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  1. R K

    Best if he stays in Germany

  2. David De Jesus

    Soon all these guys will be Bayern players

  3. Phantom

    Sign a prem champion It’s demari grey

  4. AAO Tube

    Man said it'd change clubs if Kanye becomes the head coach 🤣

  5. MMgamer


  6. Motivational Lizard

    Reiss left the Bundesliga...

  7. hero black

    Welcome to Galatasaray 💛♥️

  8. Patryk Sch

    3:30 Who is it?

  9. zilch

    This kid is amazing

  10. Koharu Seto

    Trapp at PSG : Lose 6-1 Vs Barça Trapp at Eintracht : Win 2-1 Vs The German titan Bayern

  11. Ole Bjørn Overå

    Erling is crazy. Last night our captain was walking with his daughter. Then a car stopped. Erling was inside. He rolled down the window. And there he was, listening to the Bundesliga anthem.

  12. the legend

    Th Best boys in bundesliga

  13. Matteo Seddio

    forza Musiala

  14. Efe Berk

    nobody: Speaker: Erling Whoreland scores again

  15. Oscar Guzman

    He took his life because their daughter died

  16. Blaž Roškarič

    Name of the 1st song, which is playing background? Please

  17. Ilario Sollai


  18. Daniel c cc


  19. marek marecki


  20. Organic_medicine2700

    Remember when werner havertz pulisic Joshua and weston where here once

  21. Bit Frost

    74 Goals with Borussia Dortmund !.

  22. Mike Latimer


  23. nathan wright

    He's the best

  24. Tekkz Football

    I want to thank bundesliga for making our US national team better by allowing americans to shine in the league :)

  25. Stachunislaw

    Next video: Erling Haaland - 31 goals in only 33 games

  26. stormtrooper30

    Sadly Florian didn't save B04 in the Europa League. Pain.

  27. Aldorf Luthanus

    100% Matthew Hoppe!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💪💪💪💪💪

  28. DaBois

    Still think the OG bundesliga boys is the best

  29. Lilia Mikaelson

    Kann jemand Deutsch

  30. Shank

    The toughest one Jonathan Tah😂

  31. Jaden#Jay# 09

    My Favourite player is Musiala

  32. 03_Subhajeet Biswas

    Sure if u play well in future Bayern will surely buy u

  33. Panch Esterikos

    1:48 Its not Munsen, it's München and pronounced Münhen

  34. Stefan Brucki

    You guys just steal the graphics from 442oons 😡😡😡

    1. Mr. Fantastic

      It is not stealing it is contractual right.

  35. IC7

    I actually went back and counted... the Bundesliga have made roughly 39 videos specifically about Haaland 😳

  36. ALI 10447

    i love bundesliga they never ruin players careers unlike epl and la liga although i am a liverpool fan much respect to bundesliga 🙌🙌

  37. Bit Frost

    CHIP !

  38. Bit Frost

    Jamal Muisala !

  39. ShadowXVI

    Eh why not

  40. Satwik Basu

    His positioning is brilliant

  41. Motivational Lizard

    Fact 11: there won’t be a Revierderby in the 2021/21 season

  42. Liverpool Hub 2007

    Who remembers the 2018 young boys song

  43. Doug Aylward

    Give it 4 years, they'll all play for Bayern.

  44. MTF Nu-7 Field Operative Garisson

    Restore faith in humanity: *YES.*

  45. Real Madrid

    Hi Bundesliga 👋 👋 👋

  46. souq dxb

    People here appreciating the keeper's consistency, me thinking of how good the defenders are in giving away penalties 😂

  47. HP DYPRO27

    I though that it was going to be another ‘’up direction’’

  48. Jaset

    He is still way behind Lewandowski.

  49. Efe Berk

    Musiala SZN

  50. Hamsa Awil

    Younes n. 1

  51. Jama Mohamoud

    He's unstoppable

  52. Jorge Viejo WP06

    The public aren’t complying with sanitary restriccions I can’t believe it, Bundesliga 😡😡😡.

    1. Mr. Fantastic

      Seriously. This is a based on reality world.

  53. Yuvaraj Basu

    Admin. I want a heart!

  54. 1 XDAS3. 0

    I know he was cack in real because he wasnt playing with the nine

  55. Amil

    ithomes.info/net/rait1N6cq42rmmk/video watch (Mbappe, Sancho, Haaland)

  56. Güler COŞKUN

    Only ERLİNG HAALAND 9 💜💜💜💜💜🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  57. 冥. SꪖꪖS.

    Moukoko voice looks like Zidane, and he is bald, maybe a prediction?

  58. Fast boi

    Remember the OG's? Kimmich is the only one that stayed and won something

  59. Ramendra Singh

    1:03 That’s impossible we all know Erling’s a cyborg sent from the future by pele to outscore CR7

    1. Mr. Fantastic

      It may be. A cyborg vs A SUPER cyborg!

  60. Motivational Lizard

    *Schalke has left the competition, just like they left the Bundesliga* See Thomas? It’s not that hard to be funny!

  61. Fabien Troillard

    Imagine Gotze And Reus Prime And Haaland + Sancho

  62. ProfessionalPogger Georgie

    Remember the last time they did this? Look where those boys went 😉

  63. jeremy

    The best Video

  64. Nurlan •