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  1. Val Hoyer

    someone in 2021

  2. Skye Brown

    Little mix deserves a Brit let’s get them to 11.5M before the Brits

  3. Skye Brown

    If you really like a show watch scenes from the shows and they make the time go by faster

  4. Skye Brown


  5. Skye Brown


  6. Jazel

    Lil mix and a maybel collab is WHAT WE NEED NEXT WHO WANTS TO SEE IT

  7. Norah Army

    Just wowwwwwwowowowowoowowow

  8. m27 aguja

    19k more

  9. someone cute


  10. someone cute


  11. I'm not Jesy

    Guys, please Watch short clips on my channel if you don't want to waste your time watching other long clips while streaming Confetti.

    1. Amruta

      Thank you for this❤ it's not easy to find short vids :(

    2. m27 aguja

      Sure. 😊

  12. I'm not Jesy

    From the sky drop like confetti

  13. Prasasti Sharma

    Today is Brits I think, Let's hope for best

    1. m27 aguja

      @Amruta May 11. 8pm BST.

    2. Amruta


  14. I'm not Jesy


  15. MAGIC TV

    Stream more mixers ♥

  16. I'm not Jesy


  17. I'm not Jesy


  18. Skye Brown

    If you’re reading this please go watch the confetti video we have 22k left till 11M

  19. someone cute


  20. Skye Brown

    I have been actively [email protected] for 3 hours yay

  21. Amruta

    Hey Irish are you ok?

  22. Skye Brown

    58k to 22k in 2 hours

  23. AddisonRaePickles

    Why does this have so little views?

    1. Just Me

      This mv is hard to stream. It's 6 minutes long plus they are underrated

    2. m27 aguja

      They are underrated.

  24. Skye Brown


  25. Skye Brown


  26. Klarenz Pasaylo

    little mix is good at singing and dancing

  27. mista kinnie

    UK HUN

  28. cat de botas


  29. bylicheese

    Little comeback will be pop max

  30. Audrey Reads

    Here because of the Dylan O'Brien interview

  31. m27 aguja

    So Joel left CNCO too.

    1. Amruta


  32. Ahri TheNineTailedFox


  33. Vitória Mendes


    1. Nicole Morán Mayorca

      It's not Jesy, the girls said they re-recorded, in that part is Leigh-Anne. Also, if you listen to the original song compared to this one, the "drop it down" sounds quite diferent.

    2. Amruta

      That's Leigh-Anne

  34. Catherine Mae Lita


  35. 環奈橋本


  36. Skye Brown


  37. Skye Brown


  38. Amruta


  39. gb-channel

    Stunning performance - Why are they so underrated, I dont understand that.

  40. Sparsha Gh

    One of best girl group ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Nel Thirwall

    Whos here after Joel Pimentel of CNCO announces his departure from the group ? 😭

  42. Sparsha Gh


  43. Christian Angelo Carolino

    27K to 11M!

  44. Christian Angelo Carolino

    27K to 11M!

  45. Sascha Cornelia


  46. Skye Brown


  47. Skye Brown


  48. 504 Hn

    “ Mean girls “ vibes

  49. palette towne

    This song & MV really was a game changer

  50. mischievous bitch

    i love dis song soo much

  51. Li Huan

    str34m to 800M !!!

  52. confetti by rythmix

    come back over and over

  53. Sümeyye

    Good night mixers ❤️

    1. m27 aguja


    2. Amruta

      Good night <3

    3. Skye Brown

      Goodnight 💕

  54. confetti by rythmix

    the way you make me feel inside

  55. confetti by rythmix

    caught up in my emotions

  56. confetti by rythmix

    boy you keep on blowing my mind

  57. Safiya Leigh

    0:45 that parts slaying mee

  58. Skye Brown

    Does anyone know what c’est la vie means?

    1. Skye Brown

      @Sümeyye thank you

    2. Sümeyye

      that's life

  59. Viviane B

    Nearly 99k comments!

  60. Skye Brown

    We wanna celebrate like we on the club everyday. That’s probably where the inspiration for the mv came from

  61. Earvin John

    Please stream sweet melody to

  62. Skye Brown

    The Jerrie moment when they were holding their hands together

  63. Skye Brown


  64. Skye Brown


  65. Christian Angelo Carolino

    Only 33K to 11M!

  66. Ansel

    Honestly , i like LM being 3 girls ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Jayson Tayting

    jesy always served sassiest unique flavor in every little mix vids

  68. Bany Mendez

    More than eight thousand people are deaf AF! Hate all u can but little mix DON'T NEED YA! 🤣

  69. Madhukar Mukhia

    I'm missing here jesy nelson

  70. Skye Brown

    The people in LA seeing the sparkling canons outside their windows: 👁👄👁

  71. Maddy Hodges

    i spot a baby bump on lenny O.O

    1. Skye Brown

      It’s obviously a beer belly 🙄🤚

  72. Skye Brown


  73. Skye Brown


  74. Iain Wood

    What a track to end the weekend although I have 2 days off. So Confetti gets the usual 300/300 from me and I only noticed that Little Mix turn into Men as We have Pez , J- dog and Lenny (crazy) so I am ending this hour on Confetti and Sweet Melody will launch the shut down which will be via my Phone as the tablets are dead.

  75. Mariam K.

    38K more

  76. Esteban Rodriguez

    Where is Jesy? :O omg

    1. Mariam K.

      She left in December

  77. Santi O.

    LOVE IT! ❤ I am so proud of you, without a doubt I was not wrong in choosing you as my inspiration and example to follow, everything you do is magnificent, they are the best thing that could happen to me in life, they gave me confidence and made me believe in myself . THANK YOU LITTLE MIX, I LOVE YOU! LATIN AMERICA LOVES YOU! THE WORLD LOVES YOU! ❤

  78. jessyy hampon

    Almost 800M

  79. Júlia Freitas


  80. Marami styles

    awww my drag queeensss