IFSC Boulder World Cup Meiringen 2021 || Men's and women's finals

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    Boulder is back! The first IFSC Boulder World Cup in almost two years will take place at the Haslital Climbing Center in Meiringen, Switzerland, from 16 to 17 April 2021. Almost 200 athletes will compete in the inaugural competition of the Olympic season.
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    1. Stanley Baker

      An ad break every 3 minutes in a 4 hour long video is completely ridiculous. Thanks for making this unwatchable.

    2. icedbannanas

      The Ondra scream on the last boulder. Love it.

    3. Pao Lo

      And stop commenting on Akiyo Naguchi's age as she was too old to be here: climbing is not gymnastics!

    4. louis Etien

      are the climbers allowed to watch each other try the on going boulder ?

    5. J K

      amazing to have Stasa as a comentator :) Adame great job!!! and we have yet another proof the 4 minute rule is stupid, Akiyo you were great :) if the problems were a bit more old school, and not so much jumping, you would've made the podium for sure :)

    6. abcd efgh

      Why did Oriane get silver and Natalia got bronze ??? Can someone explain it to me please?

    7. Liam De Paux

      I unplugged my phone at 26:17 and the video made the windows sound and I was SO confused

    8. Cat

      Janja is just savage🤩🤩🤩

    9. amazonhippie

      When Stasa is done competing, you need to hire her as Matt’s permanent cohost.

    10. Gareth Smith

      Great pair for commentating

    11. Triggerboy78

      The route setting was really poor.. and the camera work, especially at M4 was even worse.

    12. kevinpilon11

      "Adam Ondra has always been a good all-around climber." Understatement of the century.

    13. xsuperbmentality

      Someone drug test janja she's too damn strong! Crazy impressive.

    14. Rowan Scovell-Lightfoot

      "Adam.. hes just good at it" - Stasa

    15. Terry Lee

      Could the commentators concentrate on the comp and the competitors(especially the Asian competitors) than their own conversation??

    16. qopoy dnon

      Man, Janja is from another planet! 😳

    17. General Verdacht

      3:30:20 pure fist all the way

    18. nenad49

      Anyone else notice the absolute bangers playing in the background

    19. Christian Jägers

      Stasa should comment more comps, she's so good in it. You get so much specific information from her. makes it easier to understand whats going on.

    20. Rubikraft

      C'est vraiment le meilleur sport ! C'est indiscutable !

      1. qopoy dnon

        When Janja's involved, all the others are basically competing for second place!

    21. Eric Jones

      Pretty sure Janya is favored to win every world cup of the year. Like >50% to win them all.

    22. Filipe Prates

      Why wasn't this available to Brasil untill now?

    23. Mark Ellis

      Interesting how people see things from different perspectives: in men's boulder 1 the commentator said Yoshi's right hand slipped off of the top pinch grip hold and he got it back on, it looked to me like he felt it slipping and deliberately pulled it back hard and shot it back up for re-position, proactive rather than reactive. - Mark Whatever.

    24. Martin Tomlinson

      Spoiler alert! Generation change? So many big names who didn't make finals, Akiyo not on the podium for the first time in forever! Oriane getting silver in her first senior comp. And Grossman outperforming Rabatou.

    25. Robert Miller

      Janja built different

    26. Man Jaro

      26:21 when you watching on kde desktop...

    27. Kevin O'Neill

      You just can't get much better of a climber than Ondra. What a beast!!

    28. grubix dogmatix

      Staša is a really strong climber and was great as a commentator tonight! Great inputs and a lot of interesting facts she gave. Matt was quite good as well (there is a space for improvements) but I have missed commentary of Charlie Boscoe as he is sort of signature sign of those IFSC world cup broadcasts. Even, I am often disappointed watching other comps where he is not commenting on them. I think that Charlie and Matt could make stable commentary team. Staša will be commentary legend when she is finished with competing, but she has not finished yet!

    29. MrFlopstar

      More Stasa, please. She smart, funny and very knowledgeable. Great commentator :)

    30. MrFlopstar

      Thank you so much for coming back!

    31. Jochem kromhout

      My favorite part has to be the scream by Nathan on the forth Boulder

    32. Simon Astrup

      Great having climbing back. The commentators should have a bit more volume - they do a really good job, but background noise is just so loud. They deserve to be heard.

    33. doliio volay

      Wow! Oriane Bertones jump to the top at the very last second ... nerve wrackingly close! Besides that Janja destroyes every boulder, she lives in another sphere at the momen

    34. miko foin

      When Janja's involved, all the others are basically competing for second place!

    35. Malte Schaper

      I got to know Staša from this very good world cup in...Moscow( I dunno, couldn't find it, if you've seen it, you know which one. It was a roller-coaster...) as a very dedicated and emotional and motivated climber and it's just stunning to get to know her analytical side through this commentary. Shows the beauty of the sport.

    36. Simen Augustin

      To the 77 people who down voted this video: you suck. This was some good shit.

      1. doliio volay

        cushioned gymnastics style mat right under that part of the climb.

    37. Kirkegar El sabio

      La ostia cuanto japonés

      1. Kirkegar El sabio

        @miko foin Eso aunque no lo creas, es racismo. No puedes generalizar en base a una etnia.

      2. miko foin

        This commentary is awful. The fact that they were chosen for this makes me feel like they can't possibly be good at anything.

    38. t c

      Are they going to play Avicii during the olympics lol

    39. Jamie A

      Janja is a true beast!

    40. Janine Meyer

      Why do the women all have ribbons in there hair?

    41. bilinas mini

      if it’s not their first language

    42. Früschluft

      This was great to watch But whoever was responsible for the music did a very bad job

    43. Andrew Hoar

      Stasa Gejo’s as a commentator was great. Her comments and insights really added a lot.

    44. K Cannon

      I laughed out loud when Janja stood up on the horrible sloped slab hold that every single person had tried and failed to stand on. "How's she gonna do it...oh okay...just stand up." Also Oriene reminds me of one of the sand snakes from GOT. She's wicked talented for her age. She is 6 years younger than Janja so she's got plenty of time to catch up.

      1. bilinas mini

        Wow! Oriane Bertones jump to the top at the very last second ... nerve wrackingly close! Besides that Janja destroyes every boulder, she lives in another sphere at the momen

    45. Milla Cabral

      3:24:18 I swear she's like a cat sizing up that jump and lining herself up for it. Spectacular competition, I'm hella impressed with the youngin Bertone.

    46. Milla Cabral

      There's is actually a technique to swinging from a hold or bar without any initial momentum. There are some good videos online about it, but you essentially do a leg raise and then kick out pushing your hips forwards and up, keeping your arms and shoulders pretty relaxed. What most climbers fail to do also is arching on the swing back and then snapping into a "dish" or hollow body position at the top of the back swing. If you practice this on a regular bar and understand the timing of it all it's actually pretty easy. Flexed arms and trying to swing by only flapping your legs actually kills your momentum and takes away control.

    47. Philipp Schnabel

      there is a failure! after the second boulder they say janja needed 3 attemps but she flashed both so 2 attemps 😅

    48. luksurias

      women's: 2:13:25 Janja Ganbret: 2:34:14 2:56:49 3:22:35 3:48:42

      1. gioyu comi

        I love Adam Ondra, but have to say that I thought that the boulders favoured him.

    49. Milla Cabral

      Ok, they really should have to put a softer mat down on problems like M3. That fall is huge and they're just flopping from a huge height horizontally onto a mat that barely absorbs the impact. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them actually got a mild concussion from that, it looked like Takata had a bit of whiplash there :/ It would help a lot if there was a big cushioned gymnastics style mat right under that part of the climb.

      1. Milla Cabral

        @gioyu comi I know! I was so confused for a moment there hahahaha

      2. gioyu comi

        those Windows 10 USB plugged out / in sounds 😅

    50. Parker Phillips

      This commentary is awful. The fact that they were chosen for this makes me feel like they can't possibly be good at anything.

    51. Milla Cabral

      MAN I Missed this so much! My gym is still closed, for the third time, but just watching the athletes is great!

    52. Trent K

      Ondra is a legend

    53. Pao Lo

      I think boulders should go back and be designed more as climbing problems than ninja warrior exercises. They say they do it to to make it more entertaining for lay people: they should educate people instead; who wants to see ninja warrior moves should watch ninja warrior shows. I must add that having to watch the climbers dealing with subtle balancing moves over and over is also really boring, imo.

    54. Wendy Atencio

      Such enjoyable commentating!

    55. Yann Puzenat

      I am the only one not enjoying those routes? big volumes for the non-initiated tv watchers can follow (but with little holds in the big volume so it is doable..) flat walls....no relief just inclination changing a lil bit...same problems aaaaall the times (damn you coordination...you are sooo predictable!) I know i sound like an old timer....but the problems are soooo repetitive!! AND PLEASE THE CAMERA WORK! are we going to be cursed till the end of time? lol PS great commentary...and great competitors, don't get me wrong...

    56. magiclife1998

      Can you actually go back and finish boulders after the comp? Cos that would bother me to no end 😂 Also Oriane...wow, one to watchout for!

    57. Draqson

      When I hear the point made around the 56min mark, that science says chalk actually decreases friction and is therefore only useful to dry your hands - I have to completely agree with that sentiment, I never immediately chalk, I always wait for my hands to get really sweaty, because it definitely feels less "grippy" having powder between your skin and the wall.

    58. abbsnn cose

      Wow! Oriane Bertones jump to the top at the very last second ... nerve wrackingly close! Besides that Janja destroyes every boulder, she lives in another sphere at the momen

    59. Brady Och

      Can somebody explain why Oriane placed ahead of Natalia? They have the same number of zones and tops, but Natalia has 17 top attempts to Oriane's 18. It seems like Natalia should have placed second. What happened/what am I not understanding?

      1. 13boehn

        final score was: natalia 2t10 4z7 oriane 2t8 4z10 oriane was only behind on zone attemps, but got the tops in with two fewer tries than natalia. top attempts are deciding in this instance; livestream commentary and graphics were not accurate.

    60. Gerardo

      Please more detail and focus on the holds, we want to see them

    61. adrenaddicts

      23:08 Men´s finals 2:13:31 Women´s finals

    62. edmunek

      those Windows 10 USB plugged out / in sounds 😅

    63. 7BDAC

      I love Adam Ondra, but have to say that I thought that the boulders favoured him.

    64. Vince W

      January should have to wear wintergloves and workbooks to level the playing field, instead she dips her ponytail in blood and goes out to take skulls.

    65. Vince W

      It always amazes me how a boulder can seem to have a impossible move, then once you have done it once you stick it every time.

    66. Michael Brändel

      I didn't like the camera at all, although it was much better than in the semi-finals (of course there were no concurrent athletes performing, so fortunately no cut-over needed). In particular, the angle from the side which they often chose I find very frustrating because you cannot really follow the movements and body position. From time to time it would be ok to have few seconds with this angle to get a glimpse of the steepness of the wall but not longer. I wish they will have a more professional direction in the Olympics with some understanding of what and how Climbers want to see.

      1. Khoa Ngo

        Surprised I had to scroll down so far to see this comment. It was very frustrating

    67. 妹美齋藤


    68. Chris Mellinger

      23:00 Men's boulder 1 49:07 Men's boulder 2 1:15:55 Men's boulder 3 1:38:50 Men's boulder 4 2:04:40 Men's results 2:13:30 Women's boulder 1 2:36:30 Women's boulder 2 3:00:02 Women's boulder 3 3:26:20 Women's boulder 4 3:59:26 Podium ceremony

      1. Raphael Nevries

        Thank you lots

      2. Choozo


      3. Carles Tortosa

        Thnx maan!!

      4. kevinpilon11

        much gratitude.

      5. Thomas K

        Thank you!!

    69. Bryony Albery

      Anyone else find the close ups & oblique camera angles on crux moves of the women's comp really irritating? Can't get a handle on where all their limbs are and see the differences in beta ...

    70. Brian Riley

      The MOST amazing and exciting comp I've seen. The Ondra finish, Oriana and Natalia youthful energy and Janje's perfection: a spectical.

    71. Samuel - Movie Making

      I really like having Staša Gejo as a commentator. They both are a great team

    72. Andulas is

      wtf was that egyptian drop knee from adam? xDDD

    73. Pirmin Borer

      Janja on steroids again! She must really be thinking of trying those men's boulders. Would really be fun to have some sort of mixed competition one day, where men struggle with balance and flexibility and the girls struggle with men's power moves!

    74. Pirmin Borer

      Bravo Oriane! Incroyable perf et tellement de talent! J ai cru pas croire mes yeux sur la sortie du deuxième bloc. Absolument fan depuis. Merci pour le spectacle.

    75. Igii Enverga

      stasa's the absolute best! such great insight, thanks so much for hopping on commentary :]

    76. Ancalon

      And they still didnt add timestamps dear god

    77. Justin Sun

      I really don’t understand, why did oriane come in second? She had more attempts than Natalia same tops and zones. Even the commentators are saying she’s third until they show the final result then she’s all of a sudden second? What’s going on here? What am I missing?

      1. Justin Sun

        @13boehn ahhh gotcha thank you!

      2. 13boehn

        natalia 2t4z - 10t 7z oriane 2t4z - 8t 10z basically, oriane was only behind on zone attempts, but had two fewer tries to get the 2 tops. The top-attempts are deciding in this instance. livestream graphics and commentary were incorrect; once oriane got the zone on boulder 4 she had 2nd place, and the amount of tries to reach the zone would not have mattered.

    78. megatonante

      why must they touch with both feet some particular volume? In some problems it really seems a useless rule. For example in the second women problem, they must every single time touch with both feet the volume of the jug.

      1. megatonante

        @Pranay Muchandi interesting, makes sense

      2. Pranay Muchandi

        The commentators addressed this. It is simply so that you can't get any momentum for the swing from that initial jump. So you have to generate the swing from a static position thus adding to the difficulty.

    79. oliver lavers

      Nerf Janja

    80. omar elgohary

      Adam the goat!!!

    81. gioyu comi

      Seems the real winner of this competition is Staša 😅

    82. David Marek

      Adame, paráda.

    83. snefansson

      Never heard Stasa as a commentator before but damn I agree with the rest of you, she was real good! Respected her comment on how important it is for a climber to master all the aspects of climbing. This is supposed to be the hardest comps in the world, an athlete can't just complain that it doesn't suit their style and is therefore bad, it's supposed to push your limits in every form!

    84. Bastian Baggins

      Great to hear Staša commentating with Matt.

    85. Andrew Dudley

      I usually can't stand the commentary on these. So bland and repetitive without giving any real insight into what's going on beyond the most elementary observations. Stasa absolutely killed it. So good.

    86. V vv

      Climbing starts at 23:00

    87. Swiss Irene

      Not cool that this video is not available in South America without VPN or similar thing. You can do better IFSC!

    88. Philipp Zimmerer

      only just towards the end of the men's competition, but already: HUGE props to Staša's commentary! Highly informative, great pro insight, and fun on the side! Would love to have you as a permanent commentator in a decade or two, when you're done crushing the competitions yourself!

    89. Brittany

      When Janja's involved, all the others are basically competing for second place!

      1. Michael Brändel

        Janja is incredible. This lady must be from another planet!

      2. Loic Hervier

        Oriane is coming, she is as strong ( if not stronger) as Janya at the same age

      3. doire aintu

        Can we always have Staša commentate? That was awesome! Physics, biomechanics,.. I guess she'd rather be climbing haha

    90. Iuliana Popescu

      Janja flashed the first two boulders, but the board shows three attempts for them. I don’t understand why, and no one seamed to notice.

      1. abcd efgh

        Can someone explain why did Oriane get silver and Grossman got bronze when she has one more attempt than Grossman??

      2. Iuliana Popescu

        @Pallomember But you can hear Matt saying that Janja flashed W2. It wasn’t any attempt while Oriana’s replay, the background noise would’ve been different.

      3. Pallomember

        That WAS confusing. As far as I understood, Oriana's replay was still playing while she took an attempt at W2.

    91. Escalada Segura A Mi Manera

      demasiado fácil para unos y demasiado difícil para otros. interesante encuentro

    92. Corey Lyons

      Please stop saying the holds have zero friction. Everything has friction. They just have low friction.

    93. Allterrain dude

      Not one song that was played could give any pysch

    94. doire aintu

      Seems the real winner of this competition is Staša 😅

    95. Nicholas Toftemark

      Climbing starts at 23:24

    96. Damien Bowring

      Where is the highlight video?

    97. McTrevor79

      Great to see competition climbing again and great commentary. But the route setting on M3 was way too dangerous. You don't need to set a toecatch this far up. It's very easy to get bad fall on this and break an arm.

    98. Randy Shart

      Great commentary, terrible camera work!

    99. TheBestNameEverPt2

      This was a marvellous competition to watch. Stasa is a natural at commentating, witty and informative. And these problems and climbers were both very creative.

    100. Shauka Hodan

      adam switching up his shoe combinations is freaking sweet