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  1. Mirza Sadman

    Oh my god...her voice😱😱😱😱😱

  2. Bryan Royes


  3. mvyabear


  4. Laura Helena


  5. Harry mcatameo


  6. Mimi Mi

    so fucking talented. this is powerful

  7. chips_vis

    Looks eveyone is from 3 days ago

  8. Nadia Rosli

    14 years ago, she has no idea what she was going to be .. and look at her now ✨

  9. Juli Fernández

    Y ella se esta por casar ahora. :(

  10. mayraa kk


  11. Joana Gabriela


  12. Joana Gabriela


  13. ღღabi swettღღ

    ari te amo nos casamos porfa mira se hablar en inglés hi mi name es abril

  14. Thrisha s

    This video was uploaded 3 days before I was born

  15. Nocs

    ur telling me I thought this was not from my everything I-

  16. mxi bcst

    Llegué 14 años tarde

  17. Shanel Andrea

    YT:Let's recommend this after 14 years

  18. Just thought I’d Say

    Anyone else getting all of her super old videos recommended recently? I mean I got no problem with it but did something happen?

  19. Rachel Claire

    Ariana is so insanely talented and has so much range. I rlly wish she would do different styles and in different ranges. I love her falsetto vibes but I KNOW she has so much more power and potential I just wish she showed it more often.

  20. Jeon Andy

    a nadie le importa pero me lo acaba de recomendar youtube

  21. velvet_ seul

    The bridge is totally my fave and know ari contributed a lot made me love it even more

  22. Kim Rowe


  23. Sam

    Youre talented and smart af 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  24. Claudia L

    So cute

  25. Claudia L

    Omg sooo talented

  26. Peyton McConley

    Why is this on my recommended ahahaha

  27. Immanuel Nimmons

    I would love to be a part of her studio.

  28. Aries Shatto

    Seriously love her tho but that auto tune damn

  29. Ayan Ashraf

    Who else was a newborn baby 14 years back

  30. Petar Ivanov

    So many memories I can't believe that video was before 14 years I love you ariii😍

  31. Autumn Kills

    Please voice actor

  32. Rawr •o•

    seems like youtube recommends is acting weird now huh?

    1. Amina Moore

      Yeah like 14 years ago like..😐

  33. Arl Abiel Dadios

    "Everyone In The Comments" IThomes suggest this after __ years 😂

  34. s u n _ l i g h t *


  35. brinel hit

    I like yuh too haha

  36. Maddy Walker

    I was a junior in high school when this came out.

  37. Alexa Leigh Nicolasora

    this made me realize i know nothing about music

  38. Isha Prabha

    She is my all time you Ariana

  39. itssaxv •


  40. Piri K

    i really wanna play this for her today and see her reaction

  41. lurking behind these prisms

    she's so talented

  42. Itz_ Coco

    wow arina that is loveing

  43. Hi, how are you?

    The moment you relive you will never get you dream.

  44. Leiyah Johnson

    2:35 Everyone: *stepping on balloons and popping them* Mac: THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING THERE JUST BALLOONS THEY HAVE FAMILIES!!!

  45. mo xo

    you can tell shes made for this, the effort that she takes effort into what she does, theres a reason why shes at the top unlike those tiktokers w their music no hate im js stating

  46. claSsiC boRGHorrr

    this video is 14 y.o, & this is my age now guys 😀

  47. Rebeka Marcella

    14 Years OMG😱❤️

  48. Brie

    2007 BABIES ARE 14 YEARS OLD??

  49. Nathan Obas

    She’s gonna make some crazy arrangements for her team when she’s on the voice

  50. Abril Ruiz

    14 años después 💐

  51. Arthur Weasley

    Most of the comments were 4 months ago lol

  52. JustHannahMarie

    This is a pro.

  53. Jefferson silva


  54. Mheng Relon

    i mean it's ariana thing, she killed it

  55. シTddyBr

    Only if you saw your future.....

  56. Riley Gabriel De Guzman

    recomend omg

  57. David Breaux

    The talent in that woman is absolutely humbling and matched only by her work ethic. Frickin unreal.

  58. its Rania

    Whose this girl with ariana ?

  59. Christoph James

    what a musical ear

  60. Gali Meron


  61. Igor Marquezs

    Eu fico chocado, que já tá perfeito e ela consegue aperfeiçoar ainda mais. Que mulher incrível!✨💕

  62. General dwane

    This is why respect 💯💯💯💯💯

  63. 0rb1t3r

    if I had her voice I would never shut my mouth 😊💕

  64. אלין אשכנזי

    Ariana I love you soo machhhhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. Mariposa

    AWWWWW 🥰

  66. Gabbin Tine

    You can actually understand her

  67. Blink

    She knows what she is doing.

  68. Miss Cloud

    I just realize there’s kids younger than this video

  69. Luca Inquistormaster

    Everyone, Is this on ur recommendations? And also Ariana is bootiful right now and then 😁

  70. Emely L

    We need a documentary

  71. Maysa Williams

    0:58 “one more note” omg I love her voice😩

  72. maren’s life

    oh just me in quarantine scrolling to the bottom of ari’s yt to find these videos

  73. thisismecindy

    She used to actually enunciate words?? woah

  74. lisa marie esquivias

    what more impressive are those guys understanding the craft so well.. i wish i knew how to do that and just be in a recordig studio seeing magic happen

  75. Kenma Kozume

    i think that if IThomes recommended this 14 years later it really needs to pull it together

  76. Riyah Savery



    IThomes is the closest to a time machine

  78. maren’s life

    can i have a two hour montage of this?

  79. denisse chuco

    And the final result was PERFECT

  80. Raven Abalos

    the fact that this video was older than me..