1ST PLACE in FNCS Solo WINNING $80,000 | TaySon


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    I won Solo FNCS Grand Finals! Expect more videos and livestreams as soon as I get back from a short vacation, so make sure to follow me on my other socials down below! Hope you enjoy this video on the performance that made me $80,000!
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    E11 GAMING
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    Pubblicato il 3 mesi fa


    1. TaySon

      can we hit 3k likes? :O

      1. tobias

        40k :D

      2. Ofri Berko


      3. TwInky Starr


      4. Inti García


      5. MAT1X LIL

        LIL MORE

    2. SuccessFN

      Let’s go tayson🐐

    3. Nino Arsov

      NRG benjy

    4. محمود يوسف

      00.35 you killeed bengyfishy

    5. StorBindy [Games]

      Ты Ротори убил! В 4 игре,он за пейнтболь играл

    6. Benjamin Gonzalez

      amigo sos gooooooooooooooooood aunque no me entienda lo pongo igual dea

    7. Ivano Šitum


    8. Lovro Novak

      Ti si najjaci player

    9. Team Exade

      Anyone else see he killed NRg benjyfishy? it was the first kill he got

    10. WuillianPro

      0:34 easy clap

    11. HaltsFN

      12:41 הרג את frenzy

    12. Dannym03

      I killed u gg

    13. Žiga Jelovčan

      do u know this guy is from slovenija

    14. David Lavenburg

      I swear this dude killed wave jannisz like 5 times and there are so many "Wave" players maybe its an eu team

    15. Nik Kovač


    16. Richard 123

      W to the point where we have been in the last

    17. Richard 123


    18. 7T_Danielito


    19. The real gamer tapia

      What are you gonna do with the money

    20. Daniel Soboliev

      He killed NRG benjyfishy

    21. MaxZ

      I love the music🥰13:34

    22. faze_dimitriou song

      Omg. Taison I kiled me for arena duo omg

    23. Bacek111vv

      slo the strongest

    24. Jafed Castro

      He killed Benjyfishy 😳 0:35

    25. kingキング


    26. Uros Kuhar

      bil si insane :D

    27. Manu

      In game 2, Tayson killed NRG Benyfishy


      0:32 casually kills Benjyfishy like it's no big deal

    29. Crisis ay лол

      You won fncs solos now you won with mongraal and mitro and now you will dominate

    30. KURD ZONE

      Huge fan love you from kurdistan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    31. Róbert Molnár

      "3:19" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

    32. Manraj Bains


    33. resq

      he killed jannisZ twice

    34. Enfantfeng

      He won 2 fncs

    35. Ian Injety

      bro wtf i totally forgot this was old

    36. Andrew Vlaovic

      Let’s go back to back

    37. NotParrot

      5:12 he is so good dude

    38. 7up Haikyu

      And now you have just win trio fncs w mongraal and mitro gg

    39. Calebonegamer

      Now you won it again

    40. Gregor

      You are so craked

    41. yilenia verano


    42. Bennoxfn

      You killed every wave person I’m dead🤣

    43. Nikola Golubovic

      You killed benjyfishy

    44. Harel Fishy

      You elimited FrenzyFishy 12:42

    45. Theo on 60fps

      0:32 Bye Benji

    46. Karsta Gerards

      he use macro 2:42

    47. JKC Gaming

      The second elim was benjy! 😮🔥🔥Who else watching this 3 months later! 🤷‍♂️😁🔥

    48. budalo

      vse kar delas je da kempas in krades kille. Nisi si zasluzu zmage

      1. budalo


      2. budalo


      3. budalo

        hvala. jaz tudi tebi

      4. budalo

        lajkal sem ti ze spet komentar

      5. budalo


    49. ASTRAL

      Not bad!

    50. AR kroopo

      0:34 eliminated NRG benjyfishy

    51. המזכיר הסקסי של HarelFishy

      Yuo elitimed FrenzyFishy

    52. Ažbe


    53. OFF lore

      9:29 rip steelix 😭😭 like chi è italiano

    54. CS_ Tomy

      Tayson nerealno zlo si uspel od kar igras z mongralom pa mitrom res bravo

    55. Midas

      you killed NRG Benjyfishy 0:36

    56. Ollie Holman


    57. Joaquin cespedes


    58. denzel putera


    59. Blade Fn

      Friken insane

    60. 噂を良くされるDOYA

      game1 0:20

    61. Claudio Dell'aquila

      Chi vede sto video dalla play list di michael loiello ed è confuso

    62. Darren btw

      You killed me in dreamhack opens gg


      9:34 controller player

      1. ibai garrido


      2. sam millard


    64. Gerado Roque c:

      Hola Itzel tqm

    65. AMK

      what is intro

    66. えるof AL


    67. えるof AL


    68. えるof AL

    69. えるof AL


    70. FlixyFN

      Ur a goat u killed benjyfishy

    71. TropiczEU

      This is how many times he killed jannisz ---->

    72. KillaB

      He is so underrated its crazy, he is insane he should already have like 1 million subs atleast but he deserves it because he is crazy

    73. Moin Farid

      6:27 lucky

    74. ꧁Zerast_LOVE_HEHE SAPESSI꧂

      9:35 killa steelix

    75. Matěj Novák

      He kill like 5 people from clan wave😂😂

    76. MarkT2011 gamer

      Tayson is dbest in the world

    77. Wyatt Carver

      Bro you killed benjyfishy at the start with the crash pad

    78. Nebojsa Tanaskovic


    79. FrostyFishy

      Nice bro👍🏼

    80. nyliumz

      Do you know Fractioned?

    81. Kyuu

      Best player😤😤😤

    82. JkE Samurai

      Ty bot popusk go 1 na 1 botara

    83. Brxce

      Lmao I hope people know not to box up by you again

    84. xyro Ψ

      code TAYSON!!!!!!!

    85. Tej R

      I love you no homo my inspiration

    86. SAMUELE D

      @wave steelix 9:40

    87. Ilyes1625 Le pro

      Eliminated Nrg benjyfichy 0:34

    88. Paul Gerst

      Teaming with JannisZ ?

    89. Luka Žagar

      Super igre

    90. Ylectrix

      Ur so cracked. Shoulda played for endgame in the last one. To get some more placement points. But u one. So it good

    91. Okuratny Major


    92. Svit Ihan

      Why you dont play with tršan

    93. Arjun Gowder

      What was the music you used in the beginning?

    94. GoldezFn

      2:09 he cracked 2 players at the same time lol

    95. cheater verif

      Tayson do u know refsgaard

    96. Invictus Speedy

      he killed jannzis 6 times

    97. riffs

      First person he kills is benjyfishy wow