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  1. Dave Stewart


  2. Luke Tran

    She is Absolutely beautiful. Its too bad she covers her natural born beauty with tattoos and funky haircut. She was gorgeous in BTS video. Such a beautiful and artistic person..Halsey.

  3. Austin Chukwu

    Halsey ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Olivia Boylan

    I love this song

  5. Rafaela Sayuri Koga

    ouch 2019

  6. Ron Steele

    You should be walking that ...

  7. SeanL Fitch

    Who else wants to know what happened after they were done filming

  8. Karinne Ferraz

    Quem sabe um dia meu sonho se realize

  9. Gina Pauline

    Whant the hell me and my mom love this song noe

  10. Brian Johnson

    I love this song

  11. Lo Hun

    I love u girl

  12. Rini Dolok


  13. Vdubs4Life1964

    so why were you with him in the first place?

  14. Saq Wop


  15. Ricardo Santos almeida


  16. Jessica Campese

    void stiles anyone?

  17. Sarah Cole

    "I need it digital cuz baby when it's physical I end up alone"

  18. Ruckizzy

    No idea how much I wanna look like her😭✋

  19. Ebony

    G-easy felt this

  20. LoKo American

    Very sad touching song.

  21. Ta Chun

    Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

  22. laura dock

    I've always loved anything shes put out. But this, this right here is so much the the truth I wish I could speak.

  23. Skadadle Skadodle

    Is that Tyler posey

  24. Amal77s Salem77s


  25. Steven Lowe

    From county gril good job

  26. Zachariah Sparkman

    Yep. I feel like this song has a lot of meaning to it.

  27. Freddy Fazbear

    this is gay

  28. PK-017

    Alguém do Brasil?🚩

  29. Hamza Gg

    ناااايس💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗لوفيو هالزي

  30. Priscilla Roach

    Her body is siiiick

  31. Aubrey Snyder

    Me to myself. An old friend of mine loved this song. I hated it, to relatable. It's 2019 and I'm having weird symptoms. Physical and mental. I cross the line and loose that friend. September I find out I have rare tumor. October was first brain surgery. 2020 may 2nd brain surgery. Nov 2020 3rd brain surgery. A couple real ones stayed but the plastic fell away. I so wished I would have worked on truly loving myself and not chasing a temporary external feeling. I'm going to be 28 in April and I feel like my life is over. I hurt so much physically and mentally. And I miss my friend. 8 years of knowing each other. It's been 15 months and it still hurts. I never understood why my mother was so mean growing up. But I've found chronic pain puts you in a state that is hard to come out of. I don't want to exist in physical pain. I miss my life.

  32. astoria

    halsey said "might seduce your dad type" first 😅

  33. Da Thu


  34. Maik Cardoso

    Com todo respeito versão reggae ficou melhor

  35. stuck with her

    i had never realized that literally in the newspaper that says "manic its your turn" she told us the name of the album before she announced it💀

  36. The Best TV

    I can't stop🤩

  37. Jose Armas

    🎵 me encanta ésta canción🎵

  38. wijdan 14

    ليش ما احس الاغنيه اخذت حقها 💔💔

  39. stuck with her

    halsey enojada is my spirit animal

  40. stuck with her


  41. ZømBīe

    Mano, tu é?

  42. Lisa Bts

    Where is bts Arme😜😜

  43. Money3wheel_ibs

    RIP JUICE WLRD 🕊 🕊 🕊 ❤️❤️❤️

  44. rohit barua

    this song has magic and gives goosebumps

  45. Adsta14007

    0:36 "Greetings sire, your stronghold awaits you!" Can't believe I just discovered the sample from my childhood game now.

  46. Hamza Gg


  47. Lucas King

    Don't be angry with me , you didn't trust your own cards.

  48. Lily Boba

    FUN fact: this song is made by hasley If you don't get the joke then leave -_-

  49. Hamza Gg


  50. Lisa S-F


  51. ملابس عصرية

  52. ملابس عصرية

  53. zehra çolak

    Live without me..

  54. Sealenea Hastings

    The first time I heard this was the week before the year anniversary of my miscarriage. Thank you for sharing this with us 💜

  55. Nha Nho

    Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

  56. Chirashii

    Bro this song is so relatable from the first line- all her songs are tho to be completely honest

  57. xXxTulipTori

    *Donald trump wins the election in 2016* Me: PLEASE STOP PELASE STOP PLEASE UR SCARING ME

  58. Irma Damian

    Every time i have a sleep over me and them dance to this dance lol and we 15

  59. Andreas Tuttas

    Eine Kunst für sich --Top-

  60. SARAH Secret-LastName

    The first time I heard this was at a time I felt stuck in a cage. And I cried and and cried and it was on repeat for nonstop while I let it out. This song is therapeutic.

  61. Namjin Forever

    Halsey is right...👇👇 My love is blind for BTS

  62. Namjin Forever

    *you know I'm bad at love*

  63. Rafael Nicoluzzi Lipa

    Wildcard freedom partnership?

    1. Rafael Nicoluzzi Lipa

      I really have the impression that I could perturbate your systems... I know.... Maybe I'm crazy...

    2. Rafael Nicoluzzi Lipa

      I'm inspirirating my poor myself in you... I know how to play intuitively all your songs... It is because I hate you.

  64. Namjin Forever

    Someone will love You but someone isn't me

  65. Royzatul Fatihin

    I know this song from film the huntsman winter war if not wrong

  66. Namjin Forever

    *Halsey & BTS & ARMY*

  67. Namjin Forever


  68. Erebus

    Who's at 3:20?

  69. Lucy Soul

    I know this song is about her miscarriage and its so beautiful. For me personally it means so much because Ive lost my twin sister in a car accident when I was younger. Every line is so perfect and I can relate to it so much...especially to this: "and when you decide its your time to arrive, Ive loved you for all of my life" That line just speaks to me because I feel like Im looking for her in every person I meet. wether its through romantic relatshionships or in a friend. I always want her more and Ill never get over her eventough people've been telling me my whole life to just "move on"...somehow I still love you more

  70. Namjin Forever

    Intercalando la canción de Jin Abyss (BTS) con mi poderosísima Halsey Osea Halsey mi mujer

  71. Misty Booher

    This girl's been hurt I can relate to all her songs they all hit a familiar note in my life.

  72. DigitalFish Clips

    I'm here because the chorus runs in my head every day and I don't tell anyone.

  73. Swim Williams

    I wanna marry her. Perfect voice body and soul

  74. cinthia broxn__


  75. Diamond cat

    its giving very euphoria

  76. – zaira

    I love this song, I love it more than my life but I wish it was more appreciated ♡

  77. Ágata Silva

    a voz da Halsey, o poder emanado das angels é uma energia e um poder do caralho, estou completamente encantada pelo poder que essas mulheres mostram!

  78. gare

    can we just acknowledge how heavy her earrings look

  79. mária kara

    damnnn ive been a fan since 2017-18ish when i would go to the library during lunch to listen to halsey and do school work. i cant believe i havent heard all these remixs and covers on this playlist. this is so great!! :)

  80. Janiah Jones

    God Bless 🙏🏾💜, have an Blessed one everyone 🙏🏾💜, may God protect over you all Amen 🙏🏾💜