new album “evermore” out tonight at midnight eastern

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  1. Purvi Vaswani

    Is it just me or do Olivia Rodrigo's Driver's License and Taylor Swift's Betty sound like 2 sides of the same story. Okay...

  2. Ivel Ackergirl

    No one: Me listing all the unfamiliar words i hear in this album

  3. Red Future

    I've been sorry for 5 years! And the rest of my life.

  4. Mark Lester

    This felt like listening to an ost of a romantic film.

  5. Novo Cain

    It was only seven days ago that I sang this live.

  6. Jungkook Obama

    So her music style is considered folklore? I see.

  7. Olivia Mckay

    0:58 to 1:02 why does that tune and beat sound so familiar i know it was probably used in another taylor swift song but I can't remember which

  8. Napoleon Florita

    Mr. Angelo llanza. This song is a perfect match for my love for you.💛💛💛💛

  9. chicken

    My father calls this the monkey song 😃❤🖐love ya

  10. Isaac Slater

    Industry plant

  11. Priscilla Farias

    Ei, Taylor o Corinthians também ganhou quando você lançou fearlees

  12. Lavender Johns

    I relate to this song except for the father part, the house part and the brother part xD I love my mom💗

  13. A'ries swift

    She is Taylor Swift

  14. jo_b

    Really wish I could relate to this song

  15. Napoleon Florita


  16. Prakash Thapa

    This song 😍💓💌

  17. bea

    tolerate it is Este talking about her husband

  18. A'ries swift


  19. Darryl James Yap

    can't wait for 1989 (Taylor's Version)

  20. Tasya Kristalnya Nenek Putri

    Can anyone tell me how re-recording her old songs can help her reclaim the songs rights or masters? Thanks before.

  21. Lance Paulo

    i feel so grateful i discover this song✨✨✨✨

  22. Get back here Vinuri

    Girlie acting like the entire world didn't already have the entire song memorised

  23. Juliet Roque

    Love you, Taylor! <3 *in tears*

  24. The Variety Team

    Me just now realizing how positive this song is

  25. Ruth Quiambao

    Her live and music video sounds the same. ❤️

  26. Ouriel Greyson

    anybody else saw ellen?

  27. Princess Alyssa Cruz

    Literally crying everytime watching this video. 😭💛 Mother's love is always the BEST! 💛

  28. Sam Sung

    Why did I get an ad with Taylor Swift before watching this

  29. Neptune Pilapil

    What's the difference of the original 2008 release you belong with me version vs Taylor's Version

  30. Shannon Evans

    DAMN if this doesn't pull at the heartstrings

  31. Marmar lwin

    Found you

  32. The Variety Team

    I swear no one is giving credit to the other people in the video with insane skill

  33. Deniz çot

    Perfect 😍😍😍😍:)

  34. Deniz çot


  35. myx moscado

    i never knew this has a music video

  36. Laren

    Oh my Queen 😭🤧

  37. Omen Fajardo

    I was a dreamer before you wend and let me down🤧 -taylorrrr❤❤❤


    Not me wanting to go back to 2014

  39. Michelle I

    Trying to fall asleep and this song popped into my head. I haven't watched this music video since I watched it religiously when it came out in 6th grade 😭 Time is hard to wrap my head around, it feels like it was just a few years ago... If you read this then I'm sorry and thanks for reading my thoughts that keep me awake at night lol

  40. Seema Dhandar

    Claim your before 3 Billion Mark here !

  41. JPatrick Irinco

    APRIL 14 2021 Still Watching 🤗 👇Like this if you ❤ Taylor Swift

  42. Mar Lorenzo

    si, también ando llorando banda.

  43. Marmar lwin

    Is that two Taylor swift

  44. habz edits


  45. Dino Flexy

    Imagine if Fearless Taylor's version won "Album of the year" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. Joyce Delito

    saktong release neto yung monthsary sana namin nung toxic ex ko HAHAHAHAHAHA

  47. ノブ。


  48. violeta S.

    para cantar a gritos en tu habitacion bailando sisisisisi

  49. Serge Yoni tsango

    best song of Taylor Swift

  50. Larras An_qi

    Taylor is queen

  51. ixnaedts

    watching this reminds me why i was so obsessed with yeehaw taylor

  52. Romy Tay

    I love you taylor swift ❤️❤️❤️😭

  53. habz edits

    if your here, pandemic and all, your superior ✨

  54. James Alcala

    janine ando <333

  55. JPatrick Irinco

    Tiktok brings me here, APRIL 14 2021 Still Watching ❤😁

  56. Lyndsey Stewart

    This song touches my heart, as I’m currently battling a rare cancer for the 3rd time😢. I also love your other song “ The Best Day”. 💕So beautiful. I hope to see you in concert one day.

  57. algee

    Idk if it’s just my voice but these new versions are so much easier to sing with her more mature tone

  58. amber malabanan

    next december ill come again.

  59. Z Yehboi


  60. Ahihi


  61. Ellie Thompson

    I freaking love this song, but I hate that this is a thing! Women should be respected and listened to aswell! Like whyyy. If we were all men, nothing would get accomplished. If we were all women, we would have flying cars already.

  62. Saoirse Lux

    Does anyone know why she skipped over a Reputation hit song? Does she not like that era of herself? I would have loved to see Delicate in this performance.

  63. sophia ryan

    awww i love that CLAP CLAP is a thing

  64. Scott F

    wait, define album?

  65. no man

    Right Where You Left Me, Exile, The Story Of Us, and Happiness are the 4 horsemen of the Taylor Swift break up songs. (But lets be honest all her break up songs are top tier.)

  66. Lenne Ferell

    It makes me wanna cry and sing at the same time... 😍😍😍

  67. arsalan rozegar


  68. Rainbow Players

    2000: who’s Taylor Swift?? 2021: who is Tim McGraw????

  69. Crrrl Whitely

    Taylor literally broke through the glass ceiling.

  70. Scott F

    hey hellos deep do some research , no one, have ever done that...

  71. Rosemell Espejo

    This song was like I am dancing in a prom. The sound was so classy❤❤❤

  72. Rainbow Players

    Looking back at this! This sing makes me cry ❤️ we love you Taylor


    who still listening to this song 2021

  74. Cara Panaro

    We’ve all had one or are going to

  75. Ann


  76. Madison Miller

    flowers? "no" wedding ring? "no" kitty cat? "i thought you would never ask!"

  77. Scott F

    paper rings is her best song imuho

  78. Mika Lee

    i almost forgot to watch this today.. aah <3

  79. freaky chile

    imagine a taylor's version of this

  80. JPatrick Irinco

    APRIL 14 2021 Still Watching ❤ FAN Boy Here 😁🤗