1ST in FNCS WARMUP FINALS w/ Mongraal & Mitr0🏆 | TaySon


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    Pubblicato il 2 mesi fa


    1. Renedo-W-


    2. yt_FISH LUKA

      🏆 Ti si naš 🏆

    3. Saik0

      8:09 i laughed so hardddd😂😂😂😂

    4. Matej Fradl

      Najs tayson

    5. Umberto Ferraioli

      Game 10 shit on Savage

    6. · rising

      19:20 ????????

    7. Vyro 3x

      I love when tayson says “shockwave”

    8. Tymon A

      4:04 advisek ded😣

    9. Outrider_

      Good english but you got like i dont now how to say like voice of Slovenian... BTW js sem iz slovenije

    10. RSX FNϞ


    11. LoTexψ


    12. LoTexψ


    13. ziga cesar

      Shit on

    14. Yt_bigmwat 12

      FaZe Mongraal

    15. Yt_bigmwat 12


    16. 田中智子

      I am Japanese I love tayson

    17. Vantam

      this is the funniest trio ever bruhh wtf

    18. Gal

      What was your colorblind

    19. Wixy NL


    20. Conquerz Gamez

      Did anyone see that sky see in the back at 6:40

    21. Y2 vixy

      Lahko grema enkrat dou taj

    22. u smell

      what does nosyat mean?

    23. TrixyWtfff

      Bro you just shit on me in trios

    24. Carlo Conterio

      el kkwet ta matao jajajajajajjajjjaajjajaja

    25. Jaka Janžič Bidovec

      To tajson izi mony jaz sem slovenc😉

    26. Andrea petro

      They Need to listen to him a Little bit more. His calls are goated, Gg Tyson.

    27. J3ssePinkman

      Mitro still using his webcam for a mic 🤣

    28. Phaz

      This is honesty the best trio on EU right now like tell me I'm wrong.

    29. smileyFNBR

      Don’t know why u are Playing with Them, they are not doing What u say they are not a good trio for u

    30. Felix Manuel


    31. Debas

      un trio español se los mato 😎😎😎😎

    32. Javi_ Ko


    33. なぞなぞ.


    34. onebig

      what is this english

    35. Splash

      Why have mitr0 switch name???

    36. TestIDD

      Hey I´ve made a montage, where I put much effort in... Would be happy if you let me know if you like it, it´s my latest video 🥰

    37. Quendo

      New video uploaded guys help me pls

    38. Ex0tic Lazar

      Jel ovaj balkanac?

    39. Steelixfnbr ‘

      GOD TRIO

    40. Martialf U


    41. StOrm_Zan

      i watch you in mongraal stream you guys are insane

    42. Extrox ASU

      Nobody: Mitr0s mic:Im deaaaad

    43. silly idrissa

      Mongraal’s mic is so trash it’s authentic.

    44. Mixi


    45. Erased


    46. Frad1x.

      Good video!

    47. Objectif 2k abo avant 2021

      which one do you prefer Bugha= like Benjyfhishy= comment both =sub 😁

    48. Xoán

      Mongraal is the best ive ever seen. Hes just so insane bro he can clutch everything, best mechanics best aim

    49. Vetom YTB

      mitro and mongraal : let's use shockwave into a box but tayson no guys plzz just follow me hhhhh.

    50. Beatrice Adongo

      19:15 that guy had negative 0 ping lol

      1. no one

        -1,000,000 ping more like

    51. Bara Bajaha

      Mitro should listen

    52. BerdY

      poor milan

    53. gonza’s

      I love this trio, hopefully doesn’t split, they just have to listen more to you.

      1. Skxrred 1

        gonza’s well thats what i meant tho his rotations are good as a solo but in trios not so much because he lead his trio trough an entire metal tunnel that the enemy team was still in

      2. gonza’s

        Skxrred 1 maybe he doesn’t is the best when it comes to make tags, but his rotations are very good.

      3. Skxrred 1

        I love tayson but his call outs are not that good

    54. makyK

      Upoznaje gallu s mongralom

    55. Not Jacob

      Tq Urii is just good shut up un Twitter

    56. FoXxIツ

      nooooo you killed Gambit Toose

    57. Flame 1X_1726

      Bro who else sall the skybase like in the third or second match at endgame

    58. Selvin Gallegos

      Game 4 tyson omggggg

    59. SandyFNBR

      tayson might just be the best player right now wtff

    60. Shawn Doré

      Mitro doesn’t listen and he always dies

    61. Nicola Aledda

      The IQ of Tyson is just on another level

    62. Michael Te Vrede

      Mongraal at 27:11: "I got 800 metal" Me: lmao

    63. Jukka Kangasniemi

      Where u from tayson

    64. Mr Beast

      Prou to se a slovenian pro being one of the best

    65. itslitan 11

      19:46 🇪🇸

    66. kryspǃ

      **Here before he wins FNCS twice in a row**

    67. link apii

      :-) :-) :-) :-) 🎍

    68. Team Verxcy

      benjy tayson and mongraal now that would be an OP trio

    69. PiriPersa

      i love this mongraal

    70. niru1015 ps4の

      sensitivity ???

    71. karbincek

      Tayson: two guys in my box Mongraal: Just get out😂

    72. Exotiique


    73. Sweety


    74. ShayanKhanYT

      i have watched all tourney live and i am still watching it like wtf

    75. Shredder FN

      wow i can actually hear his voice unlike on Mongraals stream. Great Stuff TaySon 👍🏾

    76. IT-S Georgi-o

      Please don´t mess with a player.I think whath you said to Urii is very ugly. I think everyone has their own level ,but i recomended to not to warm up to the Spanish communty because you can get involved.

    77. KAI_ 23

      Tq uri is stupid he has 0 earnings

    78. asixx 24

      Tq uri is the best hahahhahaha

    79. Kynoh

      can you guys check my recent out i think im underrated lol

    80. Jsniperr Yt

      The do not gel well at all

      1. Luiza

        I mean they won so?

    81. EnesHx


      1. Leavify

        @EnesHx opa

      2. EnesHx


      3. Leavify

        kj res

    82. MYST Eliot

      no one: absolutley not a single soul: tayson : shits on advise 7 times

    83. Deal with Tayson

      FaZe Tayson??😂😂

    84. Nicolas Yelo

      You are sow gooooooooood

    85. CARTEL FN

      Insane game 4 tayson clutch

    86. Uzaps

      i love how tayson is just like whispering snd mongraal and mitr0 or screaming the whole time 😂😂

    87. Giacomo Cerizzi

      Best trio I’ve ever seen in fortnite, not only the best in the game but also the nicest to watch

      1. Luiza

        Yesss and so happy the won

    88. Kyro Sheep

      Tayson has the best awareness in endgame it’s unbelievable

    89. SnipezFN

      Mongraal mitro tayson back at it

    90. Ones

      Best trio in the world not even trolling

    91. Jayden Tran

      Tayson carry

    92. Yets

      I now know why he tweeted that footage of him trying to igl them

    93. mangos

      21:43 ggs to the coms (no hate just wanted to point it out)

    94. Tommy

      Ensar just wasted 3 impulse or sth to kill you

    95. VegaaFN YT

      TQ Uri is probably best player than you

    96. Maxima


    97. BryantFN

      When tayson says to shockwave, he sounds like a parent

    98. Jordie Fuller

      I love it how tayson bought the Battlepass mid tournament

    99. SheLuvsPain

      All I heard is mongraal screaming 😂😂

    100. Lagg Laggy

      best trio and theres still improvement to be made before fncs, good luck i know you guys win this🤑