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  1. Gamecore

    This is ppv lol

  2. mick 07

    Dumb if anyone buys this😂

  3. J. Vega

    Somehow. I clicked on this to see Dallas get smoked on a play.


    I got Tank by decision

  5. 최정수

    Easy fight. Davis will win.

    1. Guero Burban

      Not an easy fight you will see

  6. Rw Chitown

    Ray finger strong as hell

  7. K9Boxing

    It’s going down I fought on this boy #showtime🥊

  8. oussama toro


  9. Juan Ramirez

    How can we download this for free

  10. Renato Pinho

    Boa mlk

  11. Crazy Villarruel

    Gervonta fighting and mayweather out partying in vegas with a dozen hookers lol.

  12. dope boy Dreams

    GD tank.. the one

  13. King JoJo

    Let’s go Tank Davis!

  14. Ken cd

    Stream the fight on here for free plss

    1. Bruce Collins

      Bro I appreciate you, you have no idea.

    2. Jammel Konnect

      THANKS BRO 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    3. Ken cd


    4. x Coombsy

      Uk get the fight for free

    5. Nathan ANG

      @KIKIS909 not sure bro, where I’m from it’s 8:00 and it’s starting right now

  15. Yoo Butters


  16. Massiahh

    Tank team

  17. YoBoiScott


  18. Cristian Jeronimo


  19. Ryan909


  20. Frank Woods

    Floyd let the man shine

  21. CryptoCat

    Nice piñata

  22. Phoeni6 Taylor

    3rd round knockout tonight

  23. PHARO 384

    Bank on tank

  24. Rodel Layug

    I love leo s.c.hes a great and real boxing warrior.beat davis in pain.


    Why this man not coaching in the NFL

  26. thailand smile

    When is that fight start

  27. br 1251


  28. Walid Shabazz

    Davis and Mayweather is toxic mixture. I favor Tank over Santa Cruz tonight.

  29. Anderson E. Luís

    Ray need a coachin gig

  30. Stryk22

    Can my Titans Hire this man????

  31. Black K1ng NYC


  32. Europa 1

    Guys a scumbag, things won't end well for him.

  33. David Suttles Jr.

    Why does he see this shit but everyone is BLIND?

  34. Sandro torres

    Gamboa mal peleador es un perdedor..

  35. Asian Minox Journey

    Good luck 🍀 to both guys May the best fighter win 💯

  36. Matthew Bailey

    "If you're all wrong than you're alright". Got to fucking save this one for later if I ever become a HS D coordinator.

  37. Antonio Brockington

    When is he coming back to the NFL as a coach?

  38. M.L 1234

    $75+ for this fight are you kidding me??!!!! Noobs, no thanks.

  39. Kirby Cecil

    Mutual respect ✊! Gotta love that, best wishes to both freighters!

  40. Heavy Kevy Stunnaham...

    Ook. Maybe Bill don’t want Cam to win! Building I’m up to destroy him type shit

  41. Bert Baco

    From. Santa cruz manila phils vamos2 leo santa cruz..


    Mampus kau connor

  43. Bryont Brown

    This is insane. All the Q's he pointed out is just a testament to why he is arguably the greatest linebacker ever

  44. Yo-yo To yo

    Ray is so intense it’s like he could kill someone... again

  45. R M

    Davis gonna kill this dude...i feel sorry for him already

  46. alfred yan

    Clase mierda el gamboa no tiene piernas

  47. Desmond Bailey

    Ray got me ready to suit up and get out there... knowing full well it'd be the last time I'd see the sky.

  48. Avery Marcel


  49. the critics

    Wanheng just beat floy record this asian is the TBE and still the champ and fighting undefeated.

  50. Ron S

    Would love to hear Ray talk about defense with Brady talking about offense. That would be an awesome conversation.

  51. NY State Of Mind

    Jesus fucking Christ. Mayweather is like the Diddy of boxing. ALL IN THE VIDEOS, ALL IN THE INTERVIEWS! DAMN! We get it. You are provideing Davis a platform. Let the man fly.... It's like Mayweather misses the spot light...

  52. Joseph Perreault

    wow the man that can the real deal holyfield

  53. moise colagene

    Yes that was excellent teaching by Ray

  54. Clint Huff

    One thing I hate is defensive players slowing down and almost giving up when they see the runner is close to the goal line. Like wtf the first guy slows down at the 30 yards line like wtf

  55. cteezy1983

    PLeeeeeeease get Marshall off TV!!!!!!

  56. Killa Roe

    Ray lewis needs to be the defense coordinator for the cowboys asap💯💯💯

  57. Lucie Descôteaux

    They say that referee has been one for 18 years , i've been watching boxing for 35 years now and never saw him before ...i saw that referee act unprofessional many times in this fight !

  58. Jeselle Starks

    Represent Baltimore Tank! 👍

  59. Robert Edwards

    All my thoughts are with Leo and his family. I hope his father makes a full recovery and I hope his brother doesn't still blame himself for the Frampton fight. Their tactics in the rematch were entirely different and caught lots of us off guard but I don't think it's a tactic they would have used in the first fight, even if his dad had been healthy. I hope it's a good fight either way

  60. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Whats that song when they present Santa Cruz’s house

  61. You see me Everywhere

    I saw a comment saying "Conor lasted 10 rounds with floyd in boxing but floyd wouldn't last 1 round with Conor in the UFC" TERRIBLE comparison First of all flyod is one of the most defensive boxers ever 2nd of all in the UFC use use punches, kicks, chocking, hammer head fists, etc. In boxing u just use punches



  63. Jesus Martinez

    Master defensive mind what a gem

  64. Jonathan Dejesus

    Great to watch..and even better watching that after both of their respective careers seemed as if Brandon was still learning the game from Ray's end..amazing #fortheloveofthegame

  65. deez nutz

    Iwould never question ray Lewis defense coaching lecture, this dude a clown , shut up and listen

  66. Geo Quiroz

    Gervonte even talks like Mike tyson 😂

  67. Sam Sam

    He remind me of Winky right

  68. Blake Eager

    Touching the TV like its a touch screen lmao

  69. Tim Lindwall

    they coulda showed the cowboys on every play they cant stop the most basic plays

  70. nando carpi

    santa cruz leo" is at least 4 inches taller .

  71. CodiakLBJfan

    Thumbnail: I love you baby, I love you too my ninja.

  72. Mike Plumer

    I've said it for years. ESPN made the mistake of wanting Preacher Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis is in the HOF because he watched more film than anybody else. Peyton Manning will tell you he did all that pre snap gyrations and nonsense because of Ray in Peyton's rookie year was calling out all of Indy's plays. Hire Ray on TV to break down film and he'd be the best

  73. 199331939

    Dudes look stupid with those masks on!! IMO

  74. Danny Diaz

    I wouldn't have wasted a red Cent on that fight that is just straight down right ridiculous and pathetic they clearly did it for the money not for their reputation of being cowards God bless both of you guys after all is said and done

  75. Daniel Campbell

    This is probably my favourite wilder ko although stiverne wasn't in shap the way he dealt with him was badass

  76. FacultyGee TV

    Lmao Brandon Marshall funny he said don’t hit me he know Ray will Jan that ass up

  77. Joselchino

    two great fighters

  78. sevenfights

    I love the passion Ray has for the game. He should be coaching somewhere somehow.

  79. Shabazz Prophet

    Mares should've kept what he had in the 2nd 🤦🏾‍♂️ (I'm only in the 3rd round btw)

  80. Travis Dezan

    Golden Jacket.