭😭😭

    30. Fabiano Alves

      Barça players are really good at diving. Both Suarez and Neymar. Great acting school!

      1. Delayed Creator

        @Fabiano Alves tell mr show off to stop acting like a clown on the pitch

      2. Fabiano Alves

        @Delayed Creator They wouldn't mind that? True. But they don't. Tell bitting dude and grass hugger actors to play manlier.

      3. Delayed Creator

        @Fabiano Alves so what ??? he still dives like a dolphin , i think suarez and neymar wouldnt mind that either

      4. Fabiano Alves

        @Delayed Creator European Champion 5 time Uefa Champions League winner 5 ballon d'or winner dolphin. Surely he won't mind that.

      5. Delayed Creator

        @Fabiano Alves yeah ronaldo dives like a dolphin

    31. shehap agha

      Everyone in the whole world ... still asking themselves ...what happened to brazil in that day !!

    32. jk haven

      I saw that Brazil game, i was shocked af. And im not even Brazil fan

    33. hazim esam

      راعي القناة عربي ليش كل التعليقات انقليزي??

    34. Julio Falcón

      El Barcelona - PSG fue un robo, el penal q le cobraron a Suares claramente no fuee, q vergüenza q un equipo como el Barça gane así...

    35. Lepszy Czlowiek


    36. Nice Time

      Football lives here, it's all about passion! Every sub is a motivation for me. Thank you!

    37. Karl Whitburn

      8:05 Being a Villa fan, I was surprised to see them here, but i guess when you just scored 7 against the fly away Premier League champions from the previous season, i guess they deserve it...

    38. Oguzhan Y.


    39. Lars

      this is just what I needed after watching a video about the fall of the german national team

    40. Вадим Вайда

      Кликбейтное название для русскоговорящих))

    41. Fieexu

      When i watched psg vs barcelona i cried

    42. Felipe V

      Como olvidar el Aitekynazo

    43. Adm Glily

      If müller scores against you first goal, you know your team would be destroyed

    44. can eker

      07:11 lewandowski

    45. can eker

      05:33 lewandowski

    46. can eker

      04:27 mesut artık fb de

    47. Tonny FF

      Tetap kawal 8-2

    48. HAZARD_christian Tv

      Aston Villa Vs Liverpool hanno giocato a biliardo con i giocatori del Liverpool 😂😂

    49. erkan coskun

      Birkaç sene öncesine kadar futbol en güzel spor oyunu idi. Şimdi ise şike daha çok oluyor, ekonomisi kötü olduğundan takımlar mac satıyor. Yazıklar olsun.

    50. Sunhong Heang

      It happens in football. You will never be able to predict anything. That’s what I love about football. There is always a chance no matters how small it is.

    51. Danillo Marques

      Esse jogo do PSG x Barcelona ,só não foi roubado que Chelsea x Barcelona em 2009 ....kkkkk

    52. Darky Aluxord Gaming

      Mbappe be like when PSG vs Barcelona: Thie team man Barcelona:hehe boi PSG:recruit Neymar Junior

      1. Andrei Suciu

        @Darky Aluxord Gaming I don't really know what to say about that one, but some goals were pretty weird to be fair, especially if you rewatch Khedira's goal. But at the end of the day, nothing's more doubtable than matches such as Barca - PSG, Madrid - Ajax, Liverpool - Barcelona and so on

      2. Darky Aluxord Gaming

        @Andrei Suciu Brasil VS Germany 2014 is fake?

      3. Andrei Suciu

        @Darky Aluxord Gaming Not really, that was back in late 2000s/early 2010s before the betting mafia took control of started getting worse from 2015 up

      4. Darky Aluxord Gaming

        @Andrei Suciu so Messi kicking Real madrid butt was faked?

      5. Andrei Suciu

        @Darky Aluxord Gaming oh, that's alright... but let's be honest, rewatch all goals and you'd find out... i stopped watching football ages ago because nowadays everything is faked and fixed like in american wrestling shows... it's all about betting agencies robbing betters... all clubs play with betting agencies as sponsors on their chest and everyday people bet billions of euros on football matches

    53. Bekir Cesur

      Yaaaa işte böyle olur Messi hayranları Hadi bakalım

    54. avinash bhole


    55. Yf Srk

      8+2= 10 Messi 🤔😜

    56. Tim Terror

      ❤️ 🍀

    57. TIP

      3:11 l'amage du vieux m'a brisé le cœur💔

    58. Jihoon KWAK

      우리 흥민이도 나온당

    59. Sanderson Mozart

      O mundo jamais vai esquecer a injustiça que fizeram com o PSG, jamais...

      1. Mateus Santos

        VARdridista querendo falar algo 😂😂

    60. Abas Rd28


    61. Mc Oconer

      El de brasil y barcelona duelen hasta el alma :'(

    62. Esa Nalendra


    63. HAS VNS

      Why germany acored 7? Because brazil will do the same.

      1. Mc Diluc

        I will come back here again if this happens That means i will never come back see ya👋

    64. Sanda Iman

      Bale bale woa

    65. Yakoub Palahouane

      2013: bayern 7 barcalona 0 2020 bayern 8 barcalona 2 Mia sanmia 🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹

    66. Best of the Best


    67. Nurbakyt Alkhozhauly

      Brazil vs Germain never forget💔



    69. SILVA SEMINARIO Santiago Alfredo

      0:00 lo del 6-1 fue un robo

    70. DUPESHK 82


    71. Aldo Cachudo

      1:39 disgusting dive as always from Suarez.

      1. FBI

        I respect you brother

    72. rohxu

      BRA71L and 8ARCELON2



    74. Kelly Ronald Ross

      Watching this game now and seeing how coronavirus is wiping Brazilian lives out even hit me the hardest, Dear Brazil we are with you in prayers and we love you.

    75. عبدالله المسلم

      بلنتيات ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

    76. mahyar shokohi

      ایرانی بلایکن

    77. Lex

      Where's Chile 7 - 0 México Copa América Centenario 2016?😢

    78. Ramdom Pero Cool.

      7:36 Me dió tristeza por el Barca

    79. der nukler mogli

      Allaaahhhhhhh😂 Xd

    80. siddesh kadam

      crazy matches😲✌

    81. Podkay

      Mecze bez kibicow to juz nie jest footbal jaki znamy

    82. Jeri Kurniawan

      Bikin terharu😭

    83. New Start

      Germany is destroying biggest team.

    84. Aiman Afif

      I hear ALLAH when Aston Villa and Liverpool goal

    85. Skep .your. Own

      You’ll never see ronaldos team being down as bad as barcas little messi

    86. Lawrence Maweu

      Once a while, as a man, you just gotta watch the 7-1 rout of Brazil by German

    87. Alexander Alegria

      Aguante barcelonaa

    88. Zeynep sude Mutlu


    89. Galang Civil

      Suarez keliyatan diving lho pas lawan psg, tp yasudahlahhh Chelsea pun jg terzholimi jg pas 2009, ahahahah

    90. Vinicios Caetano

      é triste ver esse 7a1 aí brasil tinha desistido de jogar

    91. Luis Hernanfes

      Billiard goals

    92. Vuk Markovic

      Everyone who watched Barsa vs PSG knows that that was the biggest robbery ever. 2 penalties weren't given to PSG, a penalty that didn't exist given to Barsa and many decisions were on the side of Barsa glad they lost to Roma that year PSG really deserved more especially Cavani.

    93. fauzi tri hastari

      9:52 expression

    94. fauzi tri hastari

      Too arrogant, every team have chance to be strong.

    95. Dameshwa Dkhar

      Ha u messi shah thap bn sang u pli

    96. LWO

      Honestly Barcelona didn’t deserve to win against PSG. The goals were so bad, two penalties (one that shouldn’t be validated because the player only tripped and didn’t want to stop the player) that the gk almost stopped. I say that this is the worst match EVER

    97. Yasininho '

      Spain 6-1Germany

    98. Yasininho '

      Grealish brillant performance

    99. Adam DZ

      The end of Barcelona ...