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  1. Santiago Bareiro

    la sigo escuchando y la seguiré❤🤞

  2. Galih Angkoso Nugroho

    Old but gold

  3. ellis klein gunnewiek

    Love this song! 🤩

  4. Yasmin B. Peixoto

    The best of 2020

  5. GWA Productions

    I billion

  6. Warrel Liben Mangisi Ambarita

    So excited to know that Indonesian animator Pinot Wahyudi has a collaboration with Twenty one pilots on this work, I came here just read the news from the kompass, gile gile keren om pinott -Just share love Not over proud, peace

  7. Ck_Ghost

    i just love u guys...its been so many years addicted to every single song.

  8. rhodien santos

    This song is still soo good

  9. Team BTL

    It's been years but vibe never get old 🎉🎉

  10. Arya Chaudhary

    18 27 72 The End kayal Geyal Aech k

  11. xyver berte

    When I heard this song I know this gonna be hit After that I watch their meet and greet and now I was obsessed to them

  12. Arya Chaudhary

    1.3-1.5 result ayal aae.

  13. kyalsinhtet Kie

    Kyite tl

  14. sabil belabes

    Im balling Im calling Im boring Im falling 😂😂😂😂

  15. Abtahee I. Aahir

    is it me or does this sound better then the original

  16. Guest 1OO99


  17. Suresh Babu

    Malayali indo

  18. əli agayev

    6 years old🚬

  19. Jc Rivera

    This song kinds of remind me of Adventure Time for some reason

  20. Laufeyson

    Ese we xd 💛

  21. Laufeyson

    The people: Are u okay, guy? (._.?)

  22. Darthmaulforce

    Josh is so manipulative he turnes everyone into his toys to do his bidding

  23. real LX c g

    No flexing, no women, no nonsense, no homo stuff, and no basic singer like Ariane grande this is perfect

  24. Kay Jay

    yusses this album is gonna be legit to listen to in the car!

  25. Kay Jay

    wow, this got me deep! Anxiety and choking on my words thats how I perceive this music video. Going for something you want...

  26. Koda

    noooo they didnt sell out..... ;)

  27. ravecoin

    systematically on repeat, how are they so good! so unchanged! so emotional

  28. Nono Tsukiba

    Me sigue encantando :3

  29. Gisela Maritza Montes Nolasco

    This song carry me to the surreal world, love this, really love this

  30. Leo Regular

    -E <==== new logo that you can type, but you might not not want to use it because of any, you know. Hidden meaning to it if you catch my drift.

  31. Lindon John claros


  32. richard

    proud TOP fan since 2013!

  33. richard

    happy to see Twenty One Pilots is still making amazing music

  34. Мария Сизых

    excelent as ever! Thank you from Ukraine


    Finally after soo long

  36. Justin Chris • 10 years ago

    I doubt that you'll never come back here.

  37. Allison Mather

    y'all feel like this is going backed to like a self-titled feel? I love it

  38. Rick Ørtiz

    pasaran los años y yo nunca dejare de amar este tema tan hermoso . :3

  39. Emi Quintana

    Saw Ty's plaid vans in the store the day after this video came out. Bought immediately.

  40. can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato

    Please I love this mv😭😭😭

  41. can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato

    the dog is adorable

  42. can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato

    His BEANIE 😩💅

    1. abbsnn cose

      He should have helped push the chlorine container

  43. Chill Chair Podcast

    Coincidence or chance: The color of the first album (twenty one pilots) has all the colors. Blurryface is red. Trench is yellow. This album Scaled and Icy is blue. The connection is that those are the primary colors

  44. Emi Quintana

    Hear me out: The outro Sound blocking headphones City skyline at night Atop a building

  45. Emi Quintana

    This song helped alert me to, and get me out of a really bad place where I was doubting God and everything I was. Thank you Ty. Thank you Josh. God is continuing to use you, and it's an honor to watch and be a part of it. Can't wait for SAI!

  46. LVCUZi

    So nostalgic 🙃

  47. Emi Quintana

    This song is so frikin good. It feels nostalgic even from the first time you hear it.

  48. Emi Quintana

    Still my overall favorite song of theirs

  49. cecilia y ale banana you

    mi favorita ovo ozy

  50. HoneyDukes

    Can someone please explain this song to me?

  51. cecilia y ale banana you

    una de mis favoritas unu

  52. Pasindu gamer

    He sings Folina Sahlo, but in the description, (on the original official audio,) it's Sahlo Folina... If we hear the reverse version, no sense at all... no real words would be heard in both original and reverse...

    1. Pasindu gamer

      IDK what Folina Sahlo is T_T

  53. Brooke M


    1. meija brusche

      and vessel

  54. darwin contreras

    yo y tu yo y tu AJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

  55. AMAZ3DDD

    this song is on 🔥 |-/

  56. Edu Enríquez

    Mayo 11 2😍21!!!

  57. Cowdy

    Bruh, the only reason josh drums in the middle of his shift is because tyler’s song is so fire that he wants to join, damn if tyler stop singing josh would sell the figurine to him

  58. Sarah Carter

    Ok I love love LOVE TOP no phun intended is my favorite album pretty much ever makes me cry... but idk man this song isn't hitting me quite yet :/ not sure why Maybe I need to listen a few hundred times

  59. David Fann

    This video was filmed 7 miles from my grannies house..

  60. Ya Boi Celery

    how did I never know about this?!?!?!

  61. Crunchy Pickles

    It’s gonna hit six years in 2 days I’m gonna cry, it’s crazy how fast time flys

  62. Tosha Sweeten

    Still an amazing song... 2021



  64. *Siiri Sirviö*



    Only real song lover can cry because of these song

  66. Arizona Phoenix

    i still love yall but u have long hair now wooooooow i love it

  67. davison fernandes

    Quem disse que essa música é sobre casal gay ?Kkkķkķk só pq o clipe é?é uma interpretação

  68. Bob

    I loved this song since I was really young, Bad days

  69. Rispar Maina

    Put these pilots on a track with the dragons...

  70. Gabriela Perez

    Muero por escucharla en vivo

  71. Raymond Dwipa

    I like how the cashier is reading a book instead of going through their phone

  72. C C

    So, thank you for exactly who u are! I know your mom btw so 👁, 😂🤣😅🤣😂 YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!

  73. Heavenly Armed

    Makes Me Laugh Everytime He Grabs the Collectible n Runs...Love This!

  74. Liv R

    Loving this subtle hate on capitalism and government

  75. Arisha

    Omg love this song. Will play in my weddings.

  76. cecilia y ale banana you

    me encanta la musica

  77. Harsh

    He should have helped push the chlorine container