Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC


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    Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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    Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

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    1. Sarah Cecil

      Also no one was upset about people being killed during the summer riots/looting. No one on the major news channels spoke about their deaths!! People wake up and speak your opinion

    2. Anatol Stuckey

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    3. Mike Mckeown

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    4. Abby Victoria

      They were not trump supporters they were Biden supporters they wanted a wonderful president trump too get blamed so he would not win election it was a set up by Biden supporters they were they did not support president trump they wanted it too look that way so this dear President Trump🐇 🌷gets treated meen

    5. XXVia

      No different from the aggressors of BLM... all the same to me

    6. Sri lankan Village girl

      Hello everyone I hope you guys gonna watch this 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    7. Super Man

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    8. abila mzir

      And BLM was peaceful?

    9. Justin Higgins

      If it would have been antifa that killed that cop it would have been no big deal.

    10. Mira rock

      P.s I love seeing violence and disturbing images it shows how real life really is so why are we hiding it because our kids if anything those kids should be knowing this so maybe they can change the future because they are the future so what up

    11. Evans Hawes

      The incindiary language used by this talking head is wreckless and irresponsible at minimum..i keep hearing it said by those in our government that the president incited this 2 hour long "nsurrection ' mob that they keep calling white supremacist and trying to convince all who will listen that deprogramming is the solution. .Did America overnite just become Hitler's Germany? What is Deprogramming? Were. Suddenly China? I fully expect that is taking place if we dont wake up right this second..

    12. Mira rock

      What does the Kardashian saying about this do they agree or they don't like this

    13. ShadoStorm

      Well, now that America understand how destructing and terrifying this is, can they stop attacking other countries too? Please?

    14. Batja

      that cop who got killed looks like a less jewish ben shapiro.

    15. Astro Bot

      God, trump supporters will commit terrorist just to say trump 2020

    16. lance wolf

      Promises made. Promises kept...


      Oh come on they just wanted throw people out the building and board up the windows so they could clean up capital to make it look good THE WAY YOU ACT IS LIKE THEY WANT TO STEAL SOMETHING !LOL

    18. Misty Hurst

      I may be wrong, but I dont feel sorry for any of these people. They have put us through protest and riots and they didnt carry about us, but we're suppose to care about them. Was it wrong to invade the capital, yes, but did they stand for what they believe in without burning everything up and killing 1,000 of people, point made. Sorry but not sorry

    19. Bryan Tubbs

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    20. Trucker Dave's Road To Glory

      THE LIES IN THIS REPORTING ARE DISTRUBING AS USUAL. It is clear by watching this video, that anti-fa, black clad, mask wearing, backpack wearing anarchists lead this insurrection, the same ones we see marching in Portland, Or. and Seattle even today. This is straight Communist Chinese propaganda. If they reported on the criminals that did damage to the Capital, that would be fair. But to label me, a Trump supporter, and millions of other Trump supporters who have watched Democrat violence for fifty years in our country, and the last four in Portland, Or., that were thousands of miles away, IS COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA to continue this tyranny to the rest of the country. Look at the inauguration. Look at Communist Chinese pomp and circumstance, and Russian government affairs, what do you see. A huge military presence between the leaders and the people of the country. You see the citizens disarmed, the free speech taken, livelihoods destroyed unless you tow the line of the tyranny and people who will be demonized in the social structure of the other slaves by the media at large. It's all happening now. Who were the people arrested at the Capital building. They were arrested. In America, we have a right to know who they are? The press is right on it, but are they show casing these people and showing us where they came from. Of course not. The antagonists aren't Trump supporters. In Portland, Or. we are experts at seeing anti-members arrested and let go by the courts without any public knowledge of who these people are once they are unmasked. We know one thing. None of them were Trump supporters throwing the malatov cocktails at our police officer and trying to burn down our federal courthouse while officers were inside. That's Joe Biden's Democracy. The insurrectionists have won. America is lost. This is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. Welcome to the United States of China.

    21. Terry Tiggle

      storming the capitol was nothing compared to all the monuments toppled over the past year or so and unruly mobs looting and rioting in different cities blocking roadways and burning buildings down!!!!

    22. sscam2001

      Wasn't the federal courthouse in Portland over ran by a mob in May of 2020?

    23. antonios nikolaros


    24. Marko Hynninen

      Those who helped Biden win the election by changing the voting results now step forward. you are now an American national hero and big money is waiting for you in the form of movie and book contracts.

    25. Natalie Schwarze

      I cried watching this and I’m not even American

    26. Dawie Venter

      That is what you get for not acknowledging all the fraud now you want to cry ? please hypocrites.

    27. Isaac Hayes

      Horrific! Who ever incited this must face the lethal injection, period!

      1. Kristi Jameson

        so should the BLM riots

    28. joakim stark

    29. Sunzy Jamir

      What a shame !!! Especially those in the crowd who died for nothing for a silly President who didn't want to taste the flavour of defeat .... Its all Trump's fault and he should be held accountable for misleading people and encouraging his supporters to start a riot ...

    30. HoTaDeAtH6699

      Ahhh.bidens in with a stolen election and the fake news is now pushing the narrative real hard

    31. Willie van Tonder

      This reporter need an Oscar for dramatic effect.

    32. HipHopcheerleader

      Maybe this was Vladimir Putins plan all along...Russia hijacks 2016 Presidential Election, make a tweeting twit president, stay out of the 2020 Presidential Election, remove the tweeting twit, so that he can incite MAGAts to overthrow USA, starting with the White House.

    33. Cannon Ball

      The Antichrist composed all of this !!!!

    34. Mel

      Everyday America gets worse. So glad I wasn't born in your country.

    35. Destined4Greatness

      This is complete & utter chaos.

    36. Felipe A Gonzalez

      No wall for Laredo, Tx jajaja

    37. Brenda Rivera

      White washed ... brainwash ... Ignorant privillage high strong undemocratic nonrepublic Americans thats what we looked to the world!

    38. Dailiunta Maxey


    39. Dailiunta Maxey


    40. dick smart

      Here they go playing it up again. Calling it a terror and crisis. I’ve actually seen a lot of videos of what was going on and people were just kind of aimlessly moving about, after all it does belong to the people.

    41. Chris Tennant

      It's hilarious that so many people hear this garbage spewed as "news" and dont have the brain power to realize that its 100% selective reporting and forced perspective.

      1. Jonathan L haven’t seen all of the videos taken inside and out...where they talked about making lists and taking people to the guillotine.

    42. faisal rahmat

      it's brutal indeed, but have u seen this kind of riot in other country

    43. FifaIos Packs

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    44. Daniel Millbank


    45. Bluegrass Kentucky

      More liberal lies

    46. NICK ONLY1

      This guy? The more I look at him! The more clearly he looks like a Puppet (Doosh) Hahhha

    47. Eric Brady

      blame it all on trump you make my blood boil

    48. Commander Guts

      What a load

    49. William Odle

      such a disgrace America....unreal....

    50. Sabelo Sibiya

      What a shame

    51. Shelby Daugherty

      You stole the election. You democrats incited this violence.

    52. SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms

      Clowns high on expired bath salts

    53. David Kneeland

      Yup, conservative Trump supporters can be as dumb and violent as BLM. It’s gone both ways folks, stop acting like you’re all perfect

    54. Justin Gian

      How about what happened in Seattle?

    55. Davey D

      Those cops are probably all drumpf supporters. So there's that.

    56. Egocrusher

      this looks like every other riot. lol maniacs, right and left.

    57. FUCK OFF

      This is good

    58. Bfzgwg41

      How many antifa members were there disguised as trump supporters?

    59. Bfzgwg41

      Leftist news network.. only going to show what they want.

    60. Bfzgwg41

      Biden just had the military called in to protect DC background checked. Now the soldiers think their commander and chief doesn't trust them.

    61. Bfzgwg41

      This was nothing compared to looting and burning all summer long.

    62. Fred Valencia

      That shooter should have emptied his magazine on all those riotors and reloaded and continued till they were all dead .not because they support trump but because they were breaking in with bad intent.

      1. Karla G

        I fully agree but i would disagree with the last part lol because they are trump supporters they’re basically in a cult that committed an act of terrorism i do think it has to do with it. They deserved to be gunned down like dogs for sure

    63. Dee Ess Aye

      why were more people not SHOT DEAD

    64. jaarmu

      You're gonna need a lot of courage to keep that kind of a pokerface while reporting about this.

    65. Scott Nowell

      The whole thing was staged.... There not even good actors

      1. kone

        It was not staged

    66. hehdsfgfgd

      and the mob thought trump would win by attacking d.c. lmao

    67. Rodney Baitwa

      I'm sorry but where was the tear gas here??? Inhumane but what do you have to do about legit inhumane beings like these hooligans. Jeeezus.

    68. David R. Stone

      🆘 Senile incompetent Joe Biden our new fraudulent fake president, that is in bed China who gave the world the Chinese coronavirus and terrorist sponsor Iran, who wants to wipe the USA and Israel off the map. God help us all.

    69. sasa Nikolivic

      Long live communist america

    70. nathan harper

      If they take biden off as president thing will be ok he did not win fairly he was way behind how did he get behind to were he have enough vote to win trump how did he do that when he never went to 4 state left ?

    71. nathan harper

      Go people fight for what right don't give up.

    72. Misty Davis

      Government against Americans people.

    73. Misty Davis

      gun against extinguisher???

    74. Radagast Brown

      The officer who died voted for Trump, twice. ... just saying. ..

    75. chris craft

      So all the other riots during the previous year were way worse than this one. Why focus only on the most recent one. No cities destroyed, only a few corrupt politicians running scared.

    76. Melanie Lilly

      What about the contract he signed that said he would leave peacefully

    77. CJ Fetta

      Chris Hayes misleads, yes many Trump supporters were in the capital but he leaves out many Antifa members were there too, they were in the video breaking through the interior doors. The guy who takes off his winter hat gets a helmet then starts bashing the window with it. See The Epoch Times Joshua Phillips video on it. He interviews a Young lady who was there. Chris Hayes wasn’t there.

    78. Kalle Jonas

      All of you believing this msm propagande garbage are fools. Escape the matrix

    79. Alyssa Mathews

      This is why Trump is the worst president ever 😑

    80. CosmicWitch 93

      Trash. Should’ve got the flamethrower on them.

    81. 58 Genders

      This is what happen when you put a reality tv show actor as president 😂

    82. Zombie Camo

      My heart broke seeing the cop bleeding and begging for help...

    83. Jaco Enslin

      You are speculatting when democrates riged the numbers to win

    84. Jaco Enslin


    85. Ray Perez

      Thats crazy go ahead feel good trump supporters ..but if that was black or latinos doing that we would've been shot on site

    86. IIIAnchani

      I'd move to Germany if I didn't already live there.

    87. People are people

      The reporter looks sooo done lol

    88. Cheryl Pretlove

      So I’m wondering if Trump, Giuliani, Trump jr. , Hawly, and who ever else was responsible for the violence and murders at the capitol will be charged with some kind of murder. I haven’t herd anything about who’s responsible for the deaths that took place.

      1. Barbara E Pye

        One of the Police killed

    89. Ask to seduce Miss

      Hey! I loved the video!!

    90. People are people

      Us "third world countries" watching your news like action movie 😊🙄

    91. Justajoke Forme

      We could use some counseling from the world government

    92. Justajoke Forme

      It's scary to think about but an alternate universe they succeeded in their plane

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Awesome video!

    93. daisy hernandez

      Don’t be shy, shoot them like they did for the blm movement 🙈

      1. Captain Obvious

        @Jayvan Wheeler True, BLM are not "sheep", they are THUGS!

      2. Captain Obvious

        @kone NOT ONE !!!

      3. Wouldnt Youliketoknow

        @Jayvan Wheeler you are sheep

      4. Wouldnt Youliketoknow

        Lmfao are you for real?

      5. Leonel Juarez


    94. Hannah Doyle

      The placid milkshake tentatively hate because word phylogentically borrow unlike a orange grandson. icky, macabre stone

    95. Jessica Rose

      Why did we not make a big deal about the people who died from the riots and the small business that were burned down? Interesting

    96. Sherbet_Bomb

      China, Russia, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan need to deploy peace keeping forces to the US and protect Canada and Mexico from been invaded. 😭😂

    97. canada's corner

      and what makes this even scarier is that they called black people monkeys but were literally climbing the walls of the capital oh and, this is being confirmed as a terrorist attack.

    98. Madd Maxx

      What a FUC*K'N liar...But most of you wouldn't know that unless you compared this with the hundreds of videos available.

    99. Lynette Hoffer

      Sad Sad day for America. Some how United States of America doesnt fit this country these days

    100. KALBO CARD

      Enemy at your own gates.