Overwatch Animated Short | “Dragons”


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    Discover the story behind one of Overwatch’s biggest rivalries in our third animated short: Dragons! Then begin your watch May 24 on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One: www.buyoverwatch.com
    “Dragons” explores the history of conflict between the scions of the Shimada clan: Hanzo and Genji. In this episode, we follow Hanzo as he returns to the siblings’ family home in Hanamura to seek redemption . . . and confront the ghosts of the past.
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    1. Lolidrawstuff enjoy

      I miss the sonic arrow, always loved hearing enemies through walls with it, that was one of the reasons I loved hanzo tbh

    2. Ricky Theodore

      This definitely the best animated short

    3. hayden sad pit

      Lets be honest The animation is still clean as hec

    4. Max Bethell

      Why did genji make a feather when he dissappeared is he a chicken?!?

    5. JUSTAGAMER 225 Streams

      Hanzo: only a shimada can control the dragons *laughs as echo*

    6. JUSTAGAMER 225 Streams

      Pls let genji be just as nice in overwatch 2

    7. Havoc Executioner

      Blizzard can you make more overwatch animation It's too good

    8. Sebastian Gomez


    9. Gameplay

      i don't play overwatch, but i've heard that Hanzo isn't a very good character in game

      1. Gameplay

        so he has the biggest difference between a good player and a bad player

      2. Gameplay

        @Mj V that makes sense

      3. Mj V

        False. Only skilled players can use Hanzo effective. If you're a noob, stick with Mei or Zen :P

    10. joost van arragon

      I love the fact that this 8 minute cinematic outshines most of the films today

    11. Some guy with no Life

      Hey look its sova

    12. Coconut Bean

      Wow I just saw the most saddest thing in this whole video... ITS THA AD

      1. Coconut Bean

        How could this happen to me I made a mistake ;w;

    13. Matthew Ace70

      Dragons, my favourite Overwatch short movie. So legendary!

    14. Lucas Guillermo

      goosebumps everytime 4:55

    15. Genji Main420

      This gives me goosebumps and chills. I watch it all the time to this day.

    16. The Stig's Mexican Cousin

      I dont even play this and I keep coming back to this scene. Shii is lit

    17. Leanne Stacey

      I just watched with subtitles on and oh my god, they thing genji says okay okay okay when he ults

    18. Ryan Smith


    19. Logic Cat

      Dude that ending with Genji was straight up Naruto stuff right there

    20. Ivan theemanriquez

      I literally cry every time

    21. Muhammad Ahmad

      Can someone please tell music name used in the end?

    22. Rainbowdy

      Genji is da best boi

    23. littelduck 806

      God:*sees this* Everyone:don’t.........

    24. ElectroGame Boss

      just realized the feather genji left is a sparrow feather and genji's nick name is SPARROW :OOO

    25. ArinSuperGaming


    26. Alexander Lindblom

      It’s kinda useless to show Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow now...

    27. GaLaXy Clan

      If only Hanzo could actually do the stuff he did in the video in game.

    28. The CHANNEL Awesome

      christian music

    29. Gian Asbi

      Why does sova look different

    30. Rumpfkanzeldweller

      I lost count of how often I watched this but goshdang if it doesn't bring back memories

    31. Shamar Adderley

      I've been wondering for the past hour where the "yu jiko keho kre!" Came from, turns out I have no idea, somebody h e l p

    32. Ign. Bre

      DKV Binus 24 Malang Yg Kesini Gara2 Tugas Eastern Ngumpul...

    33. Sofyan Hardi

      this is the best animation ever - arikadou

    34. shinypants oh

      No joke i have watched this 100 times at least

    35. Sriyan Srinivasa

      bruh isn’t the shimada crime family basically the yakuza but family friendlier

    36. Lonely_ POTATOE

      a moment of silence for the scatter arrows you will be missed

    37. Pyllynalle22

      They are like Sasuke and Itachi

    38. EQInox Online

      Gengi is best

    39. Ari Yu

      I love this animation.

    40. 刀刃師

      Good old days. The game has already dead, yet the animation still give me chill. What's wrong with OVERWATCH?

    41. Lord Of Arkham


    42. QG_Shift

      Hanzo: haha dragon go brrr Genji: uno reverse dragon

    43. Ponkie Sioson

      "IGEI TON" "KURO'SAGOL" I just can't help it ffs...

    44. Josue Inigo Tesado

      Now we're back to Dramatic Sibling Rivalries

    45. Yovita Sri Mulyani

      can someone ask this to michael chu or blizzard about the ninjutsu genji used to disappear at the end of that cinematic and why it is not implemented in the game?

    46. Arlene1 Delos Trinos

      4:59 10 top epic anime fights

    47. Hamdu

      This never gets old

    48. Go1den3ye

      Look at all the Arrows/abilities Hanzo DOESN'T HAVE!!

    49. 4samAA7

      Can you please stop cutting onions Genji

    50. RoadDingo

      Shang Tsung really does have a great voice for narration

    51. pro gaming


    52. Brick Daddy

      The subtitles get it so wrong

    53. trilingualkid

      these two characters are so cool, but I wonder if its an inspiration from Chinese famous story "Tian Long ba bu"

    54. Ramon Mejia

      cleetus mcfarland

    55. angus somerville

      The only reason this is the best Animated Short is that Dva didnt say NERF THIS when she self destructed in shooting star

    56. Doi Doung

      Its the most extravagant game play in the ways of the god.

      1. Trex With Muffins

        You mean they are two hackers

    57. Max Beck

      Is the narrator of the story the same guy who voices Shang Tsung in MK11?

      1. Trevor Anthony



      Hanzo: "use's special attack" Genji: hehehe dragon go brr

    59. Avel Batra

      This honestly brought tears to my eyes

    60. bars

      Fun Fact: The narrator is Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa

    61. Anıl Mermutluoğlu

      "my brudda is ded" -Hamzo shimada

    62. CringeThing

      5:30 subtitles only a Llamada can control the dragons 🦙 🐉

    63. Anime girl

      Yooo hanzo is de dragon woahhhhhh

    64. cristian padilla

      iphone xr

    65. Dean • Suarez

      Even the wind has a path, brother.

    66. snuggerTM

      dragon stand

    67. 상젠

      tlqkf so 름

    68. Craftytuna _

      Me waiting for hanzo scatter arrow to become an ability

    69. Michael Rogers

      This animation is the only thing keeping me from disliking hanzo

    70. Carleigh Reynolds

      Me watching this: 😆😱🤩 My mom:🤔😒

      1. Hi-Fli

        Bruh i hate emojis so much

    71. Arc Trooper

      This animation is still🔥

    72. جورنو Giorno


    73. جورنو Giorno


    74. Dillweed

      *Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!*

    75. Wayne Krumbach

      Hanzo, the one you just saw in the Overwatch League. And oh yeah, Genji.

    76. lan tran

      YOU KNOW NOTHING OF WHAT HAPPENED why shouldn't I? I'm the one you maimed and nearly killed


      4:40 is the best part

    78. Sweetpotato the brownie

      This is still the best animation of all time

    79. HTORBQ uLTRA


    80. David Garcia

      Taste the dragon God's blade

    81. Skellatic

      man had 5 seconds to dodge the dragons, and waited to get rolled by it

    82. Nerdsixteen

      4 years later hanzo still hasn't decided

    83. Jared

      Bruh why my eyes sweating

    84. Dylan C

      nothing gives me goosebumps like this cinematic.

    85. Mohd Noman

      This is 4 years old and I'm still watching.....its just too good

    86. LIKI LILY

      i’m not crying you are

    87. Average Danganronpa Fan

      The animation is beautiful

    88. MrOdder martin

      Ryujin no ken wo kurae!

    89. Dan Bacon

      I’m the 34 millionth viewer

    90. Vanndy MayWho

      Rip the Scatter Arrow, you can’t use that ability anymore in game.

    91. Wivia TheFox

      Hanzo looks so cute with grey hair

    92. Hyperion

      It would be an interesting mechanic I'm game if hanzo and genji could reverse each other's ults. Like, genji throws hanzo's dragons back, and hanzo disables dragonblade. Although Genji's deflect can technically throw the dragon back

    93. Austin Urban

      This is pretty badass.

    94. Sigma

      Make overwatch great again. Pls.

    95. Yeah I’m a gamer

      Notice how Hanzo only killed the omnic

    96. Aravindhan Ra

      4:58 ryu ga wagate ki wa kuraou

    97. Lord Drakkon 7367

      Best Kung Fu movie of the decade

    98. Ben Chan

      Scatter arrow I still miss you, r.i.p :(

    99. xXFlorianXx10001

      By now I wish IThomes had a counter for how often you watched a video ;)

    100. Maximilian Hütter

      wow this is so lame. Gonna watch Expiration Date again.