Welcome to the official IThomes channel of Cyberpunk 2077 - an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. Developed by CD PROJEKT RED.

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  1. Romualdo W

    CD. Take care.

  2. Harry potter

    It is for sure, every youtubers CyberPunk Thumbnails are going to be epic

  3. Space Journey Waves


  4. Dog

    7 days left... I really been waiting for 8 years.

  5. Sorine9

    Corpo: Ventrue Nomad: Gangrel Street kid: Brujah

  6. Pika Tyu

    no need

  7. falxonPSN

    The interview with the guys from Trigger feels like they are being coerced under threat of violence. No smiling, no emotion - really weird vibe.

  8. Camponês Raivoso

    O tanto que esse jogo foi adiado, se vim alguma coisa zoada ou o jogo flopar, bem o mundo pode acabar aqui mesmo.

  9. Tareq Saleem

    Hey CPR, is it possible to add the goodies from the pre-order to the merch shop? I want to buy the game on GOG where CPR gets 100% of the money.

  10. Antonio Savage

    I really thought those frames were just effects on the video😂

  11. sir yeetsalot

    People hold your balls its gonna be one hell of a ride

  12. Devorizer

    Crazy how this was announced when I was in middle school I’m in the military living on my own now

  13. ?

    you guys used the word mercenary wrong

  14. Ozzy

    They better have this song in the game

  15. That Guy You Know

    7 years. 7 *FUCKING* years since this trailer dropped. I remember first seeing this trailer 7 years ago and said "I want this game!" And, now, 7 days to go. This game better fucking blow my mind or there will be hell to pay.

  16. Goodman Hese


  17. laga laganda

    Absolutly freakin unnecessary just release the game on 10th PLEASE....

  18. Blaze Ninja

    Wow. This game has more decisions than telltale games.... and that's not a joke.

  19. GodFather73

    Praise the sun

  20. suqri


  21. Steven Lowes

    0:11 isn’t that a line from John Wick?

  22. McNabb285

    I was 10 when this video came out...and I didn’t hear about cyberpunk until 2018

  23. Nicbell Nicastro

    7 days guys

  24. Neo's danger

    1:24 The night city show host took the hands back after the show

  25. Lucas Agnew

    fucking shite

  26. 0 0

    Guaranteed this game will disappoint because of how much they overhyped it. Just like how Naughty Dog and Sony had their incel fans by the balls, CDPR is going to play everyone and you all are going to cry like babies lmao. Can't wait to see the whining.

  27. Infinite Seven

    We've come a long way. 2013-2020.

  28. S B

    game of the freggin' decade.

  29. Ramoach

    Everyone in the comments: Gaem took long! hueh

  30. Guilherme Augusto

    Eu tentando achar o comentário do cara que o amigo morreu 🤡🤡🤡

  31. Nam Dương Hoàng

    let alone this feature of the game is enough to make it becomes ART already.

  32. Caeserean Syleva

    First person to play through the game will be lucky

  33. NIO 13

    My eyes don't believe what to see

  34. pizza steve

    I am about to get my first capable PC and I was so psyched when I realized that the specs for the computer I was getting were more than enough to play this game which is surprising to me because I am a cheapass so I skimped on some components so I assumed I probably would have to wait until I could afford to upgrade the parts. I am so excited to play this game it looks incredible!

  35. Sullivan but not Sullivan

    is that cyborg Keanu Reeves in the thumbnail?

  36. CoffeeSnep 1453

    Fantastic games are made with fantastic soundtracks.

  37. Christopher Varela

    Less than a week away

  38. Jacob consabura

    Bien por los españoles que lo tendrán doblado en su idioma, yo tendré que jugarlo en inglés y subtitulado en español, pero bueno GTA V también lo jugué así y Ghost of Tsushima lo jugué con las voces en japonés subtitulado en español latino pero eso ya fue una decisión mia porque ghost of tsushima si venía doblado

  39. LLcoolDre 2728

    Or they could just give us the choice of a third person camera during gameplay.

    1. LLcoolDre 2728

      @ApeX Gamer95 Didn't mean to ruffle your panties. Pull your skirt back down.

    2. ApeX Gamer95

      No, Get over it, Casual. No wonder you like your own comment.

  40. All of you are imposters

    I had a teacher that apparently had come in contact with Coronavirus, that left school after hearing the news(yes we're stupidly still sent in-school)whom I came in contact with. I've obviously been freaking out and wanted to play this game for a little while I guess you could say. Let's hope mask work as good as they're said to(or at least I will), so that I can play. If I don't, peace out gaming community. It's been a hell of a ride✌️. (God this sounds like a crappy sob story)