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  1. Sofie Lalice

    For me personally, with that many shared space, i will end up just living in my room all day lmaoo

  2. Ragavi .R

    I really love this crackheadss .....💜 especially v's omyyyyy myy 💜💜💜💜💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍😍💜😍💜😍😍💜😍😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜

  3. patchaya ungthong

    Me....watching this December 2020....Im loser....

  4. amythyst

    1:14 does eunuch mean something different in korea? seems a bit iffy to mention in a kids show right?

  5. Ca

    90’s love

  6. 잇힝

    너무 노래방에서 부르고 싶다 코로롱만 끝나면 이 노래 먼저 부르고 싶어요ㅠㅠ

  7. v r

    Yo bts

  8. BJJ BJ


  9. BJJ BJ


  10. Chusnus Tsuroyya

    gak tahu kenapa, aku ngerasanya Bentley pinter banget ngomong. kosa katanya udah banyak dan untuk seumuran Ben yang umurnya 3 tahun (umur asli) atau 4 tahun (umur Korea), pinter banget udah bisa menyusun kalimat yang lugas dan jelas. dan itu juga berlaku bagi William. shout out to Yumi and Sam's parenting skilss. daebaakkk.

  11. BJJ BJ


  12. Meraki Bey

    Lmao the description is still but at least the title is changed. However I did notice that this video is pinned on dkb's channel so I got sooooooo confused at first. They didn't even look at the thumbnail lmao.

  13. BJJ BJ


  14. Oikantika Nath [35]

    Lol life is really great when the rich mom in law actually likes you.

  15. Kim nada

    OMG WOW I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. aprilia dwi shafira 3


  17. kwiiim

    look at Taemin's reaction when he and Seyoon high-fived HAHAHAHHAh 3:48

  18. BJJ BJ


  19. Gang Orca

    Wow William love his brother a lot

  20. 스페이스

    라비던스 ~ 응원합니다. ‘ 이별가 ‘ 도 있으니 많이 들어주세요 ^^ 존노님 화이팅 ^^

  21. BJJ BJ


  22. yowwzaa tinyroa

    why ASTRO dont have any screen time???????????

  23. 선한영향력

    고맙습니다.... 그저 그 말이면 다 되는 것을요~

  24. Jasmine Noor FG

    13:22 14:10 bye huihui’s

  25. BJJ BJ


  26. S B

    Also, check out my Han

  27. S B

    Stage was too small for this much power

  28. 내꺼하좐

    고맙습니다 힘든 이 시기 사람들에게 위안을 주는 따뜻한 음악을 들려주셔서요. 라비던스 💛🧡💚💜

  29. Lars Libunao

    Jaewon looks like lee jong suk 🥰❤️

  30. no comment

    Cameraman is like I’m losing control

  31. Shana H

    라비던스의 고맙습니다 노래는 들을 때마다 마음이 따뜻해지고 위로와 힐링을 주는 것 같아요~ 항상 고맙습니다 라비던스!

  32. shy shy shy

    2:29 more & more that's so cute

  33. weinam pyngrope

    I loved each and every episode😂 they're all so funny and the soundtracks are so good!! I've discovered new songs to addvto my playlist💖

  34. Rosie Posie bir exo-l


  35. 착한 나를 자꾸나쁜 맘을 먹게 해

    흑흑 진영 얼굴이랑 목소리가 자꾸 맴돌아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  36. Syalfa Yusticia

    this is bts mini concert y’all

  37. shy shy shy

    2:06 new lyrics You gonna say moi....moi...moi...moi...moi..and..moi..

  38. Luna

    I’m sorry but I can’t stop looking at Hwasa. What a performance 👌🏾