Halsey - 3am (Stripped)


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    I WOULD LEAVE ME IF I COULD - A Collection of Poetry by Halsey
    Available Now - iwouldleavemeificould.com
    3am from Halsey's album "Manic" out now: Halsey.lnk.to/manicthealbumID
    Spotify: Halsey.lnk.to/manicthealbumOS
    iTunes: Halsey.lnk.to/manicthealbum!IT
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    Official Site: iamhalsey.com
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    Producer: Santiago Cervantes
    Director: Peter Don
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    1. Berkay Kinin

      Sen varya sen...

    2. Lauren 1293

      My favorite song!🤗❤❤❤

    3. DCShelton52

      “I fucking love this girl”


      alguien tiene el ig de la guitarrista? :3

    5. Melissa Granato

      Copy Cat.

    6. Lge M07

      This girl reads my mind

    7. lost human

      It's really hard being alone on holidays can't afford a plane ticket to go home but your music is helping me through it all #bi_queen

    8. DemosKratos

      Come to Turkey again ! :)

    9. emma maya

      Omg gueen:)))))))

    10. nawaf fahad

      Halsey i love 😭☹️

      1. nawaf fahad

        you 🙂

    11. 6891L

      I love this woman

    12. Nina Neufang

      Holy shit this is golden❤️😍

    13. Nisitar Varjara

      Song name: 3 AM I'm actually listening on 3 AM

    14. Bianca Rabadan

      Didn’t realize I was falling out of love with her because this made me love back in love

    15. Kathleen Werth

      Does anyone know how to play this on the guitar?

    16. Serena Olgomiec

      flaca te amo

    17. Денис Володин

      Блин!!! Ну Земфира на английском языке!!! Ну круто блин!!!

    18. Jenna Sullivan

      halsey your the bomb! Amazing!

    19. DR ҜILLΣR


    20. Amna Hussain

      hii im a big fan of urs and all my friends say i have a voice like urs

    21. Fab Marqués

      el soplido y la sonrisa del final, im -

    22. PEN ॐM

      This is Nirvana for my ears, thanks girl!

    23. iamthefallenangel

      She is just sitting and singing but I can't take my eyes off her😻😻😻

    24. MrMerdooTV

      end up alone....

    25. Manoele Santos de Melo

      Essa mulher é maravilhosa demais!!

    26. Animalplatanero

      I freakin love it

    27. Melli Moralapostel

      one of my favorite songs of manic and this is a awesome version

    28. Şule GÜNDOĞDU

      Hi , i have remixed Halsey - BALENCIAGA ithomes.info/net/tsdxm8eSd42rnqA/video I'd be happy if you give it to a try.

    29. Badlands Halsey

      The breath control is amazing

      1. Şule GÜNDOĞDU

        Hi , i have remixed Halsey - BALENCIAGA ithomes.info/net/tsdxm8eSd42rnqA/video I'd be happy if you give it to a try.

    30. D Anna

      Te adoro Tu música Tú voz Tu personalidad Todooooo 😍😍😍😍

      1. Şule GÜNDOĞDU

        Hi , i have remixed Halsey - BALENCIAGA ithomes.info/net/tsdxm8eSd42rnqA/video I'd be happy if you give it to a try.

    31. jimmy Dodi taurus


    32. Shiven Mohinder

      I just love her, she is so awesome

    33. Genevieve Ejimofor

      I love you Ashley 😍😍😍

    34. E Pela

      Me looking at Halsey's braids: Babe, I love you but, your hair is finna fall out

      1. iciee7799

        Lmaooo I came to the comments just waiting for somebody to say some stupid shit about her braids. Appreciate her talent or leave 🥴

    35. Kishor Shrestha

      great breath control!!

    36. Jacob Huang

      i love manic

    37. kArT kN

      Grammys don't deserve u girl True music doesn't need those sham praises Keep on spreading Joy & Love through your music We're with you ❤️❤️

    38. Lisa Gonzalez

      I dieeeee, marre meee now

    39. Lisa Gonzalez

      My favorite song!! I love your voice, make me crazy. Marre meeeee

    40. Onpixels Documentary

      Im so obssed with her!!!

    41. Kevin Omondi

      Dis music gives light at 3 am

    42. Amber Hague

      I love the relaxed look and mood... Nice one

    43. Lisa Linsenmeyer

      this is incredible holy shit. never heard her use her voice like that.

    44. Jan Hanzal

      😍 amazing

    45. Kelly D

      Dang she sings so good

    46. carley kruse

      Fav song

    47. Jacie Kennedy

      And she changes her hair alot

    48. Jacie Kennedy

      Ok halsey chamges every music video

    49. Steve Nelson

      Halsey, you are beautiful from head to toes!!!!

    50. Imagine Bigfoot

      Was hoping it was a cover of Eminem’s 3am

    51. JKKillerB

      Just OK... Nothing special.

    52. sidosaiming

      best artiste ever ❤️ ❤️

    53. #Debz Debz


    54. Yumy Apple


      1. sidosaiming

        hi ahri

    55. Bruna Celeghini

      wow it felt so different to see a girl on the eletric guitar. So good!!!

    56. Wahida Wahid


    57. Lala Gurbanova

      It’s 3am :)

    58. shantal lewis

      I need it digital cause baby when it's physical I end up alone😕 the truth of it all..just sad😭

    59. Frederic Reid


    60. elleee mesa


    61. Mehar Tariq

      Halsey surprises me everytimeee

    62. Reinout Dc

      F*cking fantastic

    63. Janelle Taylor

      Hadley is Amazing.

    64. Ema

      I love her raw voice so muuuch!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ She is such a beautiful song writer

    65. Ema


    66. Jasmine Jefferson

      Not my favorite song but this was great

    67. Sehr


    68. Angel Divine

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    69. Katria Lee

      Who's here watching this after Halsey didn't get the Grammy nomination she deserves? I still cannot understand how that happened

    70. J1r11V4

      Love it

    71. Melany Santos


    72. Melany Santos

      Like si Jalsey esta mas hermosa de lo normal

    73. SGN Ryan

      She’s been one of my favorites since her first ep an ex gf showed me her and been obsessed ever since so safe to say the best thing to come out that relationship is Halsey

    74. Shreya Kapadi

      There's a reason we call her the queen✨👑✨

    75. benzeynepbebeyim

      Şu performansı alnıma yapıştırıp ortalıkta gezmek istiyorum, hissettiğim şey tam olarak bu.

    76. Ash Mibs


    77. Kanan Heisnam

      Love the way she sings 😋 obsessed with this one

    78. Andy O.

      If you enjoyed this song/video, I think most people will appreciate this one too!! "NO LIVES MATTER" ithomes.info/net/2JxvptCFg2eOe44/video

    79. Ramagalla Venkatesh

      U allways super I love u

    80. Yas Dehoho

      I love you

    81. hoping for more good days

      Her talent✨

    82. Ninjy T.

      Perfect! Such a great performer! Love you Halsey

    83. ace choi


    84. Venkata Santosh Yarasingh

      No one insane like you...

    85. Paweł Zieliński

      Every fan of Halsey must comment this video; ithomes.info/net/zpRp1sdvbGpqeKw/video

    86. j twinny

      she really is a great live performer

    87. Acrobat

      Repeat mode on 🔥

    88. Lucie Dvorská

      why is it so perfect

    89. Bad at Love

      Finally the 10m❤🥳❤

    90. Yichen Cao

      Omg this is so gen z and I am all for it Halsey my queen 👑

    91. bts armyyy


    92. Raf Miranda Supan

      This song is my favorite from the album 💕

    93. Moon Child

      I love you perfect! 😭😭😭😭🥺💗☁✨

    94. ANNA Anna

      I’m obsessed with those green&blue lights 😍😍😍 Amazing setup!

    95. Azrael

      Who's here daily??

    96. Leonardo Almeida

      my absolute dream is to see her live at least once

    97. saumya singh


    98. One Love Kayla

      Been listening since Americana, she’s like fine wine. 🍷 She gets better with age. 😂

    99. Walcott Leanan

      can NOT believe this woman has zero grammys nomination

    100. Walcott Leanan

      can NOT believe this woman has zero grammys nomination