We Almost Didn’t Qualify for FNCS Because of This... | Bugha


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    Today's video gets SUPER interesting, you definitely don't wanna miss this one. We had a rough first couple of games during the FNCS Semi-Finals, and the only way we would qualify for the finals was if we won our last game. Let me know what you thought of the video in the comments below!
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    1. Euan Jeffery

      I have that skin I just notice

    2. Euan Jeffery

      I was at the World Cup 😂🤣😉🤣🤣🙂🤓

    3. Martin eberle

      In a normal game it becomes fun that you are fishing and out of nowhere a shark arrives, but in competitive it is something else.

    4. YouTube Fat Fat tryhardFaze ttv Ali

      I never seen them not go to stark

    5. Valeria Castro

      hola bugha

    6. Flå

      bugha: i almost didnt qualify me: i almost qualify

    7. Laiken Young

      First time watching bugha

    8. Tania Yam fuentes


    9. Wrizer FN

      Respect that no one shot him once

    10. Maelg

      You could always just drop the fishing rod out your inventory

    11. Spam 1

      4:45 is the best part 100%

    12. Bob Snic

      Avery is so dog shit this is a 2 man team

    13. Bilel Zenaidi

      You are trash

    14. Keko Blue

      PVP o miedo

    15. Keko Blue


    16. Dalux Clan

      Nice bro

    17. Michael Dean


    18. GerxArg 190


    19. QLASH Astroツ

      Ni Bugha

    20. Sajad Lachy


    21. emanuel hernandez

      i lik de vidio game

    22. emanuel hernandez

      tocata is duos

    23. Thabang Masebe

      No one is better than bugha in fortnite

    24. Jeffery Jeff

      All hail next World Cup champion The Sharkkk!!!

    25. Noah McBrearty


    26. Miranda Ramos

      This is hilarious I especially love how this happened in a such important round

    27. Roman Despagnac

      Shark pog

    28. Greg Magno

      Bugha never gets weak. He gets stronger and stronger every tournament. I hope you can hold your title on the next World Cup :)

    29. Francisco Alvarez

      Jajaja is dead bugha

    30. Walter Garcia Parrales

      LIKE si buscas un comentario en español xd

    31. Riccardo Spelta

      Dio porco

    32. Bombervan

      6:48 Soft aim

    33. Ƶerux FN

      What is you dpi and x and y?

    34. Oliverr Uchiha

      Saw this on tiktok first

    35. Abody Abod

      LMAO what is this,this is funny and good one bro

    36. davidit 333


    37. Kallo

      Hahahhahaha the shark

    38. DizzyyFN.

      Why is bugha not landing stark

    39. Jindobeast

      Yo why is the view rate 666 that’s sus big sus

    40. FEXYFN

      Gelin gelin buga is turkish sppig

    41. Alon Bar

      First time a game bugha didnt used HUG

    42. Kapess _J8

      I love the positive reaction they had to bring griefed by a shark especially in a tourney most young pros would've been raging

    43. Framess

      I honestly love his videos so much he inspires me to make content of my own.

    44. Izzy ,


    45. TheImPlayer

      guys, f in the chat for the charge shotgun

    46. Jaden Le

      This is Why I don’t play fortnite

    47. Jeziel Soto


    48. ASAPRAIN

      Big clix

    49. beatz evolve

      hi bugha im a huge fan

    50. mOmOney mO mOney

      LoL, crazy sharks! :)

    51. Jindobeast

      Dude stop hurting the sharks feelings that’s not nice

    52. Kobe Alexander López

      4:50 jajaja wtafak pinche tiburon a su makina

    53. Jacob Quezada (Student)

      hey bugha i was thinking if you wanted to play creative or to play duos or trios but i am on west so i can go on east

    54. KESO

      Bugha is it ok if I borrow your outdo music it is fire bro

    55. ツUzi

      *loses 4 hp* so guys this shark griefed me

    56. Jase Hansen

      You are a literally god and you are cool.

    57. nayf_ ss124

      ما شاء الله

    58. Sebastián GCH.


    59. VainszX Yt

      I couldn't get the new graphics card got sold out in 3 minutes

    60. Lilscrewdriver 22

      Charge shotgun is finally vallted!!!:)

    61. The real gamer tapia

      Bruh I’m so happy bugha quualified

      1. The real gamer tapia

        He deserved it

    62. DJdude107

      me commenting on this video realizing that he will never notice it and i will never be as good as him

      1. Sorrow Clan

        My mom said if I get 700 subs I can keep doing IThomes 😔❤

    63. LAMA CEM

      Abi seni çok seviyorum

    64. Sandra Millar

      Shark be like should he fish me or a fish🐋

    65. Marcelo Mariños

      4:49 what u came from

    66. Thyzle

      Clic shit on your whole career and yet u don’t defend yo self lmaoo

    67. Gussy Plays

      Imagine if bugha freinds me my name is ghoulz gus

    68. boig

      tfue win

    69. FaFo 283

      Hace highlights

    70. Henry Winn


    71. Nr0 ll

      Bugha what's ur new PC specs?

    72. Michael Mair

      man! you are the most honest fn-player showing amateur players like me that to you happen also crazy mistakes...great respect! Michael from Austria

    73. Acrxzy

      Best thumb nail ever

    74. Flare

      Bugha pls do a setup tour

    75. GoldenSwaG3R

      When did you start playing? 👍 : Season: 0 - 6 💬 : Season: 7 - 14 My videos are inspired by Ceeday’s and Fe4RLess

    76. Archer Ballantine

      Didn’t you go stark

    77. Nicholas Susandy

      Poor buhga

    78. The Amazing Siblings

      I want to 1v1 some one

    79. Kiandesu


    80. Ömer Samet Ulukuş


    81. Misslz

      i watch the tiktok

    82. Jazper YT

      Bhuga I subscribed to u and sentinels i am your biggest fan

    83. Gvrrison


    84. Salt Giver

      Tooooooo funny!

    85. Fade Onyoutube

      Bugha bugha!!! The V.13.40 fortnite Update the charge shotgun is valted🔥🔥

    86. Watermalone is Alone


    87. Rap1d -_-UK

      GG Man

    88. xfinitywolf gaming

      Imagine getting killed by bugha

    89. Blurpz

      That was very well handled by Nick. Hope to see him in other tournaments. Insta: pdeclipz

    90. Vipu88

      calls people "kids" :D is 18yo

    91. gabebossman

      I saw him on 📺

    92. Lizbeth Pruneda

      If bugha lived in Pakestain: 👁👄👁. Him: I will sacrafice myself for Pakestain

    93. Hopper506

      I think the shark likes Marzz better

    94. امیرعباس باندری

      helo guys please gift mi battle pass mi id is Parzival77 thank you please gift mi i am not money please

    95. zepjas

      I was tryna wager u yesterday but u refunded me ive been watching u since 50k and ur my inspiration im a wager warrior and im saving for a pc i play on laptop i love comp but i cant play becuase my frames and delay but i still shit on pros well i love u bro no homo❤️

    96. blackgoggl

      Saturation is high