31 Kills on 35,000 Arena Points...


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    Pubblicato il 2 mesi fa


    1. Th0masHD

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      1. Bahar Alkan


      2. Stavros games 09

        You are very clean

      3. YT# TGN

        @Fannie Papatoli denmark and im from denmark to he is the best danish fortnite player

      4. Fannie Papatoli

        Where are you from

      5. Marco Orlandini


    2. Its_ Camilo

      It's amazing friend, I can't believe it

    3. Louise Danner

      Can you show a settings video?

    4. Hades is weird

      Bro he’s the alpha male of champs what can I say?

    5. FiRe_ 0meGa

      I’m a french people and the video is so good 😍

    6. Lorenzo Blackston

      Kills his one of his trio members doesnt even care lol. Great Video.

    7. Edesio Neto Resende

      God to bless everybody watch Congregation Christan on the Brazil or the country where you live please watch this video,.

    8. Святослав Бондар

      Nice cheat dude

    9. Святослав Бондар

      Look like samuraj😏

    10. Oliwia Nowak

      Charge shotgun clickbate

    11. springbunny

      im better 23 kills

    12. XH Shaheer

      Anyone saying this guy is hacking or cheating DO YOU HAVE 35 000 ARENA points ? If you have then talk BTW MY GUY IA INSANEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    13. Luciana Villarreal

      Te rulea king

    14. Luciana Villarreal


    15. amine.fuxs. you

      Softaim 🤢

    16. Sabrina Winkels

      So Bad Lobbys easy Lobby

    17. Niccolo' Ercolano

      You are noob and they are noob

    18. Niccolo' Ercolano

      They are noob , it's easy

    19. Shaza Gamar

      One word :BEAST!!

    20. Filipkoo Jasiński

      Ewron jest lepszy i Jacob

    21. נהוראי סלימי המלך


    22. Морской ежик

      Боже бот рошли 1 на 1

    23. Matteo Riccadonna

      6:58 WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!

      1. TunaFish YT_

        che voi se sei scarso non è colpa mia🤡

    24. Michał Madzia


    25. Jair Lorenzo Agraz Sánchez

      you are a best

    26. Benxycs YT

      Do you can make a montage ❤️

    27. WhenGamerSbux WGF

      You match pro😂😎

    28. Vera Kazak

      What?35000 points!!!

    29. LaZeR OnTop

      ur so good\

    30. Best Jesser

      2:08 Aim? WTF

    31. Hola Que hace

      what is your sensitivity

    32. james schluter

      Yo normally when I watch high kill games I'm thinking " why's this guy versing a bunch of bots" but tbh half the people in this game would've killed me

    33. Spasyfn

      To comp

    34. Wayz

      Verdens bedste sniper

    35. Andreas Holst Fischer

      First kill was flikk

    36. Shift

      You dont need a lot of edits like mongrall or mrsavage

    37. PandaFN

      y r u so smooth af

    38. CooperKindaSus

      I like the part were he almost died

    39. Wrench Boy HeXa

      me chillin with 0 kills lol

    40. The2210974

      Bot loby

    41. luke bockelmann

      Do he stream?

    42. ΨAsap PilotΨ

      yo bro try 1vs1 with mongraal plz

    43. kp. Rigas_George

      Wtf 31 kill omg😲😲😲

    44. Louie Carlos Lindberg

      God video

    45. Galaxy Tr1x

      Mongrall i got 16 kills in pub match Thomashd i got 31

    46. S Moin Maister

      Ich kann deutsch

    47. S Moin Maister


    48. alikaan salan


    49. W1 nd

      Best sniper the world

    50. Diego Farfán

      LMAOO flikk at the begining lol

    51. Karl Bryde Rydal

      700+ point in one game!!! I g’ets 700 point in 5-10 games You’re so good

    52. Yanik 1904

      Gg bro you are insane

    53. Paulo Alvarado

      Your sou good !!!

    54. Seirda

      The fact that all his head shots hit for headshot damage

    55. Kristoffer Stokke Pedersen

      240 to comment

    56. YoZerxx

      I just started IThomes so can u pls shoutout me out

    57. Max Deleuran Berglund

      How do he Got so many kills on 20 Ping! Me that have 3 Ping and still camping til i get top 25...

    58. Conor McCarthy

      sike he good

    59. Conor McCarthy

      he is so bad

    60. Zander Kühne Andersen 2B

      Hej det er mig miste dig

    61. ASTRO

      use code "xman" to support me

    62. Repolski

      Bugha Can,t do that when you play it looks so easy

    63. Repolski

      Shit du er god

    64. Curly head Jay

      Nice 👍🏿

      1. Curly head Jay

        Love from north Houston

    65. John Im

      you are a god

    66. Deasky

      Tu sais que ton aim assiste est cramer

    67. Zxmi

      Thomas is now using the skin i used to use 1 year ago,and i still using it lol

    68. Tej R

      Your so good I look up to u

    69. Aem

      6:34 et 3:05

    70. schurkensohn

      Ok nice kills but this Was One of the the easiest lobbys ive ever seen in arena with 35K Points bruh

    71. Sosoftn

      Just amazing

    72. FoxAbdera

      Im on the vid you killed me

    73. SB_D 4 h L 0 z

      You are the best in the world

    74. El Tiplouf

      This game is more impressive than most pro's highlight's...


      Should've gotten four more kills and I would've been satisfied. Updated title: 35 kills on 35K points

    76. Expenrr

      Th0masHD: 31 kills on 35,000 points Me: camping to get 25th placement to come division 7

      1. YT# TGN

        Lol same

    77. Anton Peterslund Christensen

      Ønsker jeg var lige så god. Sindsyg video

    78. clxcZy ау лол難ッ


    79. Bachir El marraki

      Now aqua break the world record 😭

    80. BiuzyFN


    81. Objectif 200 abos avant Novembre?!!!

      Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good luck”

    82. Frosty

      Everyone’s dog in here I have 10000 points and everyone I’m against plays better then this

      1. Revailz

        @Frosty yeah except the guy at like 1:48 he was really good

      2. Frosty

        Ik man but this kids weren’t biting shots

      3. Revailz

        Idk man pros make sweaty kids look like bots but yeah it was probably a bad lobby since he dropped 30k

    83. Rainboww420

      Du sgu en ægte epo Ged på steroider og coke!. Du må meget gerne streame lidt mere!

    84. Victor Reenberg

      hej min danske ven

    85. Saurabh Sharma

      This is the first video that I've watched and insta subscribed and damn man you're skills are awesome. 🐐.

    86. Kazz2k


    87. Mask Ahmed

      Underrated goat

    88. FireMike

      The dislikes are from people he killed

    89. nxmxn

      wtf was that mid air quick scope

    90. Chuhriy Daniil

      How can this kid not be in organization

    91. PupiaFN

      lets go my skin on top baby

    92. Dont look at my channel

      to everyone I just hope your parents live until their 100 years old with good health :) PD: don't read my name"

    93. Sezy Lol

      What colerblind do you use

    94. Pauwl

      3:36 how many times is this guy gonna switch to his pump

      1. Bachir El marraki

        He was choking the edit

    95. Dobrican Andrei

      You have hack on sniper?

    96. Tyfoo

      Isn't this like a record

    97. 1d1 Em1r

      Du simpelthen konge Th0mi

    98. João Vitor

      World record

    99. Lane1k

      Best fortnite player?

    100. Smart Person

      Title should be: How to get 1k points in 1 game