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    Mortal Kombat 2021 - Official Trailer | 4K. The first trailer for Mortal Kombat is now here and the 2021 film looks like a blast. Let us know your thoughts on the first look teaser below.
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    Mortal Kombat is a mysterious, intergalactic tournament of ancient martial arts. Shaolin Monk Liu Kang, from Earth, gets invited as a competitor.

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    1. Heavy Spoilers

      Let us know your thoughts on the first look below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Willy's Wonderland Ending Explained* - *Wandavision Episode 6 Breakdown* - *Zack Snyders Justice League Trailer Breakdown* - *TENET Side Characters Explained* - *The Stand Ending Explained* - *Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Breakdown* -

      1. Jacky Heat

        Where's Johnny cage

      2. James Mcstein

        No fucking Jonny Cage? 🤨

      3. Demented Nun

        You really don't want to know what I think


        Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion is epic. Uchu kara no messeji: Ginga taisen, Ninja in the Dragon's Den, The Last Samurai, Ring, etc And in the future in Mortal Kombat and Army of the Dead. One of the coolest 60 year olds on the planet.

      5. The Phogg

        Have a few ideas how this might play out and a few theories on what we can expect in a sequel: 1. Hanzo (Scorpion) kills Bi Han (Sub Zero) at the end of the movie as it has happened so many times before in the Mortal Kombat lore exacting his revenge. As it has happened before as well, Bi Han's younger brother will take on the mantle of Sub Zero in the sequel hunting down his brother's killer. 2. Kung Lao dies mid film, and Lui Kang alsl dies in a shocking twist towards the end of the movie, leaving Cole to fight the final fight agaisnt Shang Tsung and become the new champion of Mortal Kombat. 3. The Reptile we see getting his heart ripped out by Kano in the trailer is indeed the Syzoth (Reptile) we all know and love. However, later in the movie Shang Tsung resurrects him in his more human form for the tournament. This is a nod to the controversy over Reptile's design changes over the years and going back to the one hard core fans like the best. The original. 4. Kano betrays the Special Forces. Pretty much a given. He doesn't die though, as for the sequel he is the entry point that leads into the introduction of the cyber ninjas Cyrax and Sektor. 5. Smoke will be a messenger of some sort and will end up volunteering or being forced to join the cyber program for the sequel. 6. Johnny Cage will be in the end credits. 7. Like in the old film, Shao Khan will be shown in the last scene setting up the villain for the sequel. 8. Quan Chi will reveal himself at the end of the movie to wind up Scorpions part in the film. Without going too much overboard with theories that will do for now.

    2. Laze Raccoon

      I know what im doing on my birthday

    3. Parkah K Music

      So is Cole the new Johnny Cage? Or is he the Young Johnny before he got famous?

    4. Trevor Procyshyn

      This movie needs to beat at least 3 hours long to be done right... can’t wait

    5. Michael Perez

      Wow this looks amazing MK was part of my child hood

    6. J S

      Why is Kung Lao Asian!!!! HE's HIPANIC!!!!!!!! This is Cultural Appropriation at it's finest!!!!!!!!! RREEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    7. jorge blast

      1:00 look there, thats a frozen person??? really cool

    8. jorge blast

      "Get over here" not so powerful but realistic

    9. Josiah Williams

      They really need to change that part about how jax lost his arms. Everything else is cool though, especially what actor they used for Hanzo Hasashi.

    10. jorge blast

      Yessss, i want blood and more gore, good work in this one

    11. Brogan 13

      everyone’s going over the get over here but is no one gonna mention that johnny cage isn’t here? and who tf is cole?

    12. Deezy_ M

      Uhhh where's johnny cage ik its only a trailer they not gonna show everything hopefully we'll see him

    13. 216Jay

      The “get over here” made me mad😐

    14. Sim Coteaz

      убожество ........

    15. Johnny Rayo

      April!!!!?!?!! Is this a fucken joke I'm supposed to wait til April!!!!!! Ok it's looks so cool

    16. Reggie Moise

      I hate the way he say "Get over here!!" Sounds so lame. I guess that's how Asians say it in their accents so its authentic.

    17. Kenny Inmortal

      Jhonny cage?

    18. Giordano Bruno

      Be honest... It's not the First Time you see It.

    19. Mario Pena

      Back Back Down Down square... FATALITY.

    20. Mateus Camargo

      Sub zero é massa né? O ninja do gelo é épico!

    21. Just Fuad

      Worst get over here I've heard

    22. FED

      Scorpion in Games aggressive get over here Scorpion in movie calm get over here

    23. FED

      Disappointed they didn't use the storyline in mk9 10 and 11

    24. Vincent Varra

      Pause at 2.25: I took a screen shot, and check this out. It looks like Sonya kills Mileena with her energy rings, but look in the middle. It looks like Cole’s face but he has a baraka blade coming out of his right arm (right on for this view, actually his left). I wonder if he becomes Baraka!

    25. Brent Nomdoe

      I've been watching this trailer so many times. 🙈 I love it. 👏🏻👍🏻👌🏻 Can't wait to see Sub-Zero ❄️, Scorpion 🦂, Kaung Lao, Lui Kang, they are my Fav's and the new character Cole. Hoping Kitana appears she's also one of my Fav's. 💙

    26. Ryan C

      I wish Scorpion had a proper "Get Over Here", it's weak AF. Every game ever released has a better version of it. Hopefully he gets more than just one and this is just the weakest but it would be strange to lead with this in the trailer. Kinda a shame.

    27. steph N

      If you take a good look in the trailer we can quickly see Kabal against Lyu kang, then a reptile who spies Sonya and another character up high, and behind Shang-tsung when he says "kill them all" we can see another ninja warrior beside of Milena and maybe other characters still 😉

    28. The Gooberment-Sucks

      Get over here please. Yes grandpa

    29. Michał k

      I must say that "i am sub-zero" is badass. This new "get over here" sounds different but also pretty cool

    30. Pekka Oinonen

      Looks awesome but where is Johnny Cage??

    31. Polar Lights

      I'm gonna need a lot of popcorn...

    32. David B

      The perfect ending would have been the iconic “Get Over Here!” from Scorpion by Ed Boon. I understand that the actor probably has a completely different voice but they could’ve got away with just using the classic

    33. Onesoul Twolifetimes

      As usual, shown all the best parts of the movie. This will be a major disappointment

    34. JhonnLT

      Amazing. The only two things i didn't like were blackwashed Mileena and that Goro. That CGI doesn't look that good.

    35. Unhinged savagE

      I think in the Trailer, when Raiden appears and you see Hanzo Hazashi laying on the ground. He is holding on to Cole his son. Then Raiden takes that kid away and pops him up in the future.

    36. Antwan Thompson

      Scorpion is going to make this movie awesome

    37. CrunkSparrow

      Who the fuck else is hyped for this shit?

    38. cjack202003

      Look at all the Directors in the comments. Can't wait for you to come out with the next installment of the MK movie...with "Get over here" correction.

    39. Dangtimen Amri

      Incomplete without Mortal Kombat Music track

    40. Pony Pedro

      Get over here!

    41. Hesoyam Qw

      Я кричу как маленькая девочка

    42. Joshua Garcia

      You see, everyone is talking about Kong V Godzilla, but no one's talking about this.

    43. GameOnMuhidin

      :O when is release date?

    44. Pablo Tarantino

      ok where is the theme music

    45. KostasLikesGaming

      I holes they include kitana

    46. RitaTheeFawn

      Imagine if it ends up being like the previous mortal kombat movies..😬

    47. Day With Hun

      Very good trailer. Sure, that has to do a computer game too... It must be as good, as this movie.

    48. Ger -

      Yep I’ll watch this

    49. ZE ZE

      Needed the deadpool actor as Johnny cage in this

    50. Velse 9

      Would have been badass if they let Scorpio and Subzero talk to each other in Japanese like an angry samurai and ninja going at it. “Get over here” sounds goofy in live action.

    51. Kaiser

      “Get over here” was weak

    52. Christopher's Knowledge Discovery

      Scorpion looks more green than yellow. Sub-Zero is awesome as usual.

    53. WhuttDF

      I thought he was Johnny cage

    54. Aiyanna Seth Manasan

      where is johnny cage?????

    55. Dajuan Sutton

      can't wait to see it

    56. Ryan Nicholls

      This could actually end up being amazing!!! Can not wait

    57. MSQ Security

      Looks better than those awful 90's versions !

    58. Parazit

      God! Jia Sidao is here!

    59. bodoti qwiu

      Presumably jax looses his arms before the events of the movie, yet he has he's human arms while driving cole around.

      1. Ger -


      2. Ger -

        Watch the trailer

    60. De Mentia

      i fucking love kano's accent

      1. bodoti qwiu


    61. Huckel David

      Kano went FULL Australian!

    62. Hydro

      This looks lame af not gonna lie

    63. Gael Cruz

      I can’t be the Only one who wants mileena fixed last minute like they did to sonic

    64. Rod Talingting

      Liu Kang actor looks like he doesn't know martial arts

    65. Hayate Laguna

      Presumably jax looses his arms before the events of the movie, yet he has he's human arms while driving cole around.

    66. Michael Bodam

      "F***in' beauty" is right! I'm shocked by how good this looks. The costumes don't look cheap and schlocky for once but they still retain the "Mortal Kombat cool" kind of uniqueness. That whole sequence with Sub-Zero freezing Scorpion's blood to make a dagger was something I never thought I'd see in a movie, let alone shot in such a cool way. I am hyped for this! One thing I am a bit worried about is that they won''t include a good chunk of Mortal Kombat's iconic characters such as Ermac, Quan Chi, Sindel, Baraka, Rain, Noob Saibot (of course Sub would have to die), and hopefully some of the newer characters at least get hinted at or mentioned. Regardless, this looks cool and I hope it does well.

    67. mondo crow

      Knowing Kronika can manipulate the hourglass and restart the timeline in a different setting again. So this movie is another of those timelines

    68. Drake Ryden

      Whoever came up with that Mileena actress and look should get Finished! by Scorpion,

    69. M P

      Looks awesome but they made sub zero look much better then scorpion. He should have fire in his eyes or something. Also I hope they read these comments and change that “get over here”. It just sounds off. No where near as good as it sounds in game.


      I think 💭 I’m going to need therapy after this cause I’m totally addicted to the trailer lol 😂

    71. Big Smoke

      Godzilla vs kong??? Hahahah what about scorpion vs sub zero

    72. Emil_S

      Looks like I gotta watch this! Awesome trailer.

    73. Shinwen Chen

      Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion? Joe taslim as Sub zero Talk about flawless Kasting

    74. Christian Terry

      Someone said keanue reeves is going to appear as kenshi in this. If that’s true I will shit my pants!

    75. Danny Ramirez

      Needs more blood, gore, and violent Death.

    76. Edward Blake


    77. Mariajose Morales

      Zub pero 😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

    78. Corduroy Epps

      Wow they cussing all in the trailers now? lol 😂

    79. Al

      It's obvious he is going to "get over here" as there is dagger attached to a chain stuck in his enemy's skull or chest. I, therefore, think it is not necessary to say this kind of thing whilst he has enemies surrounding him and time is of the essence

    80. Me Against The World

      I looks fucking trash

    81. N Lee

      Oh and if Scorpion doesn't ignite someone in flames I'm walking out the damn theatre. 😂

    82. holdmyflames

      Why dont get the real voice actors of the characters for the lines. Keep the same actors, just make the voices be played by the people who voiced the characters in Mk 11

    83. Fred Atkin

      GET OVER HERE love it finally

    84. Orcun Tim Zehir

      Kano just became my favourite character. Trevor Goddard gave him an awesome start, let's hope Josh Lawson makes him even better!

    85. Bob Mastowski

      🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩 Finally. Been waiting for another one since I was 15.

    86. Eduard Raul Hasa

      "Get over here" is a little bit cracky but ehh'

    87. ivan kučinić

      Mortal Kombat-1995 is real treasure.

    88. Matt Stevenson

      Look at the promotional poster for the film, the one where it is half Scorpion, half Sub-Zero. That Sub-Zero is not Joe Taslim - but it does look a lot like Lewis Tan. Joe Taslim has bushy eyebrows and a mole under his left eye (which you can see on SZ's face in the trailer). Poster doesn't have that.

    89. Christopher Fergo Jr

      Goodnight Mortal Kombat trailer, I'll see you tomorrow morning.

    90. Theslayercometh_

      I'm confused, kano is a good guy in this? And since when was lu kang one of sonya's teammates? I didn't think they met until right before the tournament?

    91. Nad 13

      Most of the actors don't really look like the characters they're meant to be. Just having them wear the costumes is not enough, Liu Kang looks much more rubbish than the old MK films for example.

    92. Franco Cari

      Grande keyblade 😎👍

    93. Бахтияр Бакитов

      Omg their going to ruin all of this

    94. Abrahan Reyes

      For me the Best of trailer is the looking of Scorpio when he see the other ninja madafaka with superpowers like him.

    95. Alexandre Chetrite

      Scorpion "Get over here!" Sub-Zero: "I can't..I Have Covid-19!" Scorpion" Stay over there!" Sub-Zero": Ok no problem" hahahaha!!! :-)

      1. HoradricCubical titan

        they’re both wearing masks, they’ll be fine

    96. Anthony Kirkwood

      That "get over here" is a bit shit.

    97. RJ

      Does kano have the cyber eye on the left side? 1:19

    98. KrispyHD

      Kano is gonna be great with that Australian accent.

    99. Joe Milner

      That “get over here” and was hella suspect, was he drunk?

    100. Donald Mullis

      Sub Zero is a beast