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  1. Alba Pérez Hernández

    hello i love

  2. Nikks 19720

    Bloody hellll that voice, choudvi ka chand ho❤️

  3. syeda soran

    Zayn I love you

  4. Tushar Singh Truly amazing

  5. İpek Demir


  6. Tushar Singh

  7. Nikks 19720

    Missinggggggggggggg himmm

  8. Leonie Mook

    Fav moment starts 3:05 where he looks at his background singers and they started singing, bass gets higher and he started smiling. Golden moment tbh

  9. Music Lover

    1 million ❤❤❤❤

  10. Mayank Sen

    That Line "Chaudvi Ka Chand" Was Heart Taking And The Way You Sung That Line Was Mind Blowing "Zayn" ♥️

  11. Divine Chareka


  12. Ivan Miguel


  13. Nikks 19720

    Okay found my fav beats from the album but nobody is listening me.

  14. Harsh Naik

    Some serious vibezzzz

    1. Halima Hussain

      please keep Str3aming Vibez and help him get 16 million


    Masterpiece 🥀❤️

  16. miray


  17. Najnin jafuwala

    aftaab ho !!!...lajawab ho!!...

  18. Ivan Miguel



    Zayn should promoted his song then he can be a bigger artist and celebrity than Jb and some others cause he's the king

  20. Trendy Reels 01

    16k dislikes for this amazing song🙄 Those people don't have gud song taste Such an amazing song ❤️zayn

    1. Amelia Sanders

      Yess! please keep Str3aming Vibez and help him get 16 million

  21. Chanel Hernández

    Me encanta su música

  22. nasywa aurellia


  23. Ivan Miguel


  24. Fifi ZaynMalik

    Perfect song to touch yourself to 🥵

  25. Adore Rena

    I replay this everyday

  26. Fifi ZaynMalik

    Never have someone asked me this nicely to sweat ☺️

  27. Hoor Kumari Daswani

    Zayne you rock like hell me too i am pakistani but not half i am full

  28. Adore Rena

    I like this song and tightrope the best and unfuckwitable

  29. jessie in the sky

    A gift as a song

  30. jessie in the sky


  31. Dark Clips

    You're here for 1:54

  32. Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx

    "Algo me dijo que eras tú"

  33. Selena garcia C:

    Nooo, que temónnn

  34. Kundan Patil

    Bro finally someone doing something indian without being forced

  35. Nihar Ranjan Ray

    2B in 2021✨✨

  36. Martina Regadera Cobacho


    1. Amelia Sanders

      please keep Str3aming Vibez and help him 16 million

  37. Hal Oma


    1. Amelia Sanders

      @Hal Oma yess! Keep Str3aming

    2. Hal Oma


  38. Porfavor deje de meterse En asuntos ajenos, thx

    Ya alcanzó 1 millón de V1zt4s Aaaaahhhhh ♡_♡

  39. Ivan Miguel


  40. Mesbah

    I know y’all came here for the Urdu part, so did I 🥵 here you go 1:54

  41. jessie in the sky


  42. jessie in the sky


  43. Varun Kumar

    Zayn's 👊💥🔥😛

  44. jessie in the sky


  45. Dhu l-Qarnain

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  46. Abdur Rafay

    Maybe he wants to say somethin to us, in his music video better and vibez. And after listening to his album's name that nobody is listening it sounds a bit creepy!

    1. Halima Hussain

      Everyone’s watching and no ones listening. please keep Str3aming Vibez and help him get 16 million

  47. Esmeralda lyrics


  48. Esai Haritha

    Who's here after zayn's live ?✌️

    1. Amelia Sanders

      please keep Str3aming Vibez and help him 16 million

  49. Kali Chauhan

    Me: listening song peacefully Zayn: chaudvin ka chaand ho❤️ Me: wtffffffffff!!! (My dil goes mmmmm..........)

  50. Ivan Miguel


  51. Chanel Hernández

    Me encanta su musica❤️

  52. Neha Bhatt

    Beautifiul angelic voice💓 love lovee love......lovee💓💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍........

  53. ruhollah mahdavi


    1. Amelia Sanders

      please keep Str3aming Vibez and help him 16 million

  54. Hà Vũ

    zayn singing about dating an older woman?

  55. Chanel Hernández

    I love you, I latina

  56. Nida J

    This is my most favorite song on the album.. Make me kinda miss someone.. It hurts and heels at the same time.💔

  57. ina

    que buen tema lpm

  58. Roque Cartas

    Que bonita 😻

  59. Carol Cotoca

    a melhor do álbum e só minha opinião importa

  60. Ivan Miguel


  61. Team Up

    Why is this song popular??? Seems average 🙄🙄 plz someone help 🙏

  62. Hal Oma

    754 19:15

    1. Hal Oma

      246 left

  63. A s

    Ohhh my god this is PERFECTIONN

  64. Dechen Cohen

    we got it to 1M!!

  65. Music Lover

    Imma sleep too . Good night everyone❤

  66. Jivendra Singh

    Zayn sings in hindi : Indians : *Allow us to introduce ourselves*

  67. Alya Jabr

    all are without mask omg

  68. Ivan Miguel


  69. Surviving till Last

    Nobody Le Indian 🇮🇳- ours Le pakistanis 🇵🇰- ours Jo bhi ho..Lajawaab ho 🎶❤

  70. Ελευθερία

    oh lord, YES. τι κομματάρα είναι αυτή

  71. Nida J

    Zayn said this is his favorite song from the album..❤️ And I think it can be next MV...OMG..!!🔥🔥

  72. Ivan Miguel

    *Começando agora a ouvir esta belezura de albúm com certeza, do meu Zayn, amo demais <333*

  73. Yesica Saavedra

    I love you baby

  74. Madhura D

    We want a music video on this❤

  75. Music Lover

    I am so happy today😂😂😂

  76. Diya Aggarwal

    if you are jungkook pls cover this song

  77. O P H I X I L S M

    this sounds like heaven to my ears

  78. dark skin smile#defar

    i can sing

  79. Lixa Chasteen


  80. O P H I X I L S M

    and this is the lo-fi one