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  1. Spectra

    This should have been the nominated fight for best anime fight scene. If this won, I wouldn't be mad.


    damn boruto they really doing what has been done in the past😂

  3. Professor Dragonite

    See, *I* can tell because of their voices and mannerisms. It's amazing he's so bad at this.

  4. kurokami

    it would be nice of smiles had a cure because having killer which is normally emotionally passive to allways laugh is weird

  5. Arthur Mezitis

    Finally! After 4 long years. We finally meet Kawaki.

  6. Kaiser Zelos

    0:40 - 0:50 most nostalgic part

  7. KoKuShibo

    She never saw that big 😳😳😳

  8. HAKI Samurai

    Didn't this trailer came out lile 2 or 1 month ago

  9. adonisrey

    no me lo esperaba

  10. Jaxon Playz


  11. David Jurist

    Tires are Rubber.....I wonder why Luffy never turned himself into a donut or wheel for speed and wackier moves lol

  12. Władca Wymiaru

    Haruhi would be...?

  13. Duc Pham

    1:11 we all know that one scene which won Yusuke best VA (and it is not this one)

  14. Kevin Gonzalez

    Black Clover spoiler coming up I’m not that type of person 😀

  15. Félix Racine

    Is the anime still garbage or not?

  16. 5500somerandomdude

    Honestly a Yami series sounds dope as hell. Following him during his younger days going on missions, getting into drunken barroom brawls, tons of cigarette smoke, and just all things manly.

  17. 2ndrider88

    I hope she fights Rimuru at some point that would be both epic and funny as all hell.

  18. Snir Ambaya

    Imagine if Rill draws anti-magic swords..

  19. arvien claveria

    I have to thank Ex-Arm. I was worried that anime was going in the direction of Disney, where 2D animation was going to go away in favor of CGI. My worries are assuaged!

  20. The Troll

    *Sarada gets hurt* Boruto: *Nothing Happened* *Mitsuki gets hurt* Boruto: MItSuKi :/

  21. Gojo Satoru

    0:46 this part is destroyed every thing

  22. FL_0v3rkill_03 __

    The hairs, futaro... the hairs

  23. 2ndrider88

    Everybody is attacking her for the safety of king Tempest ! Greatest of all slime.

  24. Antonio Mendez

    He can’t beat goku tho

  25. Striker138

    I like this anime a lot more than before, the animation, art style and fights are much better than before if you ask me

  26. nathen

    the song slap but the animation looks like i made it in 10 minutes in ms paint

  27. MangoMan

    For the title for the first word Replace the I with a u Replace the g and h with ck And remove the t

  28. Lung Sehenth

    everyone learned earth wall to stop the ten tails bijuu bomb, dont know why you're all so impressed.

  29. VoidEgo

    He protecc She attacc But but most importantly Motoyasu sucks cocc

  30. Malihi Leila


  31. mr. g0d

    Bro i swear this said 3 months ago

  32. David Hardamon Jr

    Hey that's Kimimaru's technique!

  33. Nighty xoxo

    The panda is named panda but he's a panda that's not really a panda

  34. Jacob


  35. Zemirah Piechocki

    Since I listen to Ali I already knew this song before seeing jjk and then I had deja vu hearing it and it's one of the weirds feelings I've ever had

  36. slicon says

    Boruto is my favourite character from the day i started to watch boruto meaning from the very 1st episode And he is in my list n1

  37. Adriel Figueroa

    I was team Miku on the beginning but little by little I started to see the truth

  38. RiceIsYummy

    The teacher: Make your ultimate move name simple! Midoriya: One For All, 20%, Full Cowling, Shoot Style, Manchester Smash!

  39. Jonathan Pierre


  40. Lil Toasty

    Can some real life volleyball players tell me how long it took to actually get this right

  41. G BM

    O ramo do salgueiro amarra fortemente a madeira, mas a forte madeira o corta Se fizer as coisas sem pensar, um alarme vai disparar Ir muito adiante é um estilo muito imprudente Porque você é um viciado em emoções mas não dá a mínima pra se curar Existe um quebra-cabeças que ninguém pode resolver, tremendo em meio ao vento Venha agora e decifre-o Você estava sorrindo, será que por isso vai chover amanhã? A luz da sabedoria está brilhando bem na sua frente Então abra os olhos e corra atrás dela, antes que o futuro mude novamente Mas continue, continue aproveitando o momento É melhor ficarmos juntos, porque o futuro pode secar Então ande logo e agora, sorria de verdade (Português - Brasil)

  42. Tasbia

    This is one of the only anime openings I love. I like it because I know it itself is amazing, not just because the anime is so good it makes up for an opening you always skip.

  43. RadioNG

    I honestly cannot stop listening to this opening.

  44. NACHODS3

    Que anime mas infravalorado

  45. Eddie B

    Dont remember this episode???

  46. kevin ricardo lopez

    This song make me recording my childhood.

  47. Alejandro Sandoval

    Sanji is very happy

  48. Lewiski

    The music kicking in when he breaks the rock 👌👌👌

  49. CJ

    Buggy in this scene might look silly but before that running away bit the whole tent was dark symbolizing the impending doom then buggy rises like a saint ripping the top off just to motivate his crew this is some great animation

  50. VoidEgo

    Bro I feel bad for naofumi he has to babysit his fellow hero s which consist of a Spear wielding scumbag and edgy bow kid and an emo swordsman

  51. cony


  52. akgozel

    damn I cried

  53. chase schaefer

    If a man crys he isn't weak he has just been strong for to long - itachi uchiha

  54. サンダーデンNoZo-S

    Fun fact who disliked video were boruto buying dislikes