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  1. TSOFI

    Guys please check out my short mashup to drivers license+Stone cold! 🎹🎤🎶 I promise it’s worth a watch!!!♥️🙏🏻

  2. Richy W.

    Just awesome

  3. TSOFI

    Guys please check out my short mashup to drivers license+Stone cold! 🎹🎤🎶 I promise it’s worth a watch!!!♥️🙏🏻

  4. christ imoh

    très cool

  5. Randy Gipson

    Chasing youth it's in the present

  6. Randy Gipson


  7. Adria Herrada Massa

    WOW! Great remix of Nik Kershaw

  8. K.H Be happy

    Love this so much😍😍 I'm hearing it the whole day. It has a very great sound and the voice is gorgeous ❤

  9. Rita Garcez

    so many people dissing her but you dont know what happens behind the social media

  10. dean madlad


  11. Brisbane kom

    the fact tht most children can deal with these problems more like adults than real adults rlly makes me feel bad for this world.

  12. Jenna Blackstar

    Love this song and I love the voice.

  13. Anjali Sharma

    Love this song and damnfam's intro

  14. Sonja Palčić

    I like it 👏👏👍

  15. The Tolirock Channel

    Wow she took this to far "while he's ON mine" and what's the song about skin sooo that's so low and shady🙄🙄

  16. عايشه الرشيدي

    ‏اللهم صلي وسلم على ‏محمد🤲🏻🤲

  17. RedoIt

    Tobu vibes

  18. عيوش حسين

    Go crazy

  19. heartsforgguk


  20. mhmd_at

    I hate this song with passion because of how much they put it on the radio

  21. Liliana Dennis

    But blonde doesn’t rhyme with anything in “drivers license “ 👁👄👁

  22. Bleu Cass

    I love dance monkey

  23. lousyacrobat

    the worst lyrics to dance to!

  24. Vhyung

    "There are all kind of LOVE in this world, but never the same love TWICE..." - Scott Fitzgerald

  25. sullieking

    No wonder all young people are snowflakes now

  26. sullieking

    Shite song. Sissy music

  27. Lucie Poidevin

    J adore

  28. F1 Fanboy


  29. Dilshan Palliyaguruge

    ❤️🇱🇰Any Sri Lankans in the comments ?

  30. Mohamad Rostom

    I love you all

  31. Muhammad Mubashir


  32. حقيقة علمية

    انا حاليا .🤘🤘😂 عند اهلي. 😶😇

  33. Elijah Tatman

    Lovely song❤️❤️

  34. Emily Smith


  35. Emily Smith

    I love this song but it is so sad I put it on all the time it has to be my Favourite I wish I could put it on all the time

  36. Roisin Lyza Banez


  37. Marinette - sherie Addelease

    This song is goooooood

  38. DJ Dave music This Is my edit "Come Back Home"

  39. Muhsin Dahir

    asome song

  40. MONSTERS k

    I love this song from 4 months I never forget this song

  41. harmi llinen

    Before i listened this i was feeling down, now im happy because of this amazing song!

  42. sz. Bence

    The riddle copy!

  43. Anton Neumann


  44. Arthur Geurts

    😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 oi uau

  45. Rajalakshmi Sridharan

    Love the Alan Walker vibes! Sounds a lot like #PressPlay

  46. Natalie Potter

    This song is so shady.... and she is just being so childish

  47. Eline Schalley

    I’m just wondering, where keeps this good music coming from??? 🤔

  48. Tomas Minarik

    Máš dobré piničky

  49. Gr3en

    All we are promised is today, make the most of the day! ❤

  50. Itz___ Toga._.

    I love this song it remains me of my ex who lefted me long time ago-

  51. Mark-lee

    Waiting for tonight never happened 😩😩😓

  52. Tomas Minarik

    Si nej lepši

  53. James Wells

    This Song Was Amazing

  54. WhiteBlood _

    This music make me cry 😭😊

  55. Александр

    Great song!!! Just in time...(

  56. Cocomosela X.


  57. Lyricstationary

    *Without* *music* *life* *would* *be* *boring.* *Do* *you* *agree* *with* *it?* *Have* *a* *great* *day* *everyone!*

  58. David Guetta

  59. Unknown Disaster

    I dont know if im the only one who listen sad songs about love and think for someone who they never had🥺😔😢

  60. Rob Zeleki

    Noone sings better than whitney

  61. WhiteNight

    Ajd daj nešto novo. Nekada sam kod tebe nalazio i otkrivao sjajnu muziku i nove muzičare. Sad kačiš neke remikse sve na isti kalup. The Free je npr bio veliko otkriće. Give us some new unknown great music!

  62. Vineet Kumar

    Anyone who loves it so much 😊

  63. Oumaima Kamel

    إبني عمروا 4شهور يموت عليها

  64. Reagan George

    I am in love with this track❤❤❤

  65. Marc Tristan Gonzaga

    So much for being lonely until i heard this!! Need more of this!!!

  66. Sienna Woulf

    This is she peply about the song Driver's license. But I feel really bad about Olivia Rodrigo.

    1. Sienna Woulf

      Reply I mean

  67. MelodicTracks

    Awesomely good.

  68. hi there

    its actually: Axel Johansson - Love How It Hurts (Lyrics) ft. Alan Walker btw so cool LOVE FROM USA

  69. Heidi Salminen

    Good lyrics💖

  70. Marso225

    This is a masterpiece from Vicetone. Can't stop listening to it ❤

  71. Dorjey Yolmo

    M from the best vibe dreams😴🎑that the vibe guide gives..😁🇵🇭😌

  72. Labz pro

    I’m here before this goes viral.

  73. Gabriel Antonino

    Who’s thinking about Suzy hearing this?


    I am not sober I am Cactus 🌵

  75. White Eagle Music Network

    So good <3


    after housemusichd

  77. Sara Staccione

    I can't understand why Sabrina is "childish" for writing a song ( to defend herself from what Olivia and her fans said ), but Olivia isn't ( childish ) for talking about a "blonde girl" ( and indirectly attack her ) P.s. i'm italian, so sorry if i made some mistakes

  78. sexy girl

    Wow 💋💋💋

  79. Alexandra nicole Ilao

    Nice song 🔥🎧