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  1. AbsoluteChad_69

    I really want Schumacher back on the podium in F1. Keep it up

  2. Lister of Smeg

    Basically, you rarely get an upset without rain.

  3. Ali Parcheforosh

    Keep fighting Micheal :(

  4. Thomas Farrar

    They need to do a 2020 update

  5. Mizo Zial


  6. V12Style

    they picked the most mainstream cars ever, missed the following cars: lotus 72e, Renault r25, McLaren mp4/5b, Williams fw18, honda ra272, Ferrari 412t1, etc

  7. Nyke YT


  8. Mahoyage

    seeing kamui on the podium gives me patriotic pride and im not even Japanese

  9. Brutal Deluxe

    I don't get all the fuss about the title? Where I'm from it just means very attractive.

  10. Max Babutzka

    🙈 oh Gott, wieder ein paar Leute die Hinterher fahren.

  11. marius schwarz

    His biggest Problem was his Ego!

  12. Rhodri Owen

    Massas engineer is a legend

  13. Alexandre Nabais

    Name of the song PLEASE!!!

  14. Vojtěch Pinker


  15. Sơn Nguyễn Hoàng

    My country!!!

  16. Zeppek official

    Grosjean : "Im doing my best" Oh really man ? We dont see that Nah im joking Romain

  17. Zeppek official

    When George win a race : I dont know what to say

  18. Dark blade Gaming

    Where is the 1995 Ferrari. "Sexiest" car of all time in my opinion

  19. Ευγενία Μιχαλοπούλου

    after 5 years kimi wins , i m crying!!! grazie kimi , grazie max 18th to 2nd , grazie seb 18th to 4th. more points for scudderia

  20. Igor Paikin

    Where is Jenson Button win in Canadian 2011? I think it was the ever best rain win

  21. Berci Fazakas

    Where's thr Brabham Fan Car? 😔

  22. Delta 1

    how come george won and he got williams but lando got mclaren and albon got red bull

  23. Ajadizzul

    2014 nose be like:

  24. Chinelo Ndefo

    BOTTAS is out of the race

  25. Chinelo Ndefo

    LANDO NORRIS is out of the race

  26. spongebob Squarepant

    they are all so petty i love it

  27. Hamada king

    Turkish GP showed us who really had skill talent and experience

  28. faltopfake

    Alonso Melbourne 2015?

  29. Tim K

    « Gerard Ducourage » 😂😂

  30. MrVortexLP

    Valtteri Bottas be like: I am Speed

  31. Albert 97

    Mercedes must pay a tribute to Carl Benz the founder in 2026

  32. TheHammer

    Lol imagine a Lance Palmer

  33. Jameel Ja

    The craziest part of monaco is the swimming pool section. Everytime I drive that track in f1 (codemasters) game i always think to myself how crazy it would be to do that in real life racing other cars, while adjustment brake bias, differential settings, ERS. Just nuts.

  34. รชต ชมภูธวัช

    8:27 Albon's fans and Thai fans feel like: ......Awwhhh dear me.

  35. ouamri chahine

    So don alfredo is the one to blame for there dominance rn

  36. Matthew Henderson

    This is the biggest crashes video just in a different order

  37. Stefan Jekic

    Drugovich victory is the biggest shock to me. Dude was I think 15th in F3 in 2019 without a point scored. When it was announced he will be driving in F2 in 2020 I thought we will have another Lord King Mahaveer or Sean Galael. Man was I wrong...

  38. SebsKrist 14

    0:40 if the track gets updated in the future, its probably gonna be called the Vettel chicane

  39. Ryan Dawson

    ITV Sport F1 James Allen And Martin Brundle ITV 1 Commentary

  40. KianSoCool

    And sebastiaauha valtteri bottas

  41. Tianming Jiang

    Dani caused two crashes...

  42. Manuel Gonzalez

    A 17 minutes video length I thought: ok this is long video to watch I will play it. At the end I was like wow, it passed in a tent of a second. hahaha

  43. Francesco Ponzoni

    3:03 Safety first

  44. jonny xxx

    Schumacher il più grande campione di Tutti i tempi!! E lo sarà ancora.Non esiste pilota come lui'!!!Sei il migliore

  45. むきむきプリン


  46. Hugo Borrego Morales

    Unpopular opinion: Alonso>Lewis>Vettel

  47. Diego Fernandez Sanchez

    sainz did same the overtake russel did on bottas but with a McLaren

  48. Djarra

    Doesn't Button's pit stop record only count if you don't include the Indy 500. I'm pretty sure they were making more fuel stops back in the early 50s.

  49. Verza Jr.

    Hamilton was the real winner. Illegal defenses, chicanes cut, moves under braking and on the straight, illegal engine.

    1. jacopo mixio

      Awww poor Hamilton, oh yes... CRY-milton

  50. Me. once again

    Ok not to spoil the fun jokes and all, but we all know that mercedes did the pitstop that slow cz they werent ready at all and Hamilton crashed just outside the pit lane so there was no time for the crew to get ready

  51. Tomaten Mark

    Es heisst nicht Merceeedis sondern MerZeDeS ! And Piezsah🍕 is called PiZZa. Inglisch Morons.

  52. d11ita

    Why is it not called "Mercedes-Benz F1" but only "Mercedes"?

  53. Hooded Gaming

    For me the video is not available

  54. Dr Daniel impossible


  55. Dr Daniel impossible

    Bad. race. for ferrari😢

  56. Sonny Gibbons

    "We know what happens when a RedBull comes late" That's what she said

  57. Chinelo Ndefo

    LEWIS HAMILTON House tour

  58. Anthony Khoury

    Forza Alfa Romeo 🍀

  59. Dr Daniel impossible

    99.100 likes woah😁

  60. V8Hilux joking? That has to be the ugliest winner of he sexiest anything.... long flat blunted nose and two giant letterbox air intakes on the side pods? Someone in the office trying to keep the new boss Domenicali sweet.

  61. Chinelo Ndefo

    Lewis Hamilton win the race

  62. Jan Wlazlowicz

    Mission Winnot 2021. Mattia looks ready :(

  63. Yousef Tam

    Checo 💪

  64. steve gaming

    Lewis Hamilton not get a penalty ? His cut the chicane

  65. Wojciech Kulikowski

    Team Radio: "Kimi, you've got a pole" Kimi: "Just leave me alone..."

  66. ToddRey

    Now their teammates! 😂

  67. Chinelo Ndefo

    Lewis Hamilton 5 time penalty

  68. SebsKrist 14

    RedBull X: IM STRONG Fan Car: but not "REAL"ly

  69. 13 CRUZ, Monty

    2:48 that camera man was faster.

  70. Chinelo Ndefo

    BOTTAS took over Lewis Hamilton

  71. Bruno Lang

    Yooo im the 52 000th dislike i feel so special!

  72. Reyes Renan

    The best 🏎️🏆🏆🏆🇧🇷♥️⚘🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  73. Partha Sarathi Bhattacharyya

    You don't win 4 WC by being a yes man......

  74. BRION

    Why is 2021 actual cars looks the same as 2020 then ? What happened? I'm actually confused

  75. Aser Toshiba

    Where are new ones!?.... just kiddin....

  76. Bag of Nails

    So many of these, it wasn't really the entire fault of the backmarker.

  77. Aser Toshiba

    Without engine sound!?? What was the point!??