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  1. YourIphone Sucks


  2. Mason Jacobs

    Gosh that asda advert lasted BIT too long

  3. Estefanía Guerrero

    wey así se parece a niurkaaaaaaa

  4. Alef P.Nascimento

    Minha princesa☆

  5. Anna Kozina

    Every time when I hear this song I want to cry!!!

  6. Ahmet Çetin

    fıratttan gelenler +1

  7. Carly Beckner

    when this came out l went nuts

  8. Ania Piwowarczyk


  9. Gabriel Gomes

    mais um dia aqui

  10. net chra

    مزالها في راسي من اول نهار سمعتها☹️☹️☹️🙏😍

  11. sarisvictoria

    Kinda see why family guy has bad things too say.

  12. Nikos Pouletsos

    I love this song so much ❤️

  13. Russell Baker

    Love your music Lana I'm a kindred spirit

  14. Frederic Reid


  15. Taco The Cat

    The only musical I will ever stand for

  16. someone

    these curls on lana are such a fucking look

  17. janet

    this felt like a movie

  18. ronaldbear1

    Ha she’s totally taking the piss

  19. Melanie Estrada

    Why is she with a bunch of old dudes tho

  20. lily wigglesworth


  21. Melanie Estrada

    Is she quoting someone in the beginning of the video?

  22. Mary American queen Milliner

    Marilyn Monroe vibes in the beginning wow😍

  23. R.-M. D.


  24. Matevž Jaušovec

    1:25 nice water physics!

  25. Ellysa J !

    if you’re listening to this in 2021 with all the terrible things and bad stuff happening, you’re an actual legend <3 🙏🏽

  26. Kurtis Fiorentino

    Who else wants to live in this music video?

  27. Kurtis Fiorentino

    Visuals on point

  28. Ramon Araruna

    My heart its alive again 💓

  29. izzy hayes

    I was 4 when this came out

    1. Taco The Cat


  30. Renato

    Let’s see how many people are listening to this with me on February 2021

  31. Tati Fee95

    wer ist aus deutschland? *U*

  32. Luke Schultz

    I know that you will ❤

  33. Guilherme Carandina

    Amo ♥

  34. Eva Eva

    Voice of an angel

  35. Tati Fee95

    love from germany :*

  36. Veronicas #Vibes


  37. lily sollazzo

    my b-day is in march

  38. ishak ibrahim belli


  39. blackforest825

    This is a lovely song. But single worthy? No. With each new album, Lana is less and less radio friendly and it's worrying. I wish she would make an effort of producing Summertime Sadness, Ride, West Coast, High By The Beach and Love-type singles. Norman Fucking Rockwell at least had Doin' time for radio play. If she stops making an effort to produce radio-friendly singles, she will literally fade into oblivion. Just sayin'

    1. o_o /

      True, I don’t think she cares about being radio friendly. She just doing what’s best artistically. But it is definitely concerning.

  40. Sebastien Venet

    Fontainebleau 🙂

    1. Taco The Cat

      That’s the name of the church ik

  41. Alyssa Sego


  42. Paradise Producer


  43. Jellybean Bufacchi

    You make the oddest lyrics sound amazing.

  44. Kev

    Truly love her so much. Visually, this is her best video. The concept.... just all of it. She’s brilliant.

  45. Gianella Barreto

    2021 latinos 💙✌

  46. Mirco Mastrodicasa


  47. Kundalini 1776

    I REALLY HOPE AFTER YOU SEE THIS VIDEO YOU ACTUALLY RESEARCH CHEMTRAILS !! There is nothing nice about this !! privatized planes dropping aluminum particles 24/7 365 days a year ! They have found jet fuel in mothers breast milk . If that trickles down . Don’t you think the manufactured spraying of major cities isn’t effecting our health ?


      I’ve known about them since 2016, pretty sad, I remember being at six flags and I was just trying to relax and be happy and there were Chemtrails everywhere that day, it made me sad

  48. cem ÖZCAN

  49. TAL H

    It’s a crime she didn’t get a Grammy. This is an artist. No one deserves awards more than her, no one. She created something different and she did it all by herself, Of course production and stuff like that helped a lot but she wrote it all, it’s her style, her aesthetics, her beautiful mind and soul. She did it all and got nothing, but lame generic pop stars who use autotune with catchy lyrics who didn’t even write them got all of the awards. I know they’re gonna listen only when she’s gone and it’s so upsetting, such a shame.

  50. Celeste g

    STAY OUT OF THE DARK SIDE...we have enough already in the reality realm...

  51. Dub itdown

    new album on my page

  52. Tyle Smog

    rayjiggle peaceful yoda some of your videos remind me if about five years ago some thing happened online any just wondering

    1. Tyle Smog turns out the chemtrail are just holes in the facemask system created by a group of computer viruses network that fake convoeation and censor shreach results same end result though

  53. Kiamo Sky

    not me becoming obsessed ummmmm

  54. Mari Sol

    California dream girl

  55. Paula Wheeler


  56. Maestro Vi

    I just can't ignore this artist. What a genius! So poetic, sultry, playful, and compelling.

  57. lily wigglesworth


  58. Legion

    I'll never love another woman. Lol

  59. Jake Hegel

    Not me thinking she sings "me & my sister just playing nickel" looking up a vintage game involving playing with nickels or something lmao

  60. Anes Oussama

    I love you lana❤❤

  61. Mystic Cupcake

    Si los sueños tuvieran una voz sería la de Lana del Rey

  62. Sar M

    Living for the jewels



  64. ‘Mertᄌ

    i Got the summertime summertime sadness

  65. Liana Soares

    Lana Del Rey would’ve played as a great live-action version of Princess Aurora. Emma Watson would’ve made a great live-action as Ariel (even though she already played as Belle) & Kelly Rowland would’ve played as a great live-action of Princess Tiana.

  66. Gaia Santucci

    i love this omg

  67. Feduaura

    Babies, what're your signs? My Moon's is ♌, my ♑ is Sun :)

  68. AL

    Oh god, I really am missing Summer

  69. Ghyllui Montesa

    Anyone from the red dressed chicken one?


    After listening to the song Boond boond❤️🔥🔥🔥 from Roy

  71. Vitória Lopes


  72. Vitória Lopes

    Love u

  73. Vitória Lopes



    I hate this song now

  75. Gabriel G.


  76. Edson Souza

    Summertime Sadness.Lana Del Rey. X

  77. Watspoppinton

    Disable comments !!!

  78. Gabriel Saturno

    There's no use in talking to people who have a home. They have no idea what its like to seek safety in other people 🥺😢

  79. Affan Owais

    everything was fine until 03:00 .............. only LANA knows !