A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island in Creative, or quest in Save the World.

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  1. Swiftsx

    Has it kicked anyone else out of the fortnite crew ?

  2. E grimshaw

    Make a mccreamy icon series skin

  3. Haider Yaqoob


  4. Aaron Steventon

    I love this skin

  5. Mohammed Altalhi

    Not Like skn


    put jason vorhees on friday the 13th


    Que metan jason vorhees de viernes trece

  8. alex Al

    0:14 is this weapon attachment

  9. Фортнайт Плей

    Epic games make optimization for consoles please, in late lag

  10. Фортнайт Плей

    Epic games make optimization for consoles please, in late lag

  11. Фортнайт Плей

    Epic games make optimization for consoles please, in late lag

  12. william washington

    f you just stop

  13. Фортнайт Плей

    Epic games make optimization for consoles please, in late lag

  14. Camer00nie

    lol I got the crew pack for free this month!

  15. Фортнайт Плей

    Epic games make optimization for consoles please, in late lag

  16. dizzlewastaken

    Did anyone notice at 0:54 the music was from the end event but slower

  17. Phant0m FN

    This is my 7th fav season of all time

  18. Phant0m FN

    I’m literally ab to cry rn

  19. Phant0m FN

    I miss old fortnite so much

  20. Moarkh

    happy birthday season 8

  21. Flavio Lambert

    Crackshot is so cute here

  22. SuperPlushBros

    This season was great! Can’t wait for next season! One of my favs IMO.

  23. darkmatter

    i really want this jonesy skin on the next BP

  24. Tahmid Tonmoy

    though I don't play Fortnite but this is the only video on youtube that I have watched so many times for no reason

  25. Jacobsrich

    Bring back burst assault rifles like if you agree

  26. allunen 504

    I didin't get my members only emote. Epic: Bfr_2020_A2009 ...

  27. Guy Fitzgerald


  28. Red Face


  29. conezツ

    Yesterday 2 years ago 😞


    Yes deapool

  31. conezツ

    They probably teased the og defaults that they were returning to the shop in the trailer🤔🤔🤔

  32. Vermillion Stallion

    Wait, if we also get the Battle Pass, is it for season 6 or this current season? because it would be pretty useless if we received a Battle Pass for season 5 since it is almost over.


    These good old days 😢😟

  34. Nick Singleton

    Vi is still the best I don't really care for this one but that's just my stupid opinion

  35. kenzo._.

    I never got the vbucks ive been scammed and now i cant get next season cuz my crew pack runs out beforehand

  36. ThE TdMdAb


  37. kill Master


  38. Farish Syaqeel

    Hey fortnite if you reding this........ what happens if you put a pokemon crossover

  39. kill Master

    Hi gift me batelpas

  40. Ph0eNiX

    Epic games travis scott boutique 2 match plzzz😭😭😭😭

  41. Miltiadis 178

    No, you can't just go in Alien 2 and kidnap Doom guy's gf Jonesy) Haha rift go brrrrr

  42. Abdulaziz Alkhenji

    Free fortnite in iOS

  43. Zoey Brooks

    Back when everyone was absolutely terrified to push.. good times. Now getting folded by 3 yr olds is the norm 🤣

  44. Amanda Shine

    7 hours my god

  45. Blanca Bodon

    can you lower the cost for the member ship to like 10 bucks per mounth

  46. baufmg

    6 Years and the same sounds

  47. daifallah khawagi

    Fortnite bannd roblox

  48. game over عبود

    I want micel Jackson skin

  49. العميل سمكة

    🥺اشتقت 😭

  50. BigBoyWax

    What if this was playing while shadow was storming the agency?? 💀💀💀

  51. Kapi

    I dint get v bucks for this one

  52. Pxlus_ultrxa

    Fortnite ded

  53. Pxlus_ultrxa


  54. Pxlus_ultrxa

    Fortnite dead

  55. T H

    I subed can I have the crew pack

  56. ツI2VM

    0:39 That guy right there whis playing can say im a og

  57. ツI2VM

    1:55 First time in fortnite ive ever seen a clip were there fighting someone or somthing without cranking or building a 5 star hotel with free wifi

  58. Kabeer Chopra

    This season brings back memories

  59. Mohd Imran

    0:14 there is a scope on scar

    1. Dexter loves cats

      that's a tactical assault rifle. The ones that only drop from IO guards

  60. ريتال الفضلي

    اتمنى ترجعون الحدث ومايروح للأبد ول باتل باس فاتني ابي اشتريه

  61. Oliver Stromberg


  62. Pokespike

    Bring it back

  63. A2thez

    Why am I seeing this 6 years later?

  64. MB

    I'm going to be honest this it the worst crew pack so far

  65. Daniel Hoffman

    And Apple added lower percent for developers from little companies. Ahahah, smart move, Tim

  66. Bub Vizion

    I miss this season I loved it

  67. - Dream


  68. Danial Khokhri

    Meat my world cup winner Buuuuuuggggggghhhhhhaaaaaa

  69. Dime Angelov

    fortnite is the best game in wourld

  70. احصائيات عالمية WORLD STATS

    This skin is a joke 😂😂😂😂

  71. Zapu5

    WOW IITS SEZON -1? (Im in the 15sezon)

    1. Zapu5

      @PiKkAi878 its 0sezon?

    2. PiKkAi878

      No, not sezon, season

  72. fatema alhasan

    this skin is cool but the skins why there is not so many skins lame dude

  73. Куки КВ - Minecraft

    ну что трейлер 16 сезона

  74. FN CLUB blastem

    can u adjust the season i need more time to level up

  75. Štěpán Kadlec

    Dear fortnite can you please put the bosses back in the battle lab ? Thank you

  76. عمي محمد

    مافي الى انا السعودي ولا انا غلطان

  77. lara borna


  78. Asia Tahir

    Can we please take the llama head update this please epic 🙏🏼

  79. Dj Bj

    Please make it it would make my day