Maria Callas sings "Casta Diva" (Bellini: Norma, Act 1)

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    The great Maria Callas performs an aria from her signature role, Bellini's druid priestess Norma, with the Orchestre de l'Opera National de Paris and Georges Sebastian. Recorded live at the Palais Garnier on the 19th of December 1958, this concert marked the soprano's debut at the Paris Opera, a major social event for Parisians and for which Callas donned her most elegant couture and a million dollars' worth of jewelry.
    The official Maria Callas website:
    This recording is featured on La Callas Toujours, available on DVD and Bluray:

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    1. deepak nayak manel

      I'm always amazed how she effortlessly belts out those high octaves ...then takes a sharp turn to her low register. All in few seconds. I first heard her in that great scene in the movie 'Philadelphia'. After that, she always lingers in my subconscious mind. I understand French..but not Italian.Still, I love her soothing voice. A great talent indeed. Thanks for the upload.

    2. 呂幸宜


    3. Sabatina Chiechi

      Quando ero piccola dormivo con i miei nonni ,all'epoca non c'era la televisione la sera mio nonno alla radio ascoltava la musica lirica ed io con lui , tutto questo mi è rimasto nel ❤️ cuore , Quando sento Maria Callas. mi emoziono mi ricorda la mia infanzia

    4. Arnold Theunissen

      the geratste sopraan there was born

    5. edward lewandowski


    6. Lenny Grange

      OMG such high art. Only warm-blooded people of the South can sing with such emotional expressivity. Cold singers from the North are unable to sing so candidly and profoundly because they hold back, probably due to living under frigid climates.

    7. Caren Kurdjinian

      I could listen thousands of times .....The ever one voice and sound vibrational frequency , that my ears could ever listen massaging my brain to reach , with your rich colored like rainbows upon your head to reach , touch the God with your Goddess voice ,my dear beautiful soul Maria ,pure Goddess feeling performance ......God bless your soul , it is lighter now after all ......🌞

    8. Matei Catalin


    9. Matei Catalin

      Cine a dat dislike la aceasta capodopera, nu merita numit om care a invatat ceva in viata asta.

    10. Марина Зенцова


    11. Eteri К.

      Великая на все века!💯👍👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

    12. Reformer X

      Such talent... such sad life...

    13. Maria pia Santarelli


    14. Mei-li Hauyon

      La máxima e indiscutibleby maravillosa voz de todos los tiempos. Una diosa inolvidable!!

    15. hel hel

      Дал же Бог талант

    16. 이호찬

      가수중에 가수!

    17. Roger Aviation

      The chorus started too early and she corrected the chorus with the simple wave of her hand. Divina!

    18. Nina

      Какой год?

    19. Ольга Заякина

      Каждый раз плачу, когда слушаю её. Так поют в раю.

    20. Angelo Carlo Riva

      Superlativa, unica, ineguagliobile

    21. Danut Anton

      Nu stiu cum dar toate comentariile sunt in limbi,,straine,,,eeeee,,,,deci nu conteaza corpul ,,,ci talentul.Dupa cum vad eu ,,,o cam batea ,,,talentul,,pupi.

    22. Дистанционка


    23. Mineis Andrade


    24. Daniel

      No mundo atual não existe ar, e tantos perecem por falta dele neste momento. Seu ar saiu dos pulmões e nos encanta,e força para continuar.

    25. Katie VR

      She sings with such ease.

    26. Ilidio justino

      Ohh gosh... Maria Callas had any amazing voice

    27. Urszula Panasiuk

      Najpiękniejsza kobieta i naj głos

    28. Mary Torres

      She was a beautiful lady with a heavenly voice! ⚘

    29. Nadezhda Somova

      Какой талантище, какая аристократическая внешность, чарующий голос. Много было дано Марии, кроме простого женского счастья, в жизни пришлось узнать о обожание публики и предательство. Вечная память о ней в наших сердцах, ее почитателей.

      1. Константин петлицын

        ...покорившая мир, владеющая таким "сокровищем", способная осчастливить многих мужчин, но...это также удивительно как её дар, и трагично.

    30. Светлана Palsson

      Супер, это ничего не сказать

    31. th1nk_1'm_dy1ng _


    32. Spanish Italian

      6:38 = Me every single time I hear this.

    33. Lamine Sambou

      Simply divine !

    34. Yolande Larive

      La plus grande...

    35. Jes Jes

      I visited the columbarium at Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris and located her spot. People have scrawled notes on the little 'wall door' (like a post office box) into which the urn is placed & sealed.. Her ashes were scattered in the Aegean a long time ago.

    36. NWGluehwein

      Божественный голос. Потрясающий! Ничего лучше не слышала.

    37. Pilar Giner

      Maravillosa una autentica Diva 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    38. J Rit

      I saw and heard Madame Callas in the 70s in the RFH. Never forgotten.

    39. Bert Schurman

      Many many years ago at Covent Garden I cued all night sleeping bags and all from 18h00 till the time the box office opened in the morning. Unforgettable experience. I would do it again if I could hear her life, I am 81 now!

    40. Françoise Bianchi


    41. Ana Rosa Villas Bôas de Souza

      Que voz maravilhosa!

    42. lomi_lds

      einfach wundervoll! ;)

    43. Ali L’insociable

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    44. Jabafish

      This is my first time hearing her, wow her voice is so thicc

    45. joana saez meroño

      Sublime, atemporal , gracias Maria ❤🙏

    46. moe sauce

      Madam Callas did not just have the gift of this angelic voice. She had beauty (which she never admitted). She spoke 4 languages fluently (French, Italian, greek, and english). Was articulate and extremely sharp and handled interviews gracefully. What a loss to this world that she have died at a young age with a broken heart.

    47. Tommy7 Sweeney

      All seems a bit Milli Vanilli to me...

    48. Rachel Trépanier

      Maria Calas La Grande jamais égalée 💐

    49. Nonna Jeretienko


    50. José Manuel Rodríguez Álvarez

      Muy superior a la Caballe, sin duda. Lástima su matrimonio con Onassis, que sólo tenía dinero.

    51. Сон 💤

      Волшебная женщина!

    52. Daniele Sabicas

      La più grande cantante del 900-2000....di sempre.........Maria Callas........

    53. Laura S

      Sublime. Her voice at its peak?

    54. Adi Primorskiy


    55. Elena Kozhohar

      Это Божественно!!

    56. Vittore Da Rin

      sublime, unica, incomparabile. we'll regret her forever

    57. soisun

      She is so beautiful... inside and outside. Not to mention her voice.

    58. Habib P N

      I will take with me 3 things from this world: the memories of light, love and music... the rest was only pains !

    59. Александр Симонов

      мне кажется на 02:45 чуть завышает

    60. Karina Heugen

      I loved her and her voice who is straight going into my hart.Everytime i here her voice or see an performance it breaks my hart how sad a life and alone she died.much to soon.a beautiful star has left and leaves an big empty whole.altho it is many years ago she died it still pains me.

    61. Elizabeth Long

      ¸¸仌◔L◔ve ̈ *

    62. Ruth Liberty

      It is pure pureness and beauty. Surreal and heavenly. No frills and fancies. Just the absolute divine sacred glorious purity. Such control. The chorus too is a delight. I am overwhelmed. Thank-you. 🙏🙏🙏

    63. Эмилия Морозова


    64. Людмила Артамонова

      I come back again and again..🎆

    65. kabarque

      Wow, what a talent❤️

    66. AVE MÚSICA シ


    67. Людмила Голубчик

      Не люблю долгие вступления!

    68. José Vali Ramis


    69. Rob-Botics calisthenics home training for beginners

      Maria was condemned in the Opera world for her timing prose and several other problems but all I see is her heart and soul and depth of voice. I'm no expert but she was out of this is world.

    70. bennnhold

      eso esta re cuático

    71. john smith

      Оч. круто!! Снимаю шляпу с немедленным поклоном!!

    72. Radiance-89 D

      Самая талантливая и уникальная певица.

    73. Капиталина Сёменова

      Никто не споёт и не спел лучше её Каста Диву. Мария - самая величайшая. Такой выдающийся голос - подарок бога для нас. Я счастлива, что могу слышать этот голос.

      1. Anna Lynda

        Наши девки (Архипова и Вишневская) , да и Образцова лучше поют Касту Диву. (не говорю, что Каллас плохо, но наши лучше).

      2. Капиталина Сёменова

        @Marina Sorbelli Каллас лучше поет

      3. Marina Sorbelli

        Монсеррат Кабалье

    74. Marcela Casas


    75. Elza Umnaja

      Потрясающая. Наслаждение.

    76. saikumar kelam

      is it normal to cry for these songs.....

    77. Нагия Ештаева

      What a beautiful song, a beautiful singer is Maria Callas.

    78. Ed Kircher

      Ja dit is eenmalig. Alleen zij kon zo zingen

    79. Marilyn Wade

      No one like her ever

    80. Boston W

      Callas is most definitely the Queen of Opera. Nobody has surpassed her yet.

    81. rosalba quinteros

      Diva irremplazable

    82. eliseo frasca


    83. Alicat 72

      The Voice.

    84. Adam

      When i gently tap my lil sister's head: 2:38

    85. Lupe Rivadeneira

      Francelina Rivadeneira inolvidable Maria Callas. Eres única y tu recuerdo perdurara por siempre. Te amo

    86. Lia C

      Wow. How does that come from someone's voicebox

    87. Henry Przepiorka


    88. Rebecca Pacheco

      Que desgraça esse povo tossindo toda hora Afff. Todo concerto é isso. Ódio

    89. El grande_000 Y los allegados

      Sinceramente ,esta mujer tiene la voz más precisa, exacta y maravillosa de esta y quizá ya de todas las generaciones venideras y habidas de este nuestro ...lo más bello que pueda obtener uno como sonido ,como la mejor substancia para los oídos.....lastima que ya esto no agrade a una cierta mayoría por ello no se valore como tal .....grande callas y por tanto ,tanto nos otorgas

      1. Viviana Sosa

        Coincido contigo! estoy buscando la canción de la película "No soy un hombre fácil" creo que es esta, pero no lo se, me podrías ayudar? Muchas gracias!

    90. wilhelm

      good singer but ugly

    91. Isabel Pinto


    92. Mary BRIAND

      La meilleure interprète de Norma, elle est la Norma 🙏

    93. Ольга Барсукова

      I am from Russia and l like this music. It's excellent 💗She's beautiful 👏

    94. saemee Lee


    95. Joost Assink

      This is the most beautiful song ever perfomed by such a frail woman.

      1. Coloma Bennassar

        Siplemente excelent

    96. Joao Verbenato


    97. Maria Cecilia Arriegas

      E maravilhoso e não há outra como ela a forma dramática como canta.

    98. Любовь Олтражевская

      Лучшая из лучших!