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  1. Eric Medel

    Cool Paige is back. It looks more like space camp than bible camp

  2. Anon ymous

    I’m hoping this season will be better. I hope the choreography is better. I’m excited to see this new character, but i don’t get why they didn’t just cast her as Kate instead of a whole new character. How are they gonna explain Kate’s disappearance? What’s gonna happen to Kate and Alice’s rivalry now that Kate is gone? They have much explaining to do.

  3. Josh Loves Movies

    I really hope Javica Leslie is better as Batwoman than Ruby Rose! Please CW!

  4. Popa Smurf

    why they eyes look so empty

  5. Zorro455

    Why does She already feel more likeable? Lol

  6. Issac Maya

    New girl, you won’t be in the crossovers with the other big dogs

  7. Kelly Lawson

    Honestly that "boo" line has me hyped for Ryan


    So excited for Ryan wilder aka batwoman to kick some butt

  9. baxatak Baxatak episode? ONLY if Noah Hawley wants out. Otherwise, I hope he spins another midwestern yarn!

  10. Jeb Johnston

    I was really hoping that they wouldn't do this, but whatever. I actually liked the show, but at least I got one season before it became a batwoman themed show.

  11. krishna kumar

    In season 8 episode 2 Dom said to Katarina that "You took it and he has it. So do you" Katarina took Masha when she was a kid, she became closer to Reddington while working at FBI and now she is again with Katarina. So Keen is somehow the secret they are trying to protect. Maybe she knows the secret subconsciously

  12. Luis Felipe Fonseca Da Costa

    Where is a new trailer of superman and lois?

  13. Deji Oyewole

    she said boo, i hate it

  14. Naomi Karuri

    in usa

  15. Nadeem Ahmed

    Haha any real point on watching the first season if they've changed everything in the second

  16. Romey Rome

    She's giving me Batgirl vibes and I love her body of work on everything that she does. Plus she's from my area so I'm supporting. On a side note keep the homophobic and racist comments to yourself nobody wants to read that filth that you're trying to kick.

  17. Mina

    Loveddddd javicia on God friended me and it looks like she’ll be amazing in this also 👌

  18. MARVEL DC Fan 4 LIFE

    I hope she'll get her own comic!!!!!!

  19. Paulo F.

    I loved her looks

  20. Purple Tiger

    Boo! 🦇

  21. JENDALL714

    Another failed season, just bring in Batgirl, Barbara Gordon already to save the show! Why go with these lesser known Gayer characters?

    1. Anon ymous

      This is a Batwoman show, not a Batgirl show

    2. Adde Stj

      bechus they dont have the rights for barbara gordon

  22. natalia martinez

    💓💕💕💕 Loveee

  23. Exal Gudiel

    Regreso Paige!!!!!! Paige is Back!!!!!!

  24. Shut Up

    This season gives me friday the 13th vibes idk why BUT IM HERE FOR IT AND I LOVE IT💆🏽‍♀️

  25. Xandane Tabanor

    I don't know about this new girl is giving me more of a Batgirl vibe that Batwoman

  26. Mario Salcedo

    Nooooooo mi Batwoman ruby Rose :( encima me gustó la serie ya la dañaron (opinion)

  27. User

    To be honest feels like the new lady fit in role perfect cause she is really enjoying the process of the show and the role. Not to bash on Ruby Rose on season 1 she did a good job bringing it in but hopefully season 2 is a hit.

    1. User

      @uncanny dcmarvelous yeah hope CW can save the series.

    2. uncanny dcmarvelous

      Yep but still producers went by a complicated path for the sake of more diversity instead of just doing a recast and continue Kate's story (if they wanted to acknowledge the change, there was a plastic surgery thing on Season 1 that they could use).

  28. UB_Stormzzy

    is this tiktok 🍘

  29. dro209kali g

    Going to be way worse then the 1st seasons

  30. Melissa Clark

    I am just glad they will change the awful wig to one that is actually nice

  31. John Theo

    I didn't watch the first season i didn't like the actress but now i will

  32. BadKarma _

    If Cheryl was wearing a booty shorts they probably with say her.

  33. Jay Tern


  34. Tofunmi Toyin-Gbede

    This is soo going to suck

  35. Bazzle Bear

    Lets hope that they slow down - too many plot threads.

  36. UNCUT

    Showtime you have to push Shameless further , maybe just till Season 14 or so ? Cmon im not ready for a final Season

  37. Lag Tag20

    The narrator sounds so enthusiastic 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. The sky The sun

    She is really good in God Friended me

  39. AngryPanda

    No no no

  40. Haider Z

    I love the “boo” line lol I hope Ryan is a lot less serious and more humorous than Kate was. 🦇

  41. langa dube

    Let's see if this series can be saved my own opinion don't really care the CW pretty much peaked with their DC heroes

    1. Idris Ali

      Exactly but season 2 of Batwoman Will either be very good or very bad

  42. David itepu

    Are they changing batwoman's storyline too?? Cus she has a twin sister (Alice) who is white...

    1. Zaphkyel Anna

      they also forgot she's the paragon of courage. but they probably don't need that anymore so to hell with it.

    2. uncanny dcmarvelous

      This new girl is a new made up character taking the mantle of Batwoman, *Ryan Wilder* lesbian drug-runner who lives in a van. They should just recast and continuing Kate's story like if nothing happened but nooo, when they saw the chance they went by the complicated path for the sake of more diversity. And made Kate went missing same way Bruce did, and Alice is so angry that Kate disappeared.

  43. Endy Lu

    So dumb

  44. Sam Misner

    okay that was badass Boo

  45. Joel Ybanez

    The first season was honestly not that bad. The lore of Batman was good in terms of building up what his overall character is in the Arrowverse. I liked how they use Hush as a loophole to finally give us the physical appearance of Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse. Alice was a great villian played by a great actress. The storylines with Luke and Mary were good. Julia Pennyworth was a compelling character. And even though she quitted playing the lead character, Ruby Rose did a solid job as Kate Kane/Batwoman in the show

    1. Joel Ybanez

      @uncanny dcmarvelous yeah i know. But since this is post-Crisis, it can be assumed as a Crisis change

    2. uncanny dcmarvelous

      Albeit Bruce's actor already appeared on Arrow Season 1 as an old millionarie friend of Oliver, some perfect douche guy that wanted to sleep with Laurel. Carter Bowen, who only appeared on episode 6 of Season 1.

  46. Blossom Utonium

    I’m rooting for you new girl🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 save this show!!!!!

    1. wkadalie

      Ruby Rose wasn't great, but she wasn't the biggest issue with the show. That was the writing.

  47. Lukas Abramovich

    Boo... I love that line 😂😂

  48. Jonathan Myers

    "Red wig? And I'm the crazy one."

  49. Jason

    Why would anyone wanna see season 1 it was terrible what's god all my god no

    1. King Boyeem

      Ikr this show trash 🗑️

  50. hit wonda

    I can't wait i all ready like her let goooooo

  51. F3N3GY3R3K

    Not to nitpick but whats the point of watching the 1st season when all the plot threads become meaningless and all end up in the dumpster in season 2? o.O

    1. F3N3GY3R3K

      @John Diggle Yep! My thoughts exactly! To be honest the 1st season really was nothing to brag about on the writers part but at least it had an okay season finale. They could have built upon that. And the new girl instead of recast really makes now sense. I mean they recast Sara Lance's O.G. actress to Caity Lotz and they planing to do something similar with Ralph Dibny's actor. This would have been on a bit bigger scale but still better than this....

    2. Blazing Ocean

      @John Diggle MAYBE we can have a one liner about her father putting her in jail? Or fuse her story with Barbara and put her in a wheelchair to be watchtower?

    3. John Diggle

      That was my main complaint about getting a new person to be batwoman instead of recasting. Everything they set up is basically useless. Its meant to be personal to Kate kane, her sister is a villain, her father is against her etc. Getting someone random just ruins it.


    the only thing i don't understand is why the CW uses a ruby rose impersonator for the voice over, as its barely necesarry to do so as the new season wont have her


      @breakingdawn999 but still they could have used a normal voice over, not hired someone to sound like ruby rose when it isnt ruby rose. i don't really care but its just a little stupid in my opinion

    2. breakingdawn999

      Maybe because in this trailer they are mainly advertising online streaming of season one?

  53. Rafi

    Bruh let this shit die! No one wants this polished shit....

  54. Maja

    She is German😍

  55. King Boyeem

    This show 🗑️

  56. Randy García

    This is Season 1 promo, not season 2...

    1. Maja

      No. It's a promo. They just said that you have the chance to rewatch season 1 now and then there was season 2

  57. Otakuwolf4ever Katz

    Hmm, somehow, I already like the new girl.

    1. miguel linarez troche

      Yes, and the good thing is that the woman in real life is a lesbian and in the series she is also a lesbian, although they are looking for an actress from the lgbt community, what is that? I was afraid that she was a straight but she is a lesbian like Ruby Rose

    2. Otakuwolf4ever Katz

      @Dizi Editleri You've got yourself a subscriber.

    3. Dizi Editleri

      Hi.I have good videos. Will you support me...

  58. Charles Swan

    Can't wiat

  59. Jania Johnson

    My birthday is the 18th. Im so excited for this I’ve been waiting since season 1 wrapped up

  60. Ilahmae Cunanan

    Here we gooooooo!!!

  61. Dark majesty

    Come on January 😤😤😤

  62. Erin V123

    0:22 WTF

  63. Wladson

    AAAAAAAAAAA Let's go

  64. Timsprek p

    Can't wait 😍

  65. Cain Marrero


  66. Yungkidd World

    Let’s goo‼️‼️

  67. Amadu Barrie


  68. Dexter321Bro

    Tranquilo Ted piensa en la biblia

  69. Jimena Dubon

    The intro is the reason why I kept watching this season😂

  70. Iacob Ovidiu

    It was the old man. ;) you will remember my comment!

  71. bau iribarra

    Soy de argentina y no entiendo una mierda

  72. Caroline Forbs

    finally Gallaghers vs Milkoviches

  73. Rodrigo Antônio

    Que rivalidade gostosa....

  74. Wild Man

    Wow... I always thought a crossover between Gifted and Young Sheldon would be absolutely AMAZING. I know McKenna doesn’t play her character from Gifted in this, but still will be stellar!

  75. Manevalil J P David Jr

    Who’s here after supernatural has ended 😩😔😔🥺😞☹️

  76. rose jeudy


  77. rose jeudy

    Yeah Mr

  78. rose jeudy

    You don't look like you want a be mean🤩

  79. rose jeudy

    Smilling at large 🤩