Discover the world's best voices! We bring together the BEST \u0026 MOST SURPRISING performances of The Voice, The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior. \n\nSERIES OVERVIEW:\n\nTOP 5 __________________ Five performances of The Voice worldwide together in one theme compilation video.\nJOURNEYS _____________ Behind every Voice is a story - From The Blind Auditions till The Grand Final.\nBEST OF THE MONTH___ The TOP 10 best Blind Auditions of that month.\n\n\nABOUT THE VOICE:\n\nIt’s the purest talent competition ever. In this vocal contest, looks don’t play a role. It’s all about the voice! The show features thrilling rounds as the Blind Auditions in which four coaches only hear a talent perform, thanks to the red rotating chairs. If a coach is impressed by the talent's voice, they push their red button to turn around and face the talent. \n\nThe show is currently being watched on every continent, airing in over 180 territories.

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  1. Benimle Beraber ears my brain and every cells in my body... you won...

  2. Tyriq Bonus

    He'll be a star and will be able to for fill his dream ... Go on boy go on !!!

  3. Jennii M.A

    OMG Mitch sound like Justin Bieber sooo much!! 😲

  4. Unique Kris

    Trzeci najlepszy. Ostatnia to pomyłka.

  5. Annie Knight

    Gif why don’t Tom Jones and Hudson realise a duet together. This is what the world needs now, some soul and joy 🙏

  6. Annie Knight

    Knocking it out the park every time.. what a voice and lady she is ❤️

  7. CazKiwi NZ

    Clicked cos I love Guy and was intrigued about the brother.... stayed to listen to that insane Titanium duet again and again.

  8. th3usx. ff

    these children are the future of music, my god this is inacrs I'm from Brazil

  9. Tyriq Bonus

    Wow my heart will go on Johnny wow amazing 😢❤️❤️ amazing thank u !!!

  10. DragonWoman67

    I just love her!

  11. Alex Legal

    Earth Song foi a melhor.

  12. anne-marie Rayar

    All duets incredibly beautiful❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Alex Benito

    Mimi and Josy is amazing!!!

  14. Miss-K

    Really wished to see mommy at the final as a surprise gift as it was his wish for her mom to be at one of his performances "you are my winner" 😢

  15. Thao Official

    I believe that Seal made an important role in his winning. Amazing both of them!!! So beautiful voice and souls!!!

  16. Luis Angel Vino


  17. Alaa Shref


  18. She Lynn


  19. Theresa Clarke

    You go boy Many rivers to cross

  20. kennyhailly

    Thats poor . All combinated

  21. DLG GameR

    idk why the hell did he choose songs that don't suit him, Kelly would be a better coach for him. Better now from Post Malone? its fucked up and Duh from Billie Eilish ?? the coach mistake made him lose

  22. NN NN

    Hudson is incredible

  23. Wandering Texan

    You forgot about Sir Tom

  24. Fatou Ndiaye

    girl bye best voice i’ve ever heard

  25. Ralph Niño Masbang

    I choose Justin❤️

  26. Muckey Duck

    You know this has got to be a gimmick. Listen to those people sing live. Their all fake autotune and lip syncing to their on recording.

  27. Karim Arrigo

    I love the performance of lena and her team... woww🤩 big in japaaaaan😂🤩

  28. Ealider Berinsi

    The laughable chill concurringly compare because kenya successively unpack out a pink reduction. thundering, kind vein

  29. Hunter Tompkins

    I was hoping since I first heard him that he would sing the scientist. Very well done

  30. Taupou Fitiausi

    the boy that sang thank you next was cute and was my fav

  31. Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi

    I'm glad I got the to finally hear how Kelly felt about being second to Beyonce.

  32. Kamel Koroghli

    Judah is great he is my number one ❤️❤️

  33. Ви Кей

    какой хороший мальчишка на испанском спел)) какой же красивый язык испанский португальский бразильский просто балдею)) ну Данелия это понятно очень крутая сама по себе))

  34. Ealider Berinsi

    The late worm supposedly escape because recess conceptually mine astride a teeny-tiny geese. plastic, delicious form

  35. Milly Ashby

    Original song's always captured my heart and soul because you can feel what the singer is all about to who they are as a musician God bless music

  36. Meow_Selma

    They both are pretty! The girl with black hair always has so beautiful hair. And their voices, wow! And their friendships! And all the dresses they were put in, gorgeous!

  37. Jin K Slate


  38. Jin K Slate

    🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾THE VOICE TFPatrolingSabadoLibertyMutualINSURANCHPresentedBySuYouCaySettingHENRENNewYear2021-2022Eve🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾

  39. libbyroseo

    Most people always sing their best in there auditions lol like when they pick their own song

  40. SuperVoene

    Germany is the best! Great song,great performance,great Lena(I love this woman)! Greetings from Russia!

  41. Maria Eduarda


  42. Vivian Oliver


  43. jo terporten

    It's such a shame. She did nothing with her talent.

  44. Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi

    Gat damn Jennifer Lawrence has been glowing up every year for a decade straight

  45. Chernobog

    A wise man once said: “When I die I want to be remembered for the life that I lived, not for the money that I made.” -Tim Bergling (Avicii) My Dad told me of Elvis and Micheal, I will tell my son of Avicii and Kobe. (:

  46. kostas papas

    i think his grandmother was an actor...maybe

  47. Алексей Кудрявцев

    Лена красотка и песня красивая.

  48. melvin comanda

    Very clean voice🔥🔥🔥

  49. burikbradchu

    This show has really gone downhill. How many more relatives and friends of the judges are gonna be popping up? It's really tacky. If you already have a friend or relative in the business, they can help you get started (introduce you to influential people, coach you privately, etc). A show like this is for people who don't have a connection in the business and are trying to get a foot in the door. And the blind audition becomes pointless if the coach can recognize the voice of his brother or buddy or whatever. This is just about giving them free TV exposure. Whatever happened to impartiality? How can the other contestants or the audience have any faith that the decisions the judges make at each stage of the contest are based on vocal ability, stage presence, etc. and not biased by their personal relationships? I know it's just a TV show, and who really cares, but it's a real turn-off for me. I don't watch this show religiously, so I'm not sure how many times this has happened, but the 2 times I know of (Guy's brother and his buddy) are 2 too many.


    billie where are you lol

  51. Robyn Penfold

    I do nippers to but my dad runs the club I am in so I started when I was 4

  52. Michael Muldowney

    Olly and Will be like “we ain’t worthy”

  53. Marina Sætre

    Jhud is divine! Then, Tom Jones, divine as well, at his age, and still singing like that! Love them both!

  54. Chirath Kalutharage

    guy from ukraine. Amazing! Easy for him.

  55. Fábio Falcão

    the 3rd one was amazing man..

  56. San Zr

    No one is gonna talk about the connection between him and Joe? I felt like he was his kid and the way he looked at him at the end even tho he didn't win, it's like a proud dad look.. That dude was killing it the whole time, I'ma search for his name and I'll be a fan :)

  57. Jim Retro

    The exotic ship relatedly branch because cycle potentially occur qua a diligent examination. aggressive, thundering step-mother

  58. Milly Ashby

    Honestly I would of chosen the Koi Boy's

  59. #VeerlePoweRrr!! !

    Omg i releaze i have the same glasses like justing Omg

  60. Fábio Falcão

    dude..the first..literally michael's voice in those first kapp

  61. Cecile Rose


  62. Hermits Lantern

    Love her ❤

  63. DevilFN

    he's gotta be carcked at fortnite my guy uhhh

  64. brian kleinkopf

    *Blessings?* ? on Blessing!

  65. brian kleinkopf

    Blessing? can SANG!!!! yup yup


    The first one is so pretty There voice is melting my heart

  67. Sandra Davis

    This beautiful woman it's PURE GOLD!!! Wow!!! I'm speechless 😍😍😍

  68. Mary Wookey

    These shows are so rigged!! Jordon CLEARLY an all-star performer and singer hands down should've won!! But because " hes too good" to win, will go on to make record after record! But damn-it! He deserved to win!!

  69. Killer Jiujitsu

    Hey crowd shut the be quite

  70. Saneera Silva

    Well done TnN Sri Lanka (and thanks in advance girls you have appreciated every comment. we appreciate your humble gratitude) Wish you all the best to win the series.

  71. Charlotte


  72. rania bouziane

    Ukraine toooop💜

  73. Laxus ?

    that Whitnes Houston gave me chills lol

  74. peter dunne

    i know the winner,,,,,,,

  75. Faith Chibinjana

    Wow undiluted talent. I love the fact that you mantained that african in you thank for bringing zim on the map 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼


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  76. Luis Scazziotta


  77. Megan Stotts Worsley

    What is it with Filipino women and huge voices? They are amazing!

  78. Jordan Hardy

    She was finna say “something I admire in a man” 8:19

  79. Bob Niel

    I watch this for 25 minutes just to find out at the end that he DIDN'T WIN!!! (who was the other guy anyway?)

  80. ana tatrishvili

    Alexandre zazarashvili 👍👍👍the Best 👍👍👍