Polo G - RAPSTAR (Official Video)


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    Official video for "RAPSTAR" by Polo G
    Listen + Download "RAPSTAR" out now: polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR
    Amazon Music - polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/amazonmusic
    Apple Music - polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/applemusic
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    Spotify - polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/spotify
    IThomes Music - polog.lnk.to/RAPSTAR/youtubemusic
    Directed by Arrad
    Written & Co-directed by Polo G
    Produced by Riveting Entertainment
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    Facebook - pologofficial/
    Instagram - polo.capalot
    Tiktok - www.tiktok.com/@pologofficial
    Twitter - Polo_Capalot
    #PoloG #RAPSTAR

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    1. Lilpoopie 58

      Shut the fuc I mean please don't talk

    2. hshssjsjs


    3. HisokaHimself

      that ksi song rly changed him lol

    4. wh0. lylaa

      you almost at 10 mil ! congratulations king❤️

    5. Lukas Tornbberg

      “shut the f*ck u- i mean please don’t talk”🎶

    6. David Rk


    7. Kayden Koylu

      Who’s been here since day one

    8. Sanji Manga

      Stay away from the pills bruh

    9. Ghosa Tv

      Who else spotted ddg?

    10. Fallingout Productions

      So 204,000,000 a month? Cap 🧢

    11. 0BrainCells

      When Polo pulled out his son, we all felt happy.

    12. Avid Cheds

      604k are clearly disabled

    13. p0lxrrz

      Those transitions 😱

    14. Smorgen Borgen

      Garbage trash ass "rapper" . Same garbage every shitty rapper talks about

    15. Radnat

      The transition through his eyes was tuff.

    16. Boral

      1 year of waiting was worth it

    17. Anderson B

      Thinkin bout my old self, I swear I miss u dearly😔

    18. Alan Balram

      Still number 1. 🐐

    19. Kelpy G

      Polo be grinding this song is actually so inspiring

    20. Ali Alsaraf

      He went a little too hard on this one

    21. Zixy-

      I know all the words now

    22. Ch6rl13


    23. bluhw

      “Looking so deep into your eyes, I can read your thought. So shut the fu- I mean please don’t talk” that GOOOO HARDDD ✨😤💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    24. Link Hiznoh

      Man you and juice would’ve been such a legendary duo, I hope y’all got more songs 😔

    25. Noemi Carrillo

      Ala 300

    26. Noemi Carrillo

      My brother is older than polo g and Chif keef

    27. Princess Tsuki x3


    28. Fresh_G

      I love this song so much Polo, you the best in the game rn. 🚫🧢 HE. DONT. MISS. 💯💯🔥🔥

    29. gr4pe _justvibing

      that s why we must protect PoloG

    30. Exiv

      Fucc tiktok that song will be still fire

    31. Aiden jay Michaels

      Takes me a whole month to make 2k😅

    32. Timothy Bulaya

      “Only b*tch I give a conversation to is Siri” 😂

    33. NRG swift copy_1

      No cap this was a calm song but lit video.

    34. Soldier

      1 word, 5 letters DAYUM

    35. Jaylen Mccowan

      Stf I mean please don’t talk 😔

    36. Princess Tsuki x3

      Ima fuxk around and keep this at #1 all by myself, yall better keep this shit up there!!!! 😤😫🖤🖤

    37. Chris Laabs

      Still #1 tending lets gooo babyy

    38. Playboy Tokyo

      My boy DDG at 0:11

    39. Kaiokn

      ppl would call this mid then go listen to carti 😭😭

    40. Jakob Boiskov

      why not number 1 hotlist yes, no`?xx

    41. Earl Joseph Smith III

      Protect him at all costs

    42. ILIA

      Best song of the year ❌🧢

      1. Savage WRLD

        Nah, second after "who I smoke".

    43. Howard Lee

      This shouldn’t have any dislikes: real heat !

    44. Devin Detroit

      I Love You All. I love this song because he rhymed every other line with my name Devin Scott Oleary

    45. Yt P9_twistszz

      anxiety is killing me I jus wanna leave earth that shits deep

    46. Jayden

      idk i think i still fw syn his beat more

    47. Yousaf Rasool

      Thanks for letting us know how rich you may be

    48. chunksfunks

      every single fit is fire ngl

    49. Rayan Irani

      1:22 the best part of the whole song

    50. Melissa Greenblatt

      Who still here when it’s number 1 trending?

    51. Decipher 1

      “ yes im winning clearly I’m the chosen one see my potential so they fear me “ - fax ur the goat

    52. ApexCODM


    53. Justice Hampton

      This gone have 100 million + one day

      1. Daniel A


    54. Winst

      1:15 damn he made him surrender without taking a single piece 🤯☠️

    55. Donovan :v

      Canserberonis Real KINGRAP

    56. Mickey

      10 million soon

    57. swag lad

      Absolutely no talent Modern rap is trash

      1. Daniel A

        You sound about 5

    58. Lil Jose

      Still number one sheeeeehhhhh🔥🔥

    59. Jude onyango


    60. Princess Tsuki x3

      I ain't joking do it sound like I'm kidding 😫😫😫

    61. ajay singh

      Why this generation have no facial hair& dress like studs

      1. ajay singh

        @gleezyTv its not a complaint its a fact that theses rap singers look feminine.

      2. gleezyTv

        Bc this not the old generation grow up and stop complaining

    62. fsn-watxr

      “I ain’t Jokin do it sound like I’m kidden, I be making like 2000 a minute” 👌🤧

    63. Benson Lee


    64. Nelson_ 219


    65. Max Fritts

      Protect him at all costs

    66. TheBoyCrix


    67. BhimexKRYT

      The other songs were fire but this one! It's Lava bruh it hits different I'll be singing this forever now

    68. Verxcy


    69. Kode

      this is like a huge vibe this finna go on tiktok by alot

    70. Tammatha Rogers

      More crap

    71. Bob Sagogi

      This is so generic

    72. The Kid

      every bar is a caption 😭🔥🔥

    73. Fawna Cabral

      I absoultely love the song but bruh drop an abulm

    74. Big Boi

      Polo g so lit he juice wrld tupac and himself my dude damn he on 3 whole different levels at once we is the goat no cap 🧢

    75. Tommy Dorsey

      Polo on the take over

    76. RedSand Gaming

      This was 🔥🔥🔥

    77. pxpe79

      The beat, the flow and everything make the song perfect

    78. Gabadonna

      what the fuck this song has almost 10mil in 2days sheesh

    79. Levon Brooks

      Dat mane really turnt ong💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

    80. htx._joey

      His moans are so purfect! W.G

    81. lil brotha

      Bro the beat go hard you killed this polo!!!!

    82. Super Gamer

      This is so 🔥🔥

    83. Kashad Parmley

      1:22 the best part

    84. lil boy

      ''only bitch i give a conversation to is siri" this bar hit the girl thomas lmaoo polo be hard and funny at the same time

    85. Koolminer1243

      I see just lots of us depressed in the comments…damn we’re really fucked up aren’t we?

    86. vTokyo

      the guitar has auto tune

    87. A Duck

      *0:11** isnt that ddg right there + he has his chains!!*

      1. sandwich

        It is and there’s scorey and i believe his homie wooski

    88. X

      This shit generic as fuck

    89. NLE_ Jrock

      This shit fire🔥🔥🔥💨🔥

    90. Craig Gill

      Definitely he was right Tupac of his generation💯

    91. Thomas Fisher


    92. DARKSEID


    93. John Hilden

      His song hits so hard

    94. Dillon

      Dumb music for a dumb generation.

    95. ryan woods

      Polo G Does Not Miss

    96. InspectAFK

      “Anxiety killing me I just wanna leave earth” I hope he doesn’t mean that

    97. Amar520

      Comment your favourite Polo g song? I am interested (mine is Chosen 1) ❤️

    98. Jordon Backarally

      Polo g can't be stopped 🐐🖤

    99. Alexis Leblanc-Roy