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  1. Joseph Hesse

    You inspire me.

  2. A DEMON

    I'm not a rap man I'm a death metal demon but I love tom and problematic

  3. Jade Marie

    love this <3

  4. Logan Fox

    has anyone gotent a msg fro a fb page called tom macdonalgift sayin you won somethin fr wonderin

  5. karah martinez

    lol corn taste good tho

  6. Jade Marie

    brilliant xx

  7. spookshow reviews

    I gotta be honest, if Tom keeps going this way, then I'll respect him a lot more than I did previously. It seems like he actually wants to branch out and get more helpful music out, which is admirable.

  8. Derek Stewart

    Tom I'm disappointed wtf it's Halloween bro honestly I thought u would drop a new video with u r creative ass hope u r just holding out

  9. RastaxZebra

    why the chick in this video look like sid the sloth?