SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV


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    SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    01 Don't Call Me
    02 Heart Attack
    03 Marry You
    04 CØDE
    05 I Really Want You
    06 Kiss Kiss
    07 Body Rhythm
    08 Attention
    09 빈칸 (Kind)
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    SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. ̃

      Let’s gooo! 21M

    2. Shine For Me

      I'm totally addicted to every song on the album 💎😘

    3. So Sweet Caramel Salt

      Stock between Call me baby or Don't call me

    4. sakura han

      At least 25 M this week please @-@

    5. Necca Jamora

      Im addicted lol

    6. ForeverYours

      cmon 21M soon

    7. Elizabeth mi


    8. lay 9


    9. asniar tirtarani

      Is this the next part of obsession? I love the vibes

    10. El Kpop esmireligion

      DEMOSTREMOS cuanto se les extraño♡

    11. AnoushkaP

      I love this song . I keep coming back ❤️

    12. ميتة لابد

      نور، راح اعلق بس لاتدخلين انتي متي اصلا بلنسبة الي

    13. hmm ninara


    14. T Eri

      3:29 they're doing the sm ritual Like in exo growl, nct u make a wish

    15. Dana Ehab


    16. asniar tirtarani

      I know i'm gonna obsessed with onew

    17. yaya yaya

      Love Shinee

    18. stevaniarini

      I can't get over this.. I love y'all!

    19. maria maria널 위한 말이야

      The sexiest comeback ever!!

    20. o oo

      serve of the century

    21. Iancu Mil

      K-Idols really have to go through strict diets, routines & regulations. Compared to when they first came back from military service, they have transformed back to how they were.

    22. Gulshan Begum

      SHINee is back 😘💗♥️

    23. Roselainie Arip


    24. Leetaeminwillbuy Undergarments for family


    25. Grace H.

      3:21 ONEW THAT IS PERFECTION. Returning to this vid especially just to hear this part. 🔥🔥

    26. Kabi Tgk

      They never fail to make us proud.. Love to Baby Taem, Badass Key, Angelic voice Onew and Charisma Minho!!!

    27. Varsha Vinod

      Soon 21M

    28. Doulgadévi DALY ERAYA


      1. Jisoo


    29. Minho Choi

      I'm here again~ just woke up hehe

    30. Divya GOT7 skrrt

      Not a Shawol but i really like onew's voice & also they've created a bop ^^

    31. RayR. TM

      Everyone helps make Criminal and Idea for 100K comments plz

      1. RayR. TM

        @Cstich let's fight together

      2. RayR. TM

        @Leetaeminwillbuy Undergarments for family Yes Let's go

      3. Cstich


      4. Leetaeminwillbuy Undergarments for family


      5. RayR. TM

        @lea nct Hehe thanks

    32. ShiningShawol97

      THIS IS SHINee FIVE!!!!!

    33. Kabi Tgk

      I am at loss of eyes here. Wish i had more eyes so that i could focus on all the four at the time.. its confusing like crazy

    34. Zsarifah Nathar

      keep going

    35. Noura Nessrine


      1. Jisoo


    36. Zsarifah Nathar

      oh c'mon

    37. SM TOWN stan

      ONEW's Voice is Amazing

    38. Zsarifah Nathar


    39. Shagan Preet

      Shinee is back, legends💎

    40. Herman Binakming

      Shinee is back...

    41. Dan Ari

      I don't know. It feels like Shinee's not the same without Jonghyun.

    42. Nirel Raynard

      Where jonghyun

      1. Elizabeth mi


      2. lea nct

        Do you not know? (Genuine question)

    43. شاوليه قبل الولاده

      يوم كامل مع صحباتي في الثلج!

    44. Haliza Azzahra

      manteb bangt kalian tuhh coy

    45. Cstich

      OMG This is really addictive!

    46. Geneva Urizar

      few more vi3ws and we will hit 21M. SHINee forever

    47. Anarcha Anazor

      This is SHINee's year! 2021 for SHINee!!!

    48. hannah nguyen

      “my shawty” AHHHH

    49. magical _lol

      EXO : call me, baby SHINEE: don't call me Woooow

    50. dubuchilka

      I'm overwhelmed from the 3 performances on music core today, thank you for keep singing and performing SHINee.

    51. Vinter

      Don't Call Me SOTY

    52. ིGིüིLི

      20M Yaşasın. Tebrikler Shawols

      1. ིGིüིLི

        @wed ur welcome :)

      2. wed

        thank you

    53. شاوليه قبل الولاده

      صخمان يريد يجيب فرقه بنات اجنبيه هذا اتخبل اكيد

    54. ghalda zahra

      Nctzen here to support shinee and shawol

      1. 5HINee Cheese

        Thank you! I’ve been watching Gimme Gimme and 7th sense (100m soon!) to support NCT. SM family is the best!

      2. wed

        welcome nctzen my beloved

    55. شاوليه قبل الولاده

      يله ست*يم ستيج ميوزك كور

    56. Hansol Chwe


    57. Yvonne LovesMusic

      Don't you just love it when reactors go SHINee did SHINee.

    58. شاوليه قبل الولاده

      اليوم ملابس heart attack زينه مو مثل البارحه

    59. شاوليه قبل الولاده

      ههههههههههه شفلم مود المطلقات خاله كونغي

    60. ltmltmltm ltmltmltm

      Love u

    61. Delli Hardianti

      my oppa

    62. 김태형

      Jonghyun: Say shinee....

    63. Loey 12

      New goals : 30M!

    64. Zsarifah Nathar


    65. Zsarifah Nathar

      21 million go go go

    66. hasini hasini

      I m fully addicted❤❤❤❤

    67. Cin Min

      Well y’oll (lol at the eng subs for Key in the beginning), we heard it from SuperM- *SHINee leveled up*

    68. jen whatever

      Why do I always have to think about how this being the perfect message directed to sasaengs? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

    69. Zsarifah Nathar

      jebal don't stop streaming

    70. Monalisa HTG

      Getting Addicted

    71. 김태형

      I miss Jongheon

    72. ByNemonemo

      Don’t forget to check their comeback perf in music core, music bank & mcountdown in each official site!

    73. Daniel mesfin

      I am happy that shinee is back as 4 members.

    74. The Matt


    75. lea nct

      Let’s go for that 21M

    76. Zsarifah Nathar

      20.6 KEEP GOING

    77. kim namjoon president

      I'm in love with key 😍😍

      1. The Matt

        Same.. 😔❤️

    78. Yes BB

      Weekend 30M we can it

    79. kim namjoon president

      So catchy love it

    80. 포곹Xindae

      Shawol from Philippines 💖👋 Who's with me🖐️

    81. ameera aa

      20 M bruhhhhh danggggg !

    82. Erdene Gankhuyag


    83. Mimiko Chan

      It's been 4 days and I'm still as excited as the first day

    84. Jojo Mo


    85. S. K.

      You are soooo cool. I love the song, your voices, outfits. They are all beautiful and savage. Just I love it. I hope you will be happy. Exo-Ls always will support you. 🖤

    86. Bel Love ByA

      KINGS Blink here

      1. The Matt

        Thank you blink!

    87. OJKMT The Best 5

      Don't use €m0j! In comment section plz

      1. Cstich

        IThomes tuto :emojis don't freeze anything, already said. Thanks

    88. 정수정

      돈콜미 진짜 좋다,, 매일 뮤비보러옴,,, 샤이니 짱

    89. fritz de

      Jinwoo favorite uncle is sooooooooo freaking HOT!

    90. e s

      何回でも観られる^ ^

    91. 다다

      솔직히 카이가 했던말 인정.. 듣기좋은 노래 들고올줄 알았는데 예상을 깨고 졸라개빡센 음악과 안무 들고와서 심장이 날뛰고 있음...

    92. yasmine becha

      Can't stop watching that MV!!!

    93. Aeiou ttymklb

      1M 🔓 5M 🔓 10M 🔓 20M 🔓 25M 🔒 Next lock to open, 25M!!😍

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    96. oppa jung ho seok

      Iloveyou so much always💜💜💜✌✌💜✌ Wawoooo

    97. Leetaeminwillbuy Undergarments for family

      21M BEFORE 6PM KST We have half an hour

    98. Minny Shinwa


    99. Junguwu Kim

      Shinee the godfather of kpop

    100. Ummi Jayanti

      21M before 4 PM WIB...