EU Encore Semi Finals


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    1. joseph Jacko


    2. Adomas Fiseris

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    3. Pain FC

      bro the amount benjy and savage say "nice, good shit" is funny

    4. Julie Julie

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    5. lm not moheb

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    6. Vv Hh

      Use code (NML) Come on give you the Renegade Raider Submit the photo with the code On Insta: q_j7d1

    7. Saurav Dey

      I came back, because i miss Letshe

    8. Mixter

      11:50 MrSavage 300iq rotation, it's just incredible

    9. LakruroEU

      savage min norske G😀🤣

    10. GhostXRackz

      Just posted a montage ,check ya boi out decent PlayStation player 👀.

    11. Akram Fighter Boy

      I so u in leader bord

    12. RD - 02WT 896829 Larkspur PS

      I like your skinSubscribe to Mr. Savage My guy💯

    13. Ronozy

      16:16 aggggh

    14. thebigconn


    15. Davy

      Where is the epic eding :c?

    16. maria teresa


    17. Magma_Kingzz

      27:14 😂

    18. LFT_ L4uTy8

      Bld letshe no gana un trade

    19. akz16th

      I need a duo ,comp has pr and is good

    20. turboo

      this is what fortnite trio world cup is going to look like.

    21. Dixie Park

      10:32 the headshot was real

    22. XZ9 rudo

      16:50 .__________.

    23. Corrode

      Letshe: Boys Get to me get to me!!!! Savage and benjy: ..... Savage or benjy: get to me get to me!!!! Letshe and savage or benjy: coming coming!!!!

    24. Chrisax

      Letshe is actually insane

    25. Arhcu

      I watched the full add at the end cause he deserves it

    26. ERC-gamER09 K

      He‘s one of the best

    27. NaSsEr Jr

      I enjoyed it and didn't feel the time ❤😂

      1. Dixie Park

        The legendary sentence: Nice, good shit!

    28. Myoboku

      Who's the IGL

    29. Xmas ave


    30. Luc Looping

      Haghhahahahaa I watched the whole video

    31. Doan Tran

      Wait did he just say imma vent to ya at 7:12

    32. Ashab Aliew

      Trust me this guy will be the best Player and he played with one of my favorite skin Keep playing

    33. Ashab Aliew

      10:32 the headshot was real

    34. night_ exxo

      Algún español Arriba España!!!

    35. raze clan raze up

      ok listen i swear if u notes my comment i swear i am going to destroy my gaming setup nooo way u notes me write i have been waching u since 342 followers

    36. Ryan Borello

      With ur combo u should use gold crowbar axe...

    37. Ruszka Martin


    38. Dustin Riesel

      yt quality is so shit

    39. Amr ibrahim

      40:40 اللي جاي للفيديو عشان هذي اللقطة هذي لايك😅🤣 مسكين والله ميثك مات من سافج 😭💔

    40. Plan1s

      ure so good bro

    41. Anahi Cpeda

      estas bien guapoooooo

    42. Mirko Moraschini

      NRG benjiflip

    43. Jonathan Jäger

      Bruder Why ist der so hässlich

    44. Kaaz OG

      18:48 savage wanted someone to edit him a window but said fk it

    45. Mafiozo 308

      Polish yotober kill you in mongraal cap xD

    46. Mist女

      Letshe:I don't have any game sound FaZe Ewok:👁💧 💧👁

    47. Mateo Sepùlveda

      Bro Agustin51 is killed you a pickaxe

    48. Abrar Ahmed

      MR.SAVAGE is a beast player

    49. Zeyrox xd

      What the fuck benjy ähhhhh Savage

    50. Lorenzo Sanna


    51. Ralph Al Achkar

      Stop being toxic on letchy he is the best player

    52. 7kraken

      why letshe always dies

    53. houssam raji

      Play with purple skull

    54. rick666

      Letshe doooogggssshhhhhiiitttt

    55. KINGU3

      40:00 انا الوحيد اللي لاحظت انه ميثك وتيمه XD

    56. Chehab Kousa

      Power mythic 40:43 😲😲😲😲😱😱😱😱

    57. Yuiko Canceloriz

      fortnite ID:100T Emilio

    58. LB Voized

      I like norway🙂😇😀

    59. David 4x4

      Nice Savage ! You are a very good Fortnite player ! I want to play with you ine day

      1. David 4x4

        One day

    60. AïM_ZER0L

      10:30 OMG

    61. use_CODE_guldleo21

      Why you removed Dulle2012

    62. Vix

      Like aki magyar

    63. Anthony Ramirez

      I feel like EU does have better players than NA.

    64. David Gutierrez

      I thought he quit fornite but no😁

    65. Urban Gaming Tv


    66. TakuNotFound

      can someone pls rate my montage i want to know if it good or not

    67. Jake Matheus

      This aggressive play style is so entertaining to watch and you guys are amazing at it

    68. Magdalena Alvarez

      Quien de habla spana

    69. Elhirach Housam


    70. cdos -

      El dela portada es jelty...!!

    71. Golden Ionufuera


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    74. Rubengonzi

      16:24 best part of the video

    75. Hidaya Azly

      Sub to raheem joker

    76. Juanfeman

      Savage I don’t want to do spam but dis IThomesr spanish (I’m also Spanish but I now English) it’s name is Agustin51 search in IThomes put the video that kill you whit the subtitles ok?

    77. Francisco Saramago

      in tournament everybody: tryharding Savage Benji and Letshe:bottle flip chalenge!!!!!!

    78. Matteo Napolitano

      16 20 killa pure snagged e steelix( per gli italiani)

    79. Melonz_Dean

      My Fortnite Just Crashed FFS

    80. shad jamal

      24:00 wtf benjy err savage

    81. Sumeet Singh

      Well he should show the leaderboard in the end of the vid like benjy, thatd be great

    82. CHITO FF

      agustin 51 te mató a pico

      1. CHITO FF

        @Miller Andres Bolaños Madrigal ve a su video (el de agustin) y ve en el minuto 8:00 por delante

      2. Miller Andres Bolaños Madrigal

        Pero en que minuto dime que no lo encuentro

    83. ALI ABDI


    84. Odette Morales

      No se si sepas hablar en español pero te pongo un reto que juegues con control

    85. Troll Veggen


    86. Swevy Nl

      26:45 letshe get shit on

    87. Unwilled

      Mrsavage is the goat

    88. Lawrence Osazuwa

      You are the best

    89. Zech Dzikro

      halo om

    90. EŇvψ

      Legend says"mrsavage kills everyone in the lobby before the battle bus even launches".


      Stop using this skin savage pls (goldmidas) pls

      1. M. Fathi Alfarisi


    92. izaki ben abdallah

      This game it’s verry goog

    93. Alaric Baely

      Are you the frager igl or support

    94. Swervnn -_-

      Eu on top


      Mrsavge play arena with buga and ninja pls🙏🙏

    96. Muzen

      The legendary sentence: Nice, good shit!

      1. Sumeet Singh

        In the toilet