ayeee lmao

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  1. Jacob Gonzalez

    *North American Geographically Twerking*

  2. watermelonch

    *biological twerking*

  3. Hamon frog

    ya givin the devil a lap dance bro? wheres mine g

  4. expressodoubleshot

    How did you know I was there?!

  5. IC Symbxlz

    *relaxed twerking*

  6. mr. colebert

    this is equally as good as the other one holy shit

  7. Mylène Florencio

    I rlly love this song <3

  8. Mylène Florencio

    Plz don’t take this masterpiece off :(

  9. Yes Meme Animations

    Play in 2x speed

  10. Yes Meme Animations

    Is it crazy that roblox actually did this and actually made the graphics good.

  11. Dr.D The Rapper

    Fun Fact: Satanism is not the worship of Satan it's the practice of science and a good life

  12. Jordan Brandt-Trainer

    Yo put this on Spotify. *half assed twerking*

  13. rxhiekun

    POV:Your here from all Dababys let’s go

  14. Jobe Blazko


  15. Edit guy22

    *Educational Twerking*

  16. xoxoPRN

    I'm blasting this as I walk into work Friday night. I'm sure my patients will love it!

  17. matthew gonzalez

    Sad they took this off of spotify, I LOVE this version

  18. Live with Jada

    **slowed & reverb twerking**

  19. Tyra LaBorn

    This was everything I hoped 😂

  20. Live with Jada

    *fast twerking*

  21. Live with Jada

    Lofi twerking

  22. TheLastNombyark


  23. Meme Goddess

    This man is a vibe

  24. xoxoPRN

    *cautious twerking due to chronic low back pain

  25. Jules

    Oh! He said "Jet lag"! Damn. For a while there I thought he said "I want that gel like from f*****g and flying"... Rappers need to enunciate.

  26. Bruce Mooney

    This version has been removed from Apple Music’s streaming platform in Canada, earlier today.

  27. Delilah Matrese

    I love this

  28. gamer jordan vergara

    Why you is gay...

  29. Andrea Infante

    Ya tengo mi versión para ir a dormiiiir Lil Nas viene de otro planeta

  30. cappp_123

    Lil nas x ar you really gay

  31. morgan ashley


  32. Diana

    i need to be friends with lil nas x cause he looks so damn fun to hang out with

  33. LoanzFn

    *study twerking*

  34. qafgurl bandj

    Keep being beautiful. <3

  35. gogy


  36. Nyah Gaming

    Bruhh lil nass I love You!!!!!