AC/DC music videos and live concerts.

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  1. mikea hiooi

    The moment you realize that this is some of the best music and video you've ever seen

  2. Mecha Team Leader

    The Song that saved 2020

  3. Salty Salary

    I'm the guy your mother warned you about.

  4. Bestie03

    They need to hook AC/DC up with a party royale concert, now THAT would be one I'd definitely go to

  5. Meme man

    When you realize ACDC is also a pillar man

  6. Luis Lopez


  7. Redmond Rider

    With that normal talking voice, you would expect him to sing jazz... BIG ASS NOPE, HE ROCKIN!

  8. Tm Bruno

    When the sound guy is sporting a Rolex you know he’s good.


    Это движение Ангус позаимствовал у Ч. Берри. (негра благодарите)

  10. Ryno k

    "These go to 11"

  11. AccadaccA Gaming

    Simply awesome mural, just like AC/DC. <3

  12. Shauka Hodan

    The moment you realize you're very impatient and can't wait for the song to come out😭😂

  13. Chris hamel

    Finally a quick simple n to the point unboxing thank you

  14. BeeTheImmortal

    Gotta say, the whole album is brilliant, but No Man's Land, Code Red and Why Do They Kick You When You're Down fucking rule

  15. Major Korean Food

    I want to unsee this I love ACDC but absolutely hate fortnite

  16. Łukasz M

    Dobre popieram! AC/DC!

  17. Grazzy Cristina


  18. Daniel Sternicki

    Im from poland

  19. Nicholas Henderson

    Great video!! Can you come play Newcastle!! Legend!

  20. MTR

    Great drummer, great man

  21. Максим Мурдускин

    отработанные движения!!!

  22. The Bullshit Destroyer

    Brian Power Up is Incredible!! Absolutely Incredible!!

  23. Luc Del Casale

    I cannot imagine a world without ACDC, their music has been a big part of my life with since 1975.. From a boy to a middle aged man...through all the ups and downs..always there..just like the sun.

  24. Dyn Jarren

    I like his little Duck Walk. He’s imitating Chuck Berry when he does it.

  25. Lynda Hill

    Love him.

  26. aneta wencel


  27. Elisa Panda

    Que buen 2021 nos espera si es con tema nuevo de AC DC !!!! Te vuela la peluca de lo bueno que es!

  28. Mecha Team Leader

    I want the Battle Bus as a glider or an LTM that let's you rewatch this event.

  29. Michael Fataaikitama

    We Salute You. Thank you for the music.

  30. Ken

    He's playing it wrong.

  31. Djey

    I'd wish they make something like the Fly on the wall Videos again :)

  32. Preston Hanson

    The new national anthem

  33. Stephanie Ball

    I want to know if Brian Johnson was in Ukiah, California like two weeks ago maybe less because my son works at Big Lots and he told me he saw Brian there I’m just curious if that ever happened