My name is Infinite and I like to make videos sometimes..\n\nBusiness email: [email protected]\n\nIf you follow me on Twitter right now, I’ll give you pizza. @Caylusq

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  1. Coleby Cantin

    Plzzzzz do not

  2. Nikolai Goloveyko

    i got 14

  3. Luis Angel


  4. Kiesha Dent

    I have alor of cats and my dog is going to hqv babies

  5. Coleby Cantin

    I saw words underneath the first link in the dasripshin

  6. Dwayne Adam Rosales

    Mind controll

  7. Crystal Wingender

    Yeah Gary that's his name Gary the snail keeps saying Gary like I don't know a lot of times it might be able to recognize it and by recognize it I mean remember it

  8. Janet Carpenter

    My mom said you look like John Lenin

  9. Myra Khanye

    Me when I say infinite to my mom mom can I watch infinite infi what infinite mom nope if Idk what that is u should not either

  10. Princess Gamer tv

    ask harry potter to guide you to where you can get a pet owl like him

  11. Gen Herald Mabuti

    The boat is so cute and the wave scary

  12. Rehan

    159k want to be Caylus freind.

  13. ItsSymoneNaomiTv

    its cool to me even tho i never tried lolipop

  14. Michael Mendenhall

    you sond just like him

  15. Deb Redderson


  16. Cats Dogs

    I do and I like it


    Is said

  18. Patricia Benavidez

    I was full screen headphones on full volume and in the dark

  19. AllTheJays

    infininte says it look fun little first rideng a bmx kid says YEET IT IS!

  20. Kiesha Dent

    Shout me out as Kiesha Dent Cats plz

  21. Gaming Roaster

    How do you get the mods

  22. Emarld_Bois Teow

    Round 2 of small jelly beans: U had a scan to prove ur innocence the 1st time!

  23. Katiiie


  24. Tracy Shock

    It’s a Trapezoid

  25. Sheena Wilson

    My cousin dressed up as spongebob hahahahhahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Kiesha Dent

    Can you shout me out sir

  27. Genesis Reinhold

    I would RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Callum Green

    I am subscribing and unsubscribing and rinse and repeat

  29. Jhunyou Tan

    Is a creepy app

  30. Consorcio Lagado Jr.

    I think it's pretty much Preton!

  31. Brian Pickett

    That's not a alien that's a stranger that did something to his body that's not

  32. Jhunyou Tan


  33. Jules Becker

    Omg his hair is so long lmbo

  34. Callum Green


  35. Luke Brown

    My favorite color is blue to!

  36. Chase fish

    Don't judge people for their catagory. They can do amazing thing too.

  37. Dakota Adkins

    You should play betrayal

  38. Melissa Gutierrez

    Preston is a IThomes or two

  39. mark lamont

    What poping

  40. miles Morales

    Text me

  41. Melissa Gutierrez

    Yes whenever you played with these people Tico was in it and then Tico is a IThomes or

  42. Isabel Menapace

    It’s gonna break but you’re gonna be wrong but guess what I’m gonna make you a really cool slime but do you have the coronavirus but I can send it to you but but what are you live but sometimes I forget we’re people is like can you like text me please but my name is Connor your name is F and then but I meant I have a menu for but I keep on watching your videos by one by one but guess what I got a diamond play button to even a golden one but I’m famous

  43. Crystal Wingender

    I'm okay with the Lego thing but what happened to SpongeBob change the wait

  44. Kiesha Dent

    I don't have instagram

  45. miles Morales

    How u get that mod

  46. Courtney Lenhardt

    The 2nd one broke my heart it so sad

  47. Nic McIntyre


  48. Thomas the train

    I heard the sound before

  49. Katiiie


  50. Turret


  51. Izzy Demers

    Caylus the ice fairy is called a Vex

  52. Thomas the train

    I play as green

  53. Kimberly Wallace

    i would like to read peaples minds

  54. Bendy Club with sammy


  55. Jahme Bell


  56. corpselike


  57. Penelope Siegfried

    I want some skittles but I don’t want to pay for them and then i went too the store once came up to me and said’’put that back and he grabbed my arm and I said ‘’don’t touch me 😜

  58. piggy and brother piggy

    Omg lol 11:33

  59. Starblast

    Him : Just stare into the screen IThomes : Ad time~

  60. Creepy Dolly

    Hi caylus uhm can you play the missing it's a Roblox game and you have to get roblox but can you and also I got your murch

  61. Damein wright

    Well I got a rusty nail stuck in my foot

  62. virginia gravely

    The spider creeper is a mutant creeper

  63. browadis jr


  64. Liam Games

    Actually everything scared me

  65. virginia gravely


  66. Rodney Davis


  67. MADTEC

    I delete it for that first clip I think the dog said that's my child get away from it that's my that's mine don't get don't touch it that's my friend that you're messing with in the second clip the kid was actually it was a test run and the third clip right now it was another test cuz I could see floaties

  68. Tadhg and kyras channel


  69. Alex Glitches-0-

    9:25 um I had gum in my mouth and I almost throw up or spit it put

    1. Alex Glitches-0-


  70. Tadhg and kyras channel

    Keira sounded like the little girl from hocus pocus when she said lier

  71. emy roque

    Infinite all you make is cool

  72. Bobbie maggs


  73. Consorcio Lagado Jr.

    Wait are you friends with Preston Sal Kimmy GatorRoo and Tiko?

  74. adriano torrelli

    YOUR THE BEST IThomesR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Shawn Pyle

    Your sus

  76. Mason Villamil

    I have 3 lives

  77. Perseus Ngapera

    bro nice

  78. Heath Hooper

    Is it just me or the rest of you dirty minded or it could just be a coincidence