Ciao everybody! My name is ARATA.
Stupid videos related to music, here.
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  1. ArimaBja

    Zio ma in italiano l’hai fatto?

  2. joe derp


  3. leonardo Figueiredo

    Ehhehehehehehe that's absolutely amazing ahahahah a lot of fun and a lot of good music ahahhaha amazing work!!!!!!

  4. Serbian Wizard

    This entire video is legendary

  5. Prexererecus Of Death Metal

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 oh My God!!!! that was sensational

  6. Ric Galvez

    It sounds like skullfist with those chipmunk vocals lol

  7. Gaetana Susani

    GRANDE!!!!!Mi fai Divertire un casino!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!,!!,BRAVO!!!!!!!,!

  8. Paulo Victor Xavier

    Jack Sparrow is so different these days

  9. Giuseppe

    Il videoclip inizierà con mark sul cesso e carta igienica attaccata in faccia

  10. Ronan Borges

    Amazing video hahaha

  11. clint eastwood


  12. ilian Georgiev

    Hey, man!!! This is such an incredible work, seriously. Since, I'm 101% sure that you are going to win, is it possible to ask the band one question from me, please. "Is there going to be a second orchestral album one day". Sorry, if I bother you.., I've just always wanted to ask the band something, but I've never had the chance to do it. And once again - great work!

  13. Avalon Jaynes

    This! is! Awesome! ... and hilarious

  14. MX Drago

    puoi fare la cover di questo brano : sono i next time mr fox pls

  15. Estratégia Em Choque

    Davie504: No bass? Call the police!!!

  16. Pradipto Gitokusumo

    mf really van canto-ed the early parts of the song lmao

  17. Don ginO

    Ciao come va

  18. Georg Loderbauer

    The Bass-Part is the most hilarious! But you should really buy a proper one!

  19. Tucci Tucci

    Sono morto dal ridere dall'inizio alla fine😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fantastico.

  20. Psycho

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 excellent !

  21. FlatPackBackPack

    What a masterpiece

  22. Diego Suarez

    HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS INCREDIBLE, you really have a talent yo make laugh

  23. EpiK Lightz

    he plays bass with the *fingers!* Fück yeah! Mindblown! outstanding! 666/10! E P I C O Bellissimo!!!

  24. Wardner Miusic

    También he aplicado lo de los solos ._. Xd

  25. Евгений Григорьев

    The first time I visited concert BG in Nizhny Novgorod, Nagorny Sports Palace, May 24, 2002. This is a godforsaken place in Russia. :) Only about 300 people came to the concert of the great group, and in our village they performed only because their concert in St. Peretburg was canceled. After this concert, BG did not come to Russia for 15 years. It was the best concert in my life. Bro, but after I saw your performance, I realized: there is no limit to perfection, BG should take you into the group, no doubt.

  26. Renato Gralhoz

    Hilarious! You should make a vid with Brazillian Metal Band called Massacration..

  27. Georg Friedrich Hendl

    Sounds like an early 2000's crazy frog ringtone version :-)

  28. Nat An

    Nightcore is passing through it's metal phase

  29. duduvenom

    wow great remix

  30. Rob

    map looks like ww 2 france lol

  31. X3MCTZN

    Sounds nostalgic, yeah with a bit of synth!!

  32. Roger

    arata: who cares about bass? davie504: im calling the police

  33. Salvador Scar

    "Blind gUrdian"...

  34. Gustavo Gomes

    The vocal is amazing!

  35. Silver claw

    skipped trough the video... did not understnad a thing

  36. Eduardo Junior

    No Bass??? Call @davie504

  37. Henry Casañas Quijano

    Haha, Among other things, I learned that with the help of my aunts and grandmothers I can record the church choirs of any band! I did not reach the competition but... (All right girls, you have to sing: "Epicus- Epicus - Furor - Furor") That's it! There You go Luca Turilli.

  38. Ben Durion

    Like this\m/ !!!

  39. Gustavo Guedes

    Well... u indeed need to have talent to covering this without talent!

  40. Guilherme Dalenogari

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkK genial

  41. NORDED

    Ok, this was hilarious. :D

  42. Nicholas Belotti Andreu

    Please, pay some respect to BASS. Slap like now if you respect BASS.

  43. JLG Network

    Hahaha nice work 🤘🏻

  44. Alan Capelari

    this song is so great that even a parody version sounds badass

  45. Andrea Maffei

    L’ho messa come suoneria del telefono, giuro mi è partita in chiesa

  46. udelnet

    No Bass? Call Davie405 :-D ....great work. Greetz.

  47. Anatoly Kozachenko

    Is it strange, that final result sounds similar to modern band like Bring me to horizon?

  48. Astral Tales

    Brilliant hahaha

  49. MetalJare

    People of Faerun are more than pleased with this song! Kudos!

  50. Dan Godbout

    I died of laughter at the bass parts LOL

  51. Inmate999

    Lol. I laughed. Good work.

  52. El Chirigua

    Dude, that shred tecnique is actually awesome 🤣

    1. ARATA

      I need to patent it

  53. Carlos ..

    Brilliant !!!

  54. HaleftHaut

    Loved your cover amico, but Blind Guardian are germans, and as such they lack any sense of humor

    1. ARATA

      Best comment so far 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Project Genesis

    You never cease to amaze me haha

    1. ARATA

      Thanks man

  56. Seelenwinter 666

    without talent... never it was so true...

  57. OldSchoolFilm1930

    Bloody hell ...... :D

  58. akiskev

    Better than the original. Here have a wurst

  59. Ettegruoc

    Your version is a thousand times closer to the original song than a Sonata Arctica live song is to a Sonata Arctica record song.

    1. ARATA


  60. Ramiro Bonilla


  61. Christian Schimpl

    Very talented! Like that crazy stuff!

  62. Boleslav Gondirev

    arata arata-ta-ta-ta!

  63. Saniltey

    Потрясающе! Автор порадовал не только этим видео, но и видео с моей любимой группой Blind Guardian.

  64. Ale Mot

    Ecco cosa si fa per un tozzo di pane e un bicchiere di latte 🍞🥛😂

  65. Matheus Inacio

    And thus was born Dragonforce

  66. Alexiron Sol

    I use music 2000 since its release, nowadays I use it on my psp...Ido symphonic metal with it

  67. Terra de Gigantes

    one of my favorite song from bg

  68. Terra de Gigantes

    noone cares about bass on metal??? is vital for metal..

  69. Dejan Todorovic

    Awesome, not awesome as original but still awesome. Great job for one Italian :D

  70. Fabrício Sousa

    with NO TALENT hahahaha

  71. Mel Ancholynus

    Another Helium War

  72. Breno Silva

    Sounds like Dragonforce

  73. Rafael Baptista Carneiro

    Hahahaha... awesome!!

  74. TheLordmarsden

    E non solo i Blind guardian il metodo del rasoio elettrico è molto usato dai Dragonforce

  75. guilherme fernandes

    this voices sounds like marvin squirrel

  76. Rogelio Cerezo

    jajaj amazing

  77. MasterPeibol

    Don't let Davie504 see this...

  78. Hans Dampf

    somehow i feel like i should skip some parts of the video.

  79. Ίκαρος Κράτσας

    You are a funny guy!! It was a lot of fun to watch this video...keep going dude!!!

    1. ARATA


  80. Александр Злобин

    Здорово показал насколько сложен метал.