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  1. God

    Doja Cat isn’t that girl who trolled the whole simp community 😂

  2. The RSW Family

    Hey if you're reading this, please try and extend your passion, pain, stress , frustration and anxiety to higher levels in this pandemic with your girlfriend, children, parents Alone or if you get a supporting purpose from your family, friends or people on the net you connect with by sharing positivity through you ups and downs moments on the daily. 💯🙇🏾‍♂️🙏🏾💓

  3. Kyleigh Hemmingson

    People do know she quit the show to pursue other acting jobs right?

  4. Destiny Palin

    ❤️❤️❤️ sooo beautiful

  5. Destiny Palin

    That is beautiful ♥️😍😍😍

  6. mckenna lauren

    at 0:39 when he sighed and said ‘zola’ i said the exact same thing, and whispered it too. i literally feel like i am a part of this show LMFAO.

  7. Mukai_Ch

    What episode was this

  8. Alfredo Alcantar

    This is the biggest sjw show ever

  9. fathomflaw

    Save Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  10. Tametra Thomas

    This Is Us tackled this better. This here is so Disney of them 🙄

  11. Myles Goldsberry

    "You've always said you treat us the same, but you don't." I feel the same pain around my older sister and I've been overlooked unfairly my entire life.

  12. Soldamyr

    This the type of kid who you think is lying in school, but actually does all the shit he says he does.

  13. Thabang Mokoena

    Please don't break Junior and Olivia up especially over something stupid like almost every other relationship he's had.

  14. Ari Levitt

    I'm telling you; Anika Noni Rose and the Bailey sisters make a FANTASTIC trio!

  15. Patti Mills

    Very cute!

  16. lauren robinson

    Dude he’s creepy

  17. 846 Rohoman

    They finally cloned him

  18. fathomflaw

    Save Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  19. Crystal Marquez

    Oh my gosh man i said kipi ha ha

  20. Crystal Marquez

    Ha ha i laughed at william and maura eating she couldnt keep straight face lol

  21. Crystal Marquez

    I laughed at carly and heather ha ha

  22. Ryan Anderson 'student'

    Not her best look .... love her tho ha

  23. doot doot

    the zoom class as soon as the teacher disconnects

  24. Ruth Mejia Borja

    BTS and ARMY are unstoppable.

  25. Mrs.Campos19

    I appreciate that they don't treat him any differently then anyone else. They work with him to help him understand but he still suffers the same consequences and the gets the same reprimand. There is no need to tip toe around someone because of autism. In fact that just means you may have a greater opportunity to teach.

  26. VanityTeen

    hey everyone, i made a tik tok a while ago and would love if everyone who saw this could show some support. i post three times a week while trying to build my following up if you’re interested 🤍

  27. I AM # 4

    Humiliation ritual..he pissed somebody off

  28. DatVideoDoe

    Not to drag out the point even further, but there’s something that most comments haven’t touched on. Diane can get pregnant and Jack could get someone pregnant. Not only that, Jack could get MULTIPLE people pregnant. A girl can only get pregnant once at a time (in almost all scenarios) while a guy could get several girls pregnant every day.


      How many teenage boys do you know (especially those who making out with other girls "get MULTIPLE people pregnant"? If you say you know many teenage boys who gets many girls pregnant, that would be a BIG lie.

  29. Marie

    I’ve had this convo wow

  30. Marie

    Live me some Diane

  31. King D the king

    it,,s the EMPTY ARENA for me😂😂😂

  32. Sisubalan Selvan

    Hate this whole season but loved the ending. Perfect ending for the whole show. Favorite season is season 3

  33. hockeysong

    I feel like he is one of those guys who acts like a dick but when he wants to help he really fucking helps then gets treated like shit cause all of the problems went straight to his ass

  34. Misael Muñiz

    His speach simple and straight yo pont

  35. Talcarey Ifill

    Awwwwww loving the dress and the marriage...thank u black Jesus amen

  36. Rose Chyina

    I'm so prouddd of Dojaa!!♥️♥️

  37. Paz Since81

    Your bird chest

  38. 2 lungs transplant

    Love the looks on both of them this was so beautiful

  39. Addy Stacks

    It's Chris brown award bro 😎

  40. B S

    The most stupidest show I have ever seen. The acting and reactions to atrocities is comical. Am only up to S 1 ep 15 but omg 😆

  41. Sergeline Belizaire

    I love this show the name of the song is called Down To The River To Pray it's from the soundtrack of "O Brother, Where Art Thou" the artist singing is Alison Krauss.

  42. Ricardo Clake

    What the hell is she wearing

  43. Natalia Paliza

    Well I think they managed it as good as they could considering the actor left and had depression if I'm not wrong. It hurts me that he left Jo just like that, especially knowing all the shit she went through, but again I understand they tried their Best. And i'm happy they didn't kill him off, if Justin (hopefully) gets better and decides to join the show again then he has the possibility, we can have Alex back.

  44. Brianna Reed

    Season and episode?

  45. taehyungsfingernail s


  46. Eric Vargas

    This is sad it reminds me of my breakup .

  47. noobis has no jams and said hEy sToP It!

    Jin's accent omg. His so handsome in here :)

  48. Nay Nay and Lay lay

    i know what diana feels didnt woman get their rights by protesting why is there a problem when a daughter wants to talk to their parents when they feel like something isnt right.

  49. Boo Stewart

    This is relatable because I have autism and I have had meltdowns like that and normally I don’t like anyone touching me but if I am having a meltdown the only one who can touch me without making it worse is my mother

  50. y333

    Queen Latifa rocks omg

  51. Carina Marques

    damn everyone in the comments is big mad but i can totally see bailey's pov. that was a really disrespectful way to talk to your boss and super selfish reasoning. she's actually right here: you don't wanna work here, you think you're making the hospital a favor? then leave.

  52. Sae Tae

    As a mom of boys, sin is sin, for gitls and boys. You don't get a pass with God so you ain't with me!. Thats what I teach. Lol

    1. Serenity Hopson

      Amen! So true.

  53. Carmilla Stephens

    Why is it that Dre's character is the only one that hasn't evolved? Dang he's annoying 🙄 Love everyone else tho

  54. Tyson C

    Miss this show 🔥

  55. General Phoenix

    I hope liz gillies will sing this if she becomes meg in the upcoming live action hercules movie 😍

  56. Baker_St. Irregular

    I love that Jack threw that last line in there!

  57. O2 T

    WE WANT TWIN-ISH!!! Diane & Jack with Sky & Jazz!!!

  58. Alyssa Westrivh

    Hey this video is so so so so so so so Hhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttytytttttttttt

  59. Lisa T

    We were in the same grade and I remember the whole school rooting for her that year she won Canadian Idol🙏 always wondered what happened to her👏👏👏

  60. TACO

    Ugggg I can't stand when adults say stuff like that. just because I decide to say something or wear something doesn't mean I think I'm grown. Believe it or not I have constitutional, human, and civil rights just as you do.

    1. TACO

      @Serenity Hopson I don't know if I'd say it's a pride thing I think it's just the way they were raised. I don't know it just kind of bothers me when adults treat us badly simply because we are under the age of 18.

    2. Serenity Hopson

      Also. Adults have so much pride in themselves, it’s sickening. My 20 year old sister gets all offended when I remind her to cover her mouth when coughing or sneezing. Then, she says, “I’m an adult, I know what to do.” Yeah, but yet, you aren’t doing IT.

    3. Serenity Hopson

      Yeah, I agree. BUT, guess what? We’re children so, we can’t say nothing nor have a different perspective without being talked down to. Sad, I know 😪 Adults are always gone think “we’re trying to be grown.” It’s their narrow-minded ways. We can’t say nothing cuz we’re “not adults.”

    4. Serenity Hopson

      @victoria hale Y’know, not all adults live by themselves and don’t ask anyone for money. So, try again.

    5. TACO

      @victoria hale Okay first of all there is no need to be rude. Secondly freedom of speech is the first amendment Lastly, your saying that I don't deserve access to my rights because of my age?

  61. TACO

    Exactly. This is why I can't wait to turn 18. I'm sick of my family thinking it's okay to treat me differently just because I'm female. I'm aware not all of societies sexist tendencies will just disappear when I'm 18. I just mean I will be an adult and I will be able to make my own decisions based on what I want to do and MY morals and decisions. NOT other people making decisions for me because I'm a fragile female who needs protecting from the world.

  62. Devin Crenshaw

    How is he 15 he’s like 5’2 and sounds like he’s 10

  63. Izz Channel

    what season and ep is it

  64. Mark Mark

    I wonder if he gives his Dad an allowance

  65. The Bastard Gift

    Per a search Minus Cal as of July 2020 is Out 😮f Business.

  66. Mark Mark

    These comments got me rolling

  67. Things_I_Say

    Sethward: "If I don't get gonged, I've failed."

  68. Puro Chill

    Jackie should've finished off Darlene with a kick to the nuts. I hope they do that same bad dream scenario they with Dan and bring back Rosie

  69. Shlok Ahuja

    that was a shitty deal and they were dumb to take it

  70. Chuckwagon king

    Why not replace the axe with what Minotaur has on its sides

  71. Femi O

    Rainbow in that top? Got my attention

  72. Springston

    Yeah dad does all the work

  73. Tina Snow

    First off I'm mad bc zoey is a whole wild card like Diane has had less guys unlike zoey so that's strike one and two as usual girls get held accountable for things tht boys get praised for like the whole 'sex b4 marriage' how come guys don't have to like no equal right the whole 'oh my son and run around and do wtvr but my babygirl stays locked in like a prisoner' has gotta stop

  74. Linixii Bee

    Whoever thouht it would be fun to add the cast of other movies and charli damelio...needs to be fired

  75. Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive

    Diane is growing up to be such a beautiful young woman. And jack jack is so handsome 😊.

  76. Krista Kearney

    I have lost all respect for Jack Black,he gonged the world’s greatest mutants for cluck’s sake! If the chicken heads get to read this,you guys are the most amazing band I have ever seen,don’t listen to that jerk! He’s just a hypocritical spaz who doesn’t know good music,so just ignore him.

  77. highoffmcr

    normally when a non musical tv show adds a musical episode it’s cringy and hard to hear... but this.... this is beautiful 🙈

  78. Titi Hamilton

    They might as well make Amas Taylor award shows

  79. adriane pulliam

    Becky’s so funny 😂