Revenge Moments In Football


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    1. MNXHD

      *Karma is a bi*ch guys!* Some revange moments from recent & old games, enjoy! 😎

      1. Lisa Roser


      2. Nashaad Xajji

        @Khalid 468gsf

      3. Real Vibes


      4. gg bois

        some of these wasnt even revenge lol

      5. abdulmalik ba'aba

        Di maria didn't get revenge against United

    2. Jesus Campos


    3. Kayne Barker

      1:10 this makes no sence. Halland was bad. and then good stuff happen to him. like wtf?

    4. X-tream T

      2:31 neymar has pic with his son nice

    5. Benayas Solomon

      IDK why people are still putting the Mane and Neymar thing. All Neymar did was just run around Mane

    6. ShengTV

      Check this out

    7. Julian Rojas Tunjano

      3:13 but then united made a comeback

    8. Malik Ramadhan

      2018/2019: Neymar vs Mane 2019-2021: Neymar takes Mane's revenge

    9. LordOfWar

      Das mit kimmich und Neymar kann man 0 vergleichen. Kimmich macht das um sich zu push und das Team. neymar macht das nur um zu provozieren

      1. Nicole Marziliano

        Und jetzt hat Neymar direkt wieder Karma kassiert.

    10. DrewBRo

      Psg 🔵🔴🤝

    11. Pedro Henrique

      bring more videos like this

    12. Colin Silva

      Don’t be shy. Show di Maria crying when we beat them on aggregate in Paris.

    13. Mariano Duarte

      It's a shame that Dortmund has been left out of the Champions League Ndeah se hacia el inglés para bardear.

    14. maroc tv

      Du riffs et d'Éric

    15. Amrinder sekhon

      Costa 😂😂😂 Only man Ramos feared

    16. Katie Braniff

      Halland is so so good

    17. shubham shahi

      Haaland the super-sub 😜

    18. Bruno Marin


    19. Joaquín Ortega

      Casemiro es un cerdo

    20. Your Mom

      I hate halland

    21. bom bom

      name song pl

    22. makshandy

      Hahahah kimmich little kid

    23. NOT S3cret

      8:08 how is this revenge when u take a new clip and Then a older one wtf?

    24. Vitela7 Gamer

      Si ablan español me disen cuando jugo el liverpool contra el bayer donde kimicht se burlo de mane?

    25. Maria Lima


    26. Semir Mustafu

      Okay we saw how neymar and psg finished vs man city 🤣

    27. altorrachiZ

      Minuto 5:35 soy fan de cr7 pero ramos no le debió de hacer eso auto like para no desaparecer

      1. altorrachiZ

        @Renzo de Benedetto no lo creo

      2. Renzo de Benedetto

        le tiene envidia

    28. Outersloth

      Lol title is funny

    29. SitronSports

      I mean i hate Liverpool, but how is doing a body faint on neymar then him doing it back karma?

    30. TM_ 2

      I’m confused on how haaland got revenge but he bumped into the other dude?

    31. Ivan Semenov

      4:30 how stupid can you be to put that in a karma video?

    32. nigga gang

      5:26 is that real madrid's coach

    33. Blake Edwards

      man united still won that champions league tie. so i dont know why you put that

    34. Nasser Abdulla Al-Kaabi

      why do u use a old clip of neymar

    35. DarkAnima- 0

      The Neymar and Make one wasn't revenge because Neymar didn't juke Mane because you saw Mane went the same way Neymar did.

    36. Atlantik Jashari

      ratio then

    37. Vitor Gabriel Duarte Silva

      Já vi o vídeo 200 vezes e ainda não achei a vingança do Neymar kakakak


      Kimmich 🤡

    39. Snow

      Some players take revenge by scoring goals. Some take by beating them more Diego Costa is hilarious

    40. Der D

      Why revenge? Haalands celebration shouldnt even provocate Paris but Neymar behaved like an asshole...

    41. Der D

      Paris was just enormous luck

    42. IYI

      Casemiro best 😎💪⚽️

    43. Isaac Romeo

      African workout on the way all are welcomed on december

    44. foot drole 88

    45. Israel Ayoade

      I will never forget that Ibrahamovic one though. LMAO

    46. Billy Shabir

      The PSG one is wrong 😂 you put di Maria’s injury then PSG score 2! When it should be PSG score 2 first leg united comeback with 12 first team players out and beat PSG 3-1

    47. Beki James

      Haaland did everything wrong it wasn't the other guy

    48. Bilal Ünüvar

      6 40

    49. Rick Souna


    50. m fayaz

      Mane neymar

    51. Kexs

      guys we all know what were here for

    52. teymur karimli

      How is Kimmich's moment a revenge? Did you not notice that Mane and Neymar are different people?

    53. Football Highlights


    54. Jesus Nuñez Morales

      7:11 julio cesar jajajaja

    55. Khalid Kelly

      Go and ply in your self Bayern is coming and we will make eurpe shaking #Bavarian_passed_here

    56. Samuel Paul Baby

      The one with casemiro tackling milner .. it wasn't revenge for Benzema .. casemiro himself was tackled in the same way minutes before


      I am proud of casemiro

    58. Loyix

      The moment where Mane got "humiliated" is not even close to what Mane did to Neymar

      1. 「 Sourav 」

        Nop Neymar owned mane and others in Liverpool the whole match ;)


      The meaning of revenge is cr7⚡️

    60. bcvbb hyui

      8:10 It ain't even the same match

    61. ProGaming

      I sub

    62. Rowdy Rebel

      i don’t get how haaland and todibo was revenge... can someone explain?

    63. Mariano Duarte

      Dortmund vs Manchester City that is karma???

    64. Martin Oroño

      hello argentina

    65. lol Lol

      How is that revenge from neymar i don't get it because it is between mane and kimmich

    66. Szymek P


    67. SPORTY

      wow.. that was insane revenge

    68. Nuhor gaming

      I lv casmero

    69. Alfredo Alonzo

      Kimmich the Best

    70. kolim jone

      What is the song used in this video? It was lit af 😂

    71. Jakub Horvath

      Jov jov

    72. Jordan Pineda

      No vengan a weiiar... Tratando de dejar a neymar como el mejor... Lo de neymar fue antes y lo de mané fue después no se pongan a tratar de dejar a ese llorón como el mejor🤣

    73. Jordan Pineda

      Neymar no se porque se burló de haaland si lo de haaland fue solo una celebración.. Seguro alguien webea a neymar por sus cagadas de celebraciones fomes del lloroncito

    74. Khaya soccerlist

    75. دلوو پاشايى


    76. Ibrahima Sow

      Neymar didn’t took his revenge on Mane, he didn’t dribble him and Mane tackled him and took the ball just after

      1. Ibrahima Sow

        @El Buki I literally don’t care, I wasn’t comparing them

      2. El Buki

        neymar > mane

    77. Shirley Hernandez

      Roy Keane ended Haaland father's football career @5:20

    78. Vyshnav k

      I think neymar loves revenges😌✌️

      1. Football369

        Revenge is sweeter 😂

    79. Asher Hasan

      Casemiro to milner Is the real revenge

    80. Rokim 123

      Ronaldo vs messi short

    81. Diego S2

      me gusto mucho lo de casemiro jajja como yo

    82. Abhinav K

      When he was dancing Others will surely tell dont dance do any skills..... 👀 Bcz He was dancing like a dancer and keep fooling opponents in a single match ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Its our neymar....

    83. S H E M I . X


      1. bcvbb hyui

        6:40 Normally the motta of Diego Costa was scoring goal with Sergio Ramos

    84. Nafih Mannur

      Neymar karma is best

    85. Bunduki man19

      We have seen only one player who can revenge well Sergio Ramos and that's none other is de ego costa

    86. X OFF

      Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Yo:30% clips normales,70% clips de haalånd

    87. Fabiola


    88. Vinleho

      👍 Stay connected

    89. Arthur Lermen

      Whi is the karma bellingham

    90. Ahmed Rashid

      Suarez got the last laugh against evra ucl final 14/15

    91. Miguel Rivera

      Just saying the Mexican and the American one is not that Much of a revenge moment because first he did that in the beginning of the game before the beef and second it’s not the same person

    92. LFC IBBY

      to good to be a video

    93. Saif Shohel

      Best example of Karma🍾🍾🍾

    94. Mr. AkterH

      Very nice background music man

    95. Yasir Oyunda

      why dortmund

    96. Muhammed Faisal

      Psg vs Bayern Not Revenge psg Luck😂

      1. Football369

        That's like saying city vs Dortmund city luck

    97. Salah Abshir Mohamed



    99. Tenzin Jorden

      5:05 the day wen kdb revenged on his ex 🙌🙌🔥🔥

      1. Tenzin Jorden

        @Elijah u r dumbass bruh😑🤦

      2. Elijah

        @Tenzin Jorden it's not even her. It's just some random girl

      3. Tenzin Jorden

        @Elijah I think u should use goggles🤦

      4. CLOWN Studios

        @Elijah i think you not know anything

      5. Elijah

        Wtf are you talking about it's not even her

    100. Barnaba Newall

      mane vs neymar was so funny especially cuz neymar didnt make it look quite as impressive

      1. TM_ 2

        I mean he still got it 😂

      2. Rowdy Rebel

        swear neymar’s was the game before lmao. mane got the revenge there...